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  1. Don't reckon I'll be able to sleep until I know... It's either gonna be fine and just a tech glitch, or it tipped/drifted (like when it ran out of hydraulic fuel) on landing, I think.
  2. Hey! Great mod! Just a quick question. I'm sure it's been answered but I don't have time to delve through 182 forum pages to find it. Since I'd only like to use part reliability in this game at the moment, how would I go about disabling the other parts of the mod (e.g. resource requirements)? Apologies, I'm just not good when it comes to this kind of thing. I appreciate the assistance, Ryan
  3. THE KERBAL X-15 - A tale of lunacy and lunch breaks With tension between staff reaching critical levels, the KSP bigwigs decided a break was in order. They tasked Jeb with designing and building a swanky, speedy airliner to take them to a sunny resort over the ocean. Well Jeb took the whole 'airplanes only' thing a little personally... he'd been working on the Kerbal X when this crossed his desk, and rather than waste a perfectly good rocket he decided re-using it wouldn't be so difficult... The Kerbal X-15! Boosters weren't the best idea, not because they left the craft starved of thrust but because they seemed to have a magnetic attraction to the tail fin... Aborting to a nearby island as speed drops rapidly. Stage 2 engines lit to provide an extra kick No turning back now, this nose-heavy pod is only going one way... Well, any landing you can walk away from, eh? With hindsight, perhaps rocketry should stay in it's own field... 'Soooo... heh heh... any chance of a plane ride out of here?' Conclusion - Rockets are rockets, planes are planes.
  4. Both craft have weapon managers and are well within physics range of eachother. I noticed that the craft wasn't being picked up on the radar too, but I am certain it has one and have even sent out new craft with a manager on to test - they aren't picked up either. EDIT: Got it to pick me up on radar. Missiles still refuse to lock onto and fire upon the target however... If I ask it to manually lock onto the target, it just unlocks after a second or two. EDIT 2: Missiles lock onto target when done manually, and fire towards said target. However, the guard mode still refuses to do such a thing by istelf.
  5. Hey, been trying to get the missiles to fire on guard mode. For the life of me, I can't. I've tried using different missiles, different launchers and I've strapped every bit of targeting software possible onto this thing. Missiles refuse to acknowledge the target is even there, on the air or the ground. I'm doubtless you've had this issue before and I'm aware it's just me lacking the knowledge on how to do it (not a bug), but could I please just have a hand setting these missiles up to fire? Much appreciated, Ryan
  6. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but quick question - how do I disable cloud shadows? I re-installed EVE and they're causing a few problems with FPS, but I can't remember how I got rid of them before. I'm using SVE, not sure if that makes a difference to the answer. Cheers Ryan
  7. The cache is full of what I can presume only to be the names of planets in the form: (planet).bin As the original download does not contain these, I can presume this is the problem? I am only using the basic version at this time. Should I just clear these out and reload, or will the files just be re-written into that location? Cheers for the quick response Ryan EDIT: I cleared out the cache and reloaded, the game crashed at the same point again but only a small handful of .bin files are in the cache.
  8. Damn this mod looks good. Followed the instructions down to a T (very in depth by the way, well done). Game loads up to the very end of loading, but when it would go onto the menu screen normally (where you can start game, credits, quit again etc.) it just crashes. My entire computer slows down to painful speed. I'm meeting the 8gb RAM needed, but it would seem that the computer cannot handle the mod nevertheless. I don't think this is a problem with the mod itself... thoughts? Ryan
  9. Re-attempted and got that output_log fresh (sorry, I misunderstood which one you needed). Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxjs89sozVh_RDE4SklwdExVNUE/view?usp=sharing I'm using Windows 8.1 Thanks!
  10. Hey! So I downloaded the mod. I currently use your SVE so I decided SVT would be another nice addition. When opening the game, I'm greeted with this however: If I proceed to enter a game, KSP will crash with no message to say so - it will simply just shut down. I use no mods that add parts, planets etc. to the game. I only use SVE all in one, with the basics like Kerbal Engineer, KerbalX mod etc. No crash log was produced when the game crashed so I cannot provide an output_log. All my mods are up to date, as I re-installed them all using latest versions to no effect. Apologies for taking up your time, but I'm unsure of how to fix this problem and I would appreciate if you could look into it. Kind regards Ryan EDIT: I tried a couple of times more and managed to get in. However, I'm not sure if the game will crash or keep kicking me out in the future, and I'm not sure as to the origins of this map screen bug. Glad I'm in and the mod is working for the moment, but I'll leave this here for you as it may still pique your interest. The yellow terrain still persists in map view and tracking station view, and affects all planets in the system! EDIT2: Game crashed, will uninstall the mod for now. No crash report yet again.
  11. Grabbed the co-ords. I'll check it out tomorrow, I was flying around that area anyway. Will report back soon.
  12. Genuinely horrifying. This is an exemplary find! This sent chills down my spine. Speechless. A perfect example of what I was looking for - although I doubt we'll be picnicking here anytime soon!
  13. Definitely interesting, I never thought about the origins of Kerbin geographically. I mainly did this thread to find some decent looking places, but your thread takes it to the next level! Thanks to everyone who has replied so far! Some great discussions here! In contrast, I think I found the WORST view - the margin between white and red on Duna. The colours combine to create a sickly 'strawberry milkshake' colour. No thank you! Next stop, Vall. I'm hopeful for this one...
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