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  1. Thank you my friend. People like you have made this journey entirely worth the effort.
  2. Final update released. Fixed previous broken nodes and released new assets to public domain.
  3. I've been away for a time, sorry for the late response. I did not remove any uploads or versions from the original thread so they should still be available. Edit: I see the links are not working, let me see what I can do. Edit2: Curseforge download give that a try
  4. With stock mechanics you would have to create a resource for the generator to consume and set the rate to correspond to the time you'd like it to last I suppose.
  5. I'm the opposite of what you're looking for, but I will say that the problems did not crop up immediately and I'm currently working my way into a GPP career without Strategia to test my assumption. I think it has something to do with the tracking of "firsts", contract requirements, and milestones - I'm not sure if those are all necessarily the same thing to the game, but it's the only thing I can land on that makes any sense. If the game would just crash once and generate a log it would be helpful. I will report back if my career goes smoothly, or if it doesn't. Edit: And I do realize Strategia is not your baby, but since I whined here first...
  6. Couple years since I replaced the goop on the CPU, GPU I've never touched. I did suspect this as a possibility though, and used both MSI Afterburner and Intel Extreme Tuning Utility to monitor GPU and system temps, it's not a hardware issue. I'm relatively certain it's an interaction between two mods but I cannot test any further because removing either one breaks the save. It's start over, or nothing.
  7. I'm actually having a very frustrating time with this myself, but the game isn't crashing so much as freezing - no logs are being generated and I can't figure out what the hell is going on. Freezes on recovery, SOI change, landing, time warp.. none of the events seem to have anything in common either. Edit: I suspect the culprit is actually Strategia but I cannot uninstall either it or GPP and still load the save to test further.
  8. Well I'm not having nearly as much fun as of last night and today - it seems all the game wants to do is freeze at every opportunity. Zone of Influence change? Freeze. Land? Freeze. Recover a vessel? Freeze. Doesn't even crash properly so no log is generated. It's a pity, I was really enjoying the new planets. Oh well... try something else I guess.
  9. Yesterday evening I reached that point again where I was feeling very blah about KSP and didn't even care to finish my missions in progress - so it was time to try something new. GameData and Saves folders zipped up for safe keeping, and off to CKAN. Decided on Galileos Planet Pack with Strategia installed (and of course many part mods) and WOW! This is, quite literally, a whole new ballgame. Perhaps I should take some pictures, but I've been totally engrossed in the game and not working on any projects like I should.
  10. You're welcome, but I can't take too much credit, I just regurgitated things I read here: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/
  11. It depends significantly on the craft you've given it to dock. A poorly balanced vehicle or one with hugely overpowered thrusters leads to a lot of waste as mechjeb tries to make small corrections during docking. It will also use more if your alignment is off by a lot, such as you're facing the wrong direction on the wrong side of the target vehicle or something like that.
  12. The default operation for Module Manager is "insert" so without an operator added to the line, it's simply adding a second set of amount definitions to the existing ElectricCharge node. If it's working for the Inventory bit I would guess there aren't already definitions in place or your lines got dropped in before the existing ones. At any rate you should just need a couple more @ operators. @PART[kv1Pod] { @author = C.McDowall @RESOURCE[ElectricCharge] { @amount = 500 // 10x ORIGINAL VALUE @maxAmount = 500 // 10x ORIGINAL VALUE } @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] { InventorySlots = 3 // 3 FOR EACH KERBAL packedVolumeLimit = 100 // 100 FOR EACH KERBAL } }
  13. One of these days you're going to summon a great old one, like @cthulhu
  14. Because it wouldn't be a release from Randazzo if I didn't break something and not find it until later, the Omicron bottom nodes in version 1.1.02 are set too high. This causes clipping when attaching decouplers and possible explosions upon decoupling. It will be fixed in the next release, but in the meantime please drop this MM patch into the patches folder. VXS20nodefix.cfg
  15. That's pretty impressive, I admire the commitment to fly out and build them all
  16. Curious, I used dds4ksp to convert. Will have to look when I get home. Thanks! Maybe the normal map for the Hornet..
  17. @AtomicTech What do you think? I took this opportunity to adjust the engine bell too so it's less...ridiculous. With this shape it can even have a 1.25m fairing.
  18. Try to "land" a plane with one o' them fancy scanning arms near it
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