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  1. Yea it looks alot better now, thanks for the advice! Got to finish up the BE4 and fix the Spec maps and then i can move on to the legs
  2. Introducing New Beginnings! a stock scale replica of the Blue Origin New Glenn! I will be working in this in my spare time and should have a test release soon!
  3. Loving the mod so far! Got the normal maps to work for the texture i made.
  4. I made a few little adjustments to your textures/ models
  5. Awesome!!
  6. this is alot less detailed than liquids model, but still this is very good
  7. Hi @Tristonwilson12 !

    I installed your addon the other day and it's really cool, good job! But unfortunately I have a big problem :(

    I don't use any real world mod (I know the launch sites don't appear in that case, that's not what I mean), and I decided to build the whole cape canaveral and KSC with the perts that it inclueded and KK's menu to create new launch pads.

    I found the perfect location (it really looked like cape canaveral) and worked for an entire day, placing every single launch pad. I was really proud of my work.

    So today I decided to continue with it, but unfortunately I found that all of the Real KSC structures (which were many) had been replaced by sonething textureless called "spawnmarker".

    It's not just that I probably lost all of my work, but I can't remake it because I know it'll happen again!

    I really want to make it work because I'm woring on a YouTube series that requires it (it would be sooo cool).

    I'm so desperate now D: is there any way to fix that or just make it so that it doesn't happen the next time?


    Thank you very much for your time.

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    2. Xene1042


      Ok, thanks for the reply.


      Any estimates on when it could be fixed?

    3. Tristonwilson12


      End of the weekend

    4. Xene1042


      That's kind of funny, I thought it'd be longer so I fixed it my self (more or less) xD

      I needed it fast because I'm making the whole Cape Canaveal in KSP (It's 65% done now)

  8. Launched a craft based on the Lockheed Exoliner to my WIP munar outpost, Docked successfully
  9. No, sounds interesting, ill work on a bunch of the issues that are currently present this weekend, and ill work on that too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I have SLC-40 complete, its just not in the game.
  10. Well if yall want some help, lemme know!! Now... I want to model them.. Hides in cave with blender open