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  1. Bubbadevlin Presents The Stock Walker As far as i know, this is the first successful walker in KSP without mods. It however is extremely complex with 6 separate moving parts in the entire craft, and over 500 parts. It is powered by 20, yes 20, basic jet engines in a turboprop configuration. It uses landing gear for their incredibly high durability and break strength as feet. The walker can currently only run for about 5 minutes on its 800 liquid fuel, and carries only one Kerbal. To turn you must use the hotkeys 1 and 2. Hotkey 1 turns left, and 2 right. These hotkeys raise large landing gears, which prevent one foot from hitting the ground, causing the other side to move forward faster. This was the only way I could make it turn, but it also means that the turns are highly inaccurate and laggy. Here is a quick video of me driving it around. This craft does work, however I cannot tell you how many times i crashed during the development, and even at lowest settings KSP runs at 2 FPS when I am driving it. Use at your own risk The pre-flight setup is fairly complex and here are the steps. 1)Activate breaks and decouple the first stage 2)Deactivate breaks and decouple the second stage 3) Throttle up the engines and activate them. Wait until they spool up, this will usually take about 1 minute. 4) After this period the walker will start moving forward. It should be fairly stable, with a speed of roughly 8 m/s DOWNLOAD - But prepare for lagzilla
  2. Ok my walker is done, and fully functional. It can now turn, and moves at a speedy 8 Mps. It sadly takes like 30 seconds to spool up, requires 20 jet engines, and is 500 parts... This will be posted when i have made a video, as it will need a vid to show how it works
  3. I dont believe they really drain any power, but at medium to high torques the scanners just slip out of the holding, no matter how strong or precise you make it . They also dont work with symmetry
  4. Well the second generation of my walker is done, and its a failure. I did however make a very functional gear system for providing more torque. The problem is i tried to have both sides be separate, however i could not get them synced, so it would continuously turn one way or another.
  5. Very cool!, however i don't think the real Soyuz had SRBs, and it thought it had many small engines.... Other than that great rocket!
  6. Well, I am still refining my walker, but i need help. I am trying to figure out a way to make something spin with lots of torque and very little speed. Turboprobs do work, however they produce such low torque it is no really working. Any Ideas?
  7. Well, i was just wondering, First Stock Walker? Its fully functional, however it currently needs infinite fuel, and cant turn...
  8. Yup, the only parts that collide with others within the same vessel are all types of wheels, and landing gear. Even that is extremely dodgy though, and i found do not work when coming out of time-warp.
  9. Well, i did it.... then time-warped through kerbin..... I will try again tomorrow, as i need to get to bed, and i think my ship may have enough fuel to land!
  10. Bubbadevlin Presents, The HSATV DOWNLOAD This craft that i am posting is my rover, with a few optimizations, that i used to complete the Eclano Challenge. I am very proud of the design, as it is one of the fastest rovers i have seen on the forums, and extremely stable. It was designed for high-speed all terrain (even water) crossing of Kerbin, or Laythe. That is where the name came from, the High Speed All Terrain Vehicle. As you can see it is also very adept in jumping the KSC. And while the Mk2 parts do have lifting body effects, it is still a rover, and CANNOT fly. Some of the major complications of this design was having a low enough center of mass as so that it doesn't tip, and having the engines high enough out of the water that they will produce thrust, as well as making a frame sturdy enough to take the sudden rise and fall of the rover over terrain. This rover is unique because it lacks rover wheels, and supported by landing gear. This makes it quite quick with a stable cruising speed of about 75 m/s. When driving this rover, do not turn at over 30 m/s, and go into the water gently. The best throttle is usually about 1/3 to 1/2, unless the terrain is VERY flat (KSC and icecaps). You will however need to be at full throttle on the water. Don't mind the large album, I just reused my challenge post. DISCLAMER: Quicksave often, while i did make it as stable as possible, it is still a rover going over 200 MPH over very triangular terrain and can be prone to anything from flipping over to spontaneous combustion.
  11. Woops, sorry dude really thought that that was a download for the Frisbee Very cool, might give it a try, but its still hard to make out with just one pic
  12. Oh i am not blaming you, I am just kinda annoyed at myself, and while i am sure people do go back and look at the previous weekend, its a lot less common.
  13. Very cool picks, but man.... i really wish it was spacecraft Saturday, or Sunday, i am so busy on the weekdays i never get around to releasing a craft...
  14. No i didnt use them, i actually dont know why i have the camera mod installed, and i need to uninstall it.... I definitely would not use hyperedit for something like this, thats for testing stuff. Sorry to be a pain, and i guess it is really up to you, as there are no real rules determining mods vs stock.
  15. Thanks dude!, yea i really didnt fly, and tried to keep with the spirit of the challenge! just one thing, i did it stock
  16. Hmm wow.. did not even think of lifting fuselages.. dang... And yes, i know most of the pics are me in the air, but that is because they are the cool pics I will tell you that that thing cannot get airborne without a hill, and that on none of my jumps did i point the craft purposely upward for more air time. Also more often than not they were at 1/3 throttle, so i was being pushed with about 40 kn of thrust, for a 20 ton rover. When i am taking pics i am not usually piloting, and most of those i had to quick-load after them. I can provide a download if you even care, to show it is a rover. However, i really don't want to have to redo that, as fun as it was.
  17. I have a high-speed landing gear rover, and it worked great for my elcano challenge, found Here. I really kinda need to release it....
  18. 261 is fairly low part count for something like that... you want to see -4 fps? try out something with 700 parts or over
  19. hmm... i know if you take plane landing gear, and then set the breaks on, it makes a really stable wheel. Idk if that would help.
  20. hmm... you said you used infinite offset, and its clearly visible, but how? i could not find a mod on google, and its not in the debug menu... If you could put up a link that would be REALLY useful
  21. Ok, my mission report is done, i have circumnavigated Kerbin. Check it out here:http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132473-Elcano-Challenge-Circumnavigating-Kerbin-FINISHED
  22. Yea.. that was a bit harsh, i just had kinda a bad day, i didn't mean to vent my rage on you dude. Its honestly a nice craft, just different design choices than i would have used. Sorry about that rude comment.
  23. Even that is like 10m wide , i just mean imagine if you could fit something like that, into say a mk3 cargo bay
  24. Holy crap that is dam near amazing.... too bad it has to be so freaking gigantic
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