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  1. Hi. I installed your real engines pack (V.2.0.1) into my KSP 1.3.1 (RP1/ RO). I can see a lot of your remade engines plus some new ones, like the Super Dracos. But I cannot see others, like the Raptors or the LMDE (at least not in the alphabetical order they should, but I searched thoroughly anyway) They are in the GameData\RealEnginesPak\USPack but do not show in the engines tab. Any clues? Thanks in advance Solved> My mistake. Raptors aren't listed in "R" but in "W" (WIP RO Raptor). Took a while to browse the entire (quite big) list of engines to find them
  2. Hi there. Can someone help me out here. Apparently the mod is not working. That is, I set up a greenhouse, batteries, solar panels, right outside kerbal space center. all necessary resources stocked in attached tanks and crewed by a pilot and a scientist. But no food or Oxygen is produced. I am using KSP 1.3.1, used CKAN to download and install this mod, I use quite a lot of other mods which details must be listed in the log file, here is the compreensive list (as per CKAN export mods output) RealSolarSystem RSSTextures8192 RealismOverhaul KSCSwitcher RSSDateTimeFormatter ModuleManager Kopernicus ModularFlightIntegrator AdvancedJetEngine FerramAerospaceResearch SolverEngines KerbalJointReinforcement RealChute RealFuels CommunityResourcePack RealHeat RealPlume SmokeScreen ProceduralParts MainSailorTextures-Historical MainSailorTextures-Essentials ProceduralFairings CapsuleCorporationEndeavourMarsBaseCamp MechJeb2 FASA HangerExtenderExtended Firespitter FirespitterCore FirespitterResourcesConfig FMRSContinued RecoveryController HaystackReContinued ToolbarController HyperEdit KerbalFoundriesContinued KSPWheel Graphotron KerbalAlarmClock TriggerAu-Flags DockingPortAlignmentIndicator RasterPropMonitor RasterPropMonitor-Core FlexibleDocking kOS RemoteTech BonVoyage SXTContinued RetractableLiftingSurface TACLS BackgroundResources ThrottleControlledAvionics AT-Utils ConfigurableContainers-Core HeatControl CommunityTechTree TweakScale Konstruction USITools CommunityCategoryKit KAS KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems KIS UKS USI-Core GroundConstruction-Core I attach log file and an explaining picture of my setup, as you can see, after 1 day (or so) the base is almost running out of Oxygen, no fertilizer has been spent and food is only being consumed (not produced) http://www.filedropper.com/logandpic This first picture had the "start farming" button not pressed. Here is another where the button has been pressed. Another 18 hours or so pass and... To no avail, farming never produces Oxygen or Food... http://www.filedropper.com/screenshot160 Thanks for any help.
  3. This mod looks GREAT, one of the best looking mods I ever tried. But something is not right, at least with me. The planetary Greenhouse, for instance, is not producing anything, neither Oxygen, nor food. It does not spend fertilizer, either. It has energy, it is started (farming), it has access to water... When crewed, the food depletes to zero, when uncrewed it just stands in there, doing nothing and nothing changes on the base supplies (oxygen, water, fertilizer, waste, food). I left enough empty storage space for these items to increase if they were produced, but they are not being produced. I am using this with version 1.3.1 of the game with RealIsm Overhaul (RP-1) installed. I know this MOD is not supported by RO BUT it should grow food and Oxygen anyway since those resources exist both in stock game and in RO By the way, I saw the above post about the reactor. In my installation, the nuclear reactor, apparently does nothing also. Just rises to some 130% or so effeiciency, then drops to zero and stops producing energy. I made the greenhouse tests with solar power though Any help?
  4. To put it into perspective... KSP has a steep learning curve, adding RO + RP0 or RP1 makes that curve go vertical, like a sounding rocket but it’s well worth it.
  5. Hi. I am trying this mod with RO RP1 with RSS Expanded in KSP 1.3.1 I used it before in RO - RSS, KSP 1.2.2 with no problems I downloaded version 0.5.3 (for KSP 1.3.1) But the haystack button does not appears anywhere when I run the game. I have no flights started. Just starting a new game. A clean 1.3.1 install, followed by RO/RP1 install and RSS-Expanded.
  6. Hi. I recently installed Bon Voyage. I play KSP 1.2.2 with RO/RSS I tried Bon Voyage with a rover of mine I sent to Mars. The rover has enough energy to drive forever, 2 small solar panels, 1 nuke, pod is rovermate and 6 small wheels. Bon Voyage doesn't starts and says I should get more panels or nukes. But the energy is always maxed out... Even when I drive at full throttle. Any clues?
  7. I am playing KSP v1.2.2 with RSS / RO. Just tried bon voyage on a rover I have on Mars When I press the "go" button… (Is that what "Poehali" is supposed to mean? ) bon voyage complains there is not enough solar panels and I should have a dozen reactors… Well… I have 2 small panels and one reactor, but the one reactor is quite enough for the rover to wander forever, even in the dark, the energy in the rover is always maxed out. How can I overule bonvoyage's assumption there is not enough power?
  8. As per your words I assume you are playing career, I am currently playing RO in sandbox so the things I have access will differ. You can try to download FASA Saturn V mod. (the parts for the Saturn V), the Apollo capsule heat shield is rated for lunar reentry BUT... I do not know if you will have research points to unlock it or if it comes unlocked by default (I doubt that) so the trick is... stack 2 (or more) LEO shields. I know this technique Works because I once sent a probe to "sink" on Jupiter (study the lower layers of the atmosphere) and a single (even lunar rated) heatshield wouldn´t work to prevent destruction of the vessel while entering Jupiter´s dense atmosphere at 50Km/s so I stacked them... First is consumed, explodes, second consumed, explodes, third.... halfway consumed... Perfect So, 2 LEO heat shield stacked on top of each other should do the trick, if not... Use 3 Hope I helped.
  9. Hi. I am having quite some trouble figuring out how TAC Life Support Works in RO and have been running in circles for 2 weeks or so... So, if anyone can help, I would appreciate. I tested various configurations and what appears to be happening is: 1. Sabatier does nothing, nothing at all. It does not consumes CO2 and does not produces H2O 2. Water purifiers seem to GENERATE water, you see, if I start with 2 kerbals, some water and 3 purifiers, I end up consuming food, O2 (of course) and with MORE clean water than the amount I started with. 3. Air filter does nothing... NADA... niente 4. water splitter does the electrolysis, as it should, curiously, when coupled with water filters, since they "create" water, they allow for a small storage tank provide O2 and H2O for a very looooong time 5. Bosch reactor seems to be "sort of" working... As for the outputs, that is, it does not consumes CO2. 6. The only ones who seem to be doing what they would do in real life (besides the water splitters) are the 3 scrubbers (Peroxide, Hydroxide and Superoxide) Can anyone explain how the whole TAC-RO Works or if it is working properly at all or still under development. The non-RO sabatier Works just fine, maybe too well... If I couple one non-RO sabatier with 3 RO water purifiers (small size) I have water and oxygen until the end of times, (for 2 kerbals), only food is not fully regenerated
  10. Hmmmm... Yes, I play RO, and I guess there are, indeed, some parts who are duplicated. I see. I must be using RO versions of your parts. I thought this mod was fully integrated with RO. But indeed, there are 3 parts in utiyily secrion that read non-RO, while the others (the ones I am using) don’t read that. Thanks for the tip, I’ll be knocking someone else’s door...
  11. Is this mod working? I have tested 2 other mod parts with strange results.... Bosch Carbon reactor... Does absolutely nothing. 10 days, only Bosch reactor ON, 3 kerbals: Waste water 148 waste 15.97 CO2 15346 O2 1560048 water 7909 Food 15432 same 10 days, everything OFF, 3 kerbals... Waste water 148 waste 15.97 CO2 15346 O2 1560048 water 7909 Food 15432 So are the reactors working at all? Bosch does nothing and Sabatier does... strange stuff Lithium Hydroxide Scrubber, appears to be working but, not as it should... Here are the results: Start After 10 days 3 kerbals Waste Water 62.76 210 12847 Waste 6.75 22.67 289 CO2 6485 21783 21828 O 1577814 1560113 1560061 H2O 10411 10296 10295 Food 15783 15608 15608 Lith Peroxide 21 21 21 Potassium Superoxide 31.5 31.5 31.5 Lith Hydroxid 1025 1025 936 Lox 27895 27895 27895 Lhy 44644 44644 44644 OFF ON As you can see... It outputs something close to what it should but... Appears do scrub NO CO2 at all Is is magic?
  12. Download "Heat Pump" https://github.com/Starwaster/HeatPump mod and use Service Module rated tanks. Zero Boiloff then, but requires quite a bit of energy and beware, that mod has a small bug so that if you time warp more than 3 clicks when focus is on the vessel it will boiloff anyway so, to timewarp at greater speed, just go to tracking station or space center, timewarp as much as you like, and then return to normal time and to the craft. KSP RO/RP/RSS'ers might like to try also the Discord App group KSP-RO... Many of us, crazy hardcore RO'ers are in there and sometimes you might get answered real time https://discord.gg/mnNaSg
  13. It's been awhile I don't come here on the forums, spend much of the time on RO discord but just to say I found out that the problem had to do with some (of the largest) stock tanks and the RSRMV's. With procedural tanks,no problems at all and I now use only procedural, no reason for the stock tanks anyway.
  14. Hi. I am testing the sabatier reactor aboard a space station and I have some weird results... It appears it does much of the opposite it should do. In the following table I recorded the amounts of the supplies at the station after 10 days running with the sabatier reactor OFF and then ON. Can you explain what's happening here? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance Start After 10 days 3 kerbals Waste Water 61.79 210 247 Waste 6.68 22.67 26.66 CO2 6417 21783 25619 O 1577893 1560113 1555674 H2O 10412 10296 10266 Food 15784 15608 15564 Lith Peroxide 21 21 21 Potassium Superoxide 31.5 31.5 31.5 Lith Hydroxid 1025 1025 1025 Lox 27895 27895 27895 Lhy 44644 44644 44644 Sabatier OFF Sabatier ON I add an output log too, don't know how it will help but... here goes: http://www.filedropper.com/outputlog_1 Thanks in advance
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