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  1. The Path to the Stock texture is wrong: it says Squad/Parts/FuelTank/X200-16/model but should be Squad/Parts/FuelTank/fuelTankX200-16/model this fixes the issue
  2. It could be that the rocket is attached to the topFDown node wich is not decoupled. You could test it by adding a preferably stock fueltank on top (not inside!) of the adapter and see if it decouples then thats it. You could then either somehow attach the rocket to the top node (Both are indeed in the same place but with diferent orientation) or edit the .cfg so that topFDown is decoupled as well by adding the line "explosiveNodeID = topFDown" (no Quotes!) below "explosiveNodeID = top". I did it myself and it seems to work fine but don't blame me if something breaks by doing so.
  3. I don't know if it helps but the new Update of AnimatedDecouplers has support for fairings and stock aero. The new SDHI Service Module System uses it. -
  4. Crossman

    Less memory usage by using OpenGL

    The Solution to the partial black screen in fullscreen is super simple. Just minimize the game with [Win] + M then maximize again by clicking the icon. It worked for me at least. Seems to be an issue with the current unity version.