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  1. Might get this rolling again soon. Been REALLY busy lately... But would love to get this out
  2. I posted CFGs for it a while back, I will have to find them again
  3. I have already started on a up to date SpaceX LC40 strongback using custom models and parts from @sciencepanda that im using for my own game, if he wants I can give it to him when its done
  4. Before I start back on this thing I need everyone's opinion, Modern pads or historical pads? want to make one or the other for now, then make the other later.
  5. Awesome! Cant wait to get back to modding KSP, and playing again
  6. Made a new thing, (Strongback is from @sciencepanda's Towers pack) i want to flush out the weird bugs with my mod, but i have no clue how, any help is appreciated
  7. Welp looks like Blue Origin is dropping the smaller fairing... Guess i better make the larger fairing and Stage 3
  8. Yea it looks alot better now, thanks for the advice! Got to finish up the BE4 and fix the Spec maps and then i can move on to the legs
  9. Introducing New Beginnings! a stock scale replica of the Blue Origin New Glenn! I will be working in this in my spare time and should have a test release soon!
  10. Loving the mod so far! Got the normal maps to work for the texture i made.
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