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  1. Clever man. Especially when I add one more trick. Once you mentioned inside folders indicating the extra kos could be anywhere at any depth in gamedata. I found it not inside itself. becuase my first trick was to reinstall but be 100% sure deleted first. So no not inside one another. At some poitn i dropped a KOS on partangle display folder (click and drag drop itis.) So NOTE for anyone else with the same symptoms the second insall can be anywhere in the game data tree. Search for the file kos.version to find it. Now tyo some how back out the changes to any craft and save files... Yuk.
  2. I just upgraded from 17.2 to 17.3 did I do something wrong i wound up with two copies of the part CX4181 available in the SPH/VAB I also have two name tags for each part... Its creeping into the craft files as the crafts have module definitions for two kos name tags. I am worried about going on and corrupting the save files.
  3. Question: I can ask vessel:isDead. because (as per the doc) i may have found vessel, waited a while (wait 10) and then it is dead. I have similar problem but with parts and my fuel management system. Before launch my code analyses the ship and automagically works out, what to do with tanks and establishes an enabling order. (order == bottom to top. comes in handy with biiiiiig lifters i want to fly later. or with these puppies that were light on reaction wheels when I had a 30 part limit) it remembers that order. Later during launch/staging. Some of the parts are now gone. Is there way to a
  4. Trying out if this the right thing to do. ? I dont know if its related, but i have been flying planes and seem worse at it than i think I am ... (yeah I know right) (I kept getting unexpected roll behaviors.)(Strong trendency to roll one way...) and just now i was flying plane with the aero forces on and i saw this. (tiny blue force vector up but only ever on right tank) (and hey that the way I felt my previous designed plane always wanted to roll. Hmmm) (also note it really is a visibly bigger effect than that it is just quite transient as you stall the plane and try and grab the image. htt
  5. Found a short cut (no VAB upgrade...) plant flag or name some ship ", search for flag vessel where ">" + avessel:name + avessel:name + "<" = ">""<". local dblquote to avessel:name. //dbltquote now holds the string " print (">""<"). // produces this as output >""< also something that would be nice to have is ... // TBMK function DoSomeFunctionyThingAsSideeffect { {...the useful bit...} return 0.} lock foo = DoSomeFunctionyThingAsSideeffect(). global event to list (when_i_want_it_to_happen, foo). // foo and side effect currently happens here. until false
  6. edit (deletia: sorry barking up a wrong tree) nvm This bit confuses me: >>> 2. Stabilizes the steering and performs a roll of several degrees. becuase: LOOKDIRUP( SteerVect, SHIP:FACING:TOPVECTOR). That specifically says never ever perform a powered roll.. as lookdirup( XXX ,SHIP:FACING:TOPVECTOR). is whatever way we happen to be pointing right now. ALSO LOL @ me. My cooked steering works much better now I leave SAS off. Way less overshoot.
  7. Previously I asked about this as for, nefarious (hacky) coding reasons, I wanted to have a string with " char in its body. ALA C str = "\""; It is really kinda hard to get one in kOS as print (">""<"). // produces this as output >""< print "X" + """" + "X". produces XX as output. always even numbers of quotes. I can has a possible solution! tag well known rare part type with the tag name " find the part, get the tag name, use + to build any string I want with single double quotes. Profit. Now all I have to do is write enough scripts with out it to fly enough missions to upgr
  8. here but for the grace of god go us. I may have seen that. Did your craft run out of power? (mine does that when it runs out of power, although it may also on other occasions do that for code related reasons I have not got nailed down.) (normally I dont miss stuff like did my craft run out of power, but the programming is an added distraction.) (I am programmer IRL, so i am learning kOS while playing career, so i am writing code on parts and science challenged rockets. I have just enough... (maybe enough panels and batteries to fly my mission, and when I FUBAR, I run out of power. My new
  9. given this line prior code. (will already exist in fileName) global G_RunTasks to list(). is this line of code possible? ( the \" are C style escapes fro what i want. to happen) log "G_RunTasks:Add(\"RunStateInit\")." to fileName . Can I make literal string that contains a quote char. char(34). edit : WAT? print (">""<"). produces this as output >""< but print (">"P"<"). decides that is two strings with an unexpected P in the middle.... So I can get two "" sequential "" in string but not one? and print "X" + """" + "X". produces XX as output. Any chance of p
  10. Yeah i was hoping there was known new thing about local scope and life times of locks. As that didnt ring bell, it is likely something a bit gnarly. (or I just FuBarred. aka SNAFU) The in the example functions all return sensible values and stuff, as I was using vec draw to draw all the vectors and directions(forevetcor/topvector) another possibility is I drew so much dynamically updated VECDRAW stuff, that the locks simply didnt happen? if and when i can get it sorted into a neat/small this does X (no worky) and this Y does (worky) I will have i imagine solved my own dilemma. Ta for trying
  11. Hmm. I have just been trying to do some steering. Somewhat surprisingly, all the geometry stuff is mainly sweet. I kinda like coordinate systems, basis vectors for spaces and affine transformations and I are old friends : ) My problem was it just didnt work. but I told it what i wanted it to do. :/ Being new to this... I told it lot. and often. Too often? I was issuing the lock command inside this loop... // basic turn with height test case. until ship:altitude >30000 { MyAxisPitch (GTurnAxis,10 + (Ship:Altitude - 10000)* 50/20000). // recomputes the steer to vector pri
  12. In kerbal space you find super massive black hole with no accretion disk, in real space super massive black hole finds you! and accretes you.:cool:
  13. If I take a radial chute. Use tweak scale and reduce its size by half (1/8 vol) When I attach it to the craft it has one mass (changes mass of craft)(by reduced by 8 = 12kg) Put it in the inventory I get a different mass change (orig 100kg) Also Inventory lists its volume and cost as reduced but not its mass. Problem may or may not be in KIS, as Kerb engineer, and VAB also thinks its heavier... although that may just be because KIS told them it was... Oh well, no biggie jjust hurts my delta V, when I am dodging part count limits.
  14. I have question: and i think the authors might just know. Is it feasible to build(mod) a strut like the one you have but give it strength hysteresis. The force opposing it being stretched or squashed from its original length is larger than the force when it restoring. Force is a function of not only its delta from original length but direction of motion? OR (equivalently) force is function of position, but there is also second force opposing all lengthening or shortening (think oil shocker) Doing that will create a damper. yay! rationale The physics sim when in space, sometime gets the sh
  15. I have script that does this <code> // M1s are engines (monoprop ones FYI) print M1s[0]:ThrustLimit. // prints current manually set thrust limit eg 35 print M1s[1]:ThrustLimit. // prints current manually set thrust limit eg 54 set M1s[0]:ThrustLimit to 0.5. set M1s[1]:ThrustLimit to 22. print M1s[0]:ThrustLimit. // prints '0.5' print M1s[1]:ThrustLimit + "<<<WHAT!!!!". // prints '1<<<WHAT!!!!' </code> Seemingly the ThrustLimit is being range checked into the {0 <= T <= 1} range.... (I need more thrust than 0-1%) Is there a work around or
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