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  1. I have some errors i can't get rid off and i'm not sure if it's Kerbalism or something else.
  2. Having active strategies inflates the logfile to insane sizes (spammed message '... currency converter...'), probably triggers when science is sent.
  3. The Habitats, be it the inflatable rings from sspx or the stock command/passenger modules, inflate to 100%, but as soon i move kerbals around it all goes down and has to be inflated (shows inflating for 'solid' parts too) again. I can remember last time i played there was an extra .cfg needed for the sspx things, if so, i didn't stumble upon it and please point me into the right direction, i'm tired of launching supply pods full of nitrogen :p Beside that, thanks man for this wonderful mod, adds a lot to ksp.
  4. What really is missing is the option to sort the crafts when you want to load one in the VAB. Sort by date would be soooo good to have, to see which vessel you worked on last time you played.
  5. About the life support part ... Since 0.25 i have played all flavours of lifesupport mods that were available and after a long break i started playing KSP again recently and tried Kerbalism. It has just a couple of parts, 'it all makes sense' (as in, water, food, oxygen etc.) , radiation belts, it even has some simple scripting in it, like turn on lights when in shadow or start fuell cell when energy low. It would fit pretty good into stock.
  6. Luckily enough i live in a civilised part of the world, where EULAs have no power at all. As cream on top collecting personal data without my permission is also illegal here. Considering it's illegal to collect data against my will we're close to organised crime here in case i find out there's just a single byte of personal data.
  7. It wasn't so much about the good that was traded, more about the trade 'ethics'. Altering the conditions after the deal is done isn't honest business imho. Ask Lando Calrissian
  8. Imagine you buy a car, signed the contract and paid it, a day later the salesman says: "Dude, i altered the contract and from now on you aren't allowed to drive the car on Tuesdays". Wouldn't be a honest business but more on the criminal side of the spectrum.
  9. A mod that shuts down the engines on touchdown would be cool.
  10. Is there a way to make SSPX and Kerbalism nice together ? I can get SSPX to or Kerbalism, not both, as soon i add Kerbalism to an install with only SSPX i get nullref spam. beside the spam, the sspx part fails to deploy or rotate. If there's a config or something for that issue please point me into the right direction.
  11. The hubble telecope was launched with a shuttle and catched twice later for repairs. From that point to a successful landing doesn't look impossible.
  12. Isn't a RTG some sort of fission reactor ? i mean, nuclear decay is transformed into electrical energy, so i think it's the smallest we can build with current technology.
  13. Someone explain how extracting energy via windmills warms up the surrounding. I can't extract energy from something and that something is warmer (contains more energy) afterwards.
  14. Heat convection is gravity dependant. Boiling water might not work the same way it does in a submarine.
  15. i wonder .. isn't there a theory that the moon was the result of a collision of a mars sized planet with the 'proto-earth'. What if that proto-earth had a civilization ? Could there be traces be found ?
  16. The purpose of a sandbox is to have fun. When you need the game to give you a purpose to do stuff, sandbox games aren't your piece of cake.
  17. Ckan isn't the real problem. It's the users who are unexperienced with mod installs and keep bothering the modauthor for a failed install because those users obviously aren't able to check their gamefolders for having folders at the right place, OTOH ckan probably took some support requests from the modders shoulders by grabbing dependencies and filtering out incompatible mods. Ckan however, should delist the mod when an author demands so. Make a popup in ckan to tell people to first stop by in the ckan thread. It's a question of good manners and respect for other peoples hard work.
  18. The mix of fonts is a weird design choice, but what's bothering me more is the yellow text ('No comms on this vessel' and similar) which are almost unreadable with a bright background. Just a tiny outline on the text with a high contrast (dark grey/black) would solve it easily.
  19. i was more thinking of those moments when you try to grab some tiny part and always get the wrong one, like stuff in cargo bays, would be much more comfortable to do when the 'obstacles' are locked.
  20. When you build vessels it would be nice to have the option to 'lock' your vessel at some point in it's 'tree' structure. Everything past the lockpoint is fair game, but all from root to the locked part is immune to all clicks until you unlock it. Would it be useful for you ?
  21. It was some cold winter evening and i tried to think of a name but whatever name i ever used, it was taken. Some mulled wine was heating in the microwave and it made *ping* while i was staring at the empty namefield.
  22. the more i read, the more i like my idea of having a readout (in F3 for example) that shows how much dV you've used. It leaves room for trial&error but still gives a better approximation than wild guesses, those who hunger for more numbers will get the mods for that anyway, and It's probably pretty easy to implement since the game already knows that number.
  23. this one i use all the time for rescue missions in LKO, 18 parts and works fine, i ruined the landing while taking the pics for this though.
  24. spent quite some time just staring at the screen
  25. Maybe, to keep the try&error approach, have a readout for the dV spent in actual flight.
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