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  1. I saw these on Reddit earlier - apologies if they are around here already Here's the channel playlist for all the NASA stuff: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzPIUNzNOoxnU4TtCIBiL6Rj180Eju_If
  2. It's perfectly clear, disagreeing with your stance that they should be enforced instead of optional doesn't mean I don't understand. If it were N-body orbits would you be so eager to force it on yourself?
  3. However, per your original post, that is not your position. You support some optional features that you personally find reasonable.
  4. This whole thing is simply a new manifestation of the elitism syndrome that has always plagued KSP. Any suggestion that a player should be forced into a more (or less) difficult condition that is otherwise optional because a different player thinks that difficulty is fun is obnoxious. KSP, like any game, should be about enjoyment. If you enjoy high levels of repetitive difficulty, rejoice in the fact that you have that option. If you enjoy playing casually, rejoice that you have that option. Fortunately, at least until now, Squad and Private Division have had the wisdom not to do something so asinine as forcing any particular difficulty options on anyone. Let us hope the new developers retain such enlightenment.
  5. No matter how long I am away, when I come back I find one thing remains a constant: People believe their vision of the game is the way it should be, everybody should agree with them, and anybody who doesn't is just wrong and possibly stupid.
  6. I have granted no permissions, because the mods are released to the public domain or otherwise licensed openly and therefore my permission is not required nor could I give it because the assets are no longer mine. I want that to be clear. Carry on.
  7. I don't have any interesting screenshots, but I did start a career after not touching the game in a very long time. I spent about an hour trying to burn directly into orbit before I remembered that's not how it's done.
  8. Using life support drained a lot of the fun out of the game for me. That is all.
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