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  1. My Kerbin circumnavigation is done! And i finished it with a bang! Full report will be uploaded tomorrow, just had to share this.
  2. Yea... it would take like 3 minutes JUST to load it on the launch pad.. and i have all my settings down to minimum for performance!
  3. Very cool creation!, but for that large a rover, you should honestly be able to lift at least 25tons, if not 50... I highly suggest using counterweights and just transferring fuel.
  4. Thanks for all the compliments, and yes it is freaking gigantic. The amount of crashes i had when testing it... Anyhow it is now out, and if anyone is that type of idiot who will actually fly it to the mun, feel free to send some feedback!
  5. Sorry, i kinda hit the "save post" button, not the "preview post" button! Thread is now done
  6. Bubbadevlin Presents; The Jool V I would like to present my largest craft to date, in parts, mass and size. I designed this craft to be a real sized, a proportional Saturn V rocket for the Apollo program. It is so large, that the first stage is propelled my 25, yes 25 Mammoth 3m engines. That means that i actually had to be a bit cheaty in the design, as the VAB was not tall enough. The rocket also includes a detailed LEM module capable of landing on the Mun. For those wondering, to make such a large craft, I did not use a VAB extender mod, I simply did shift - click when in offset mode. This allowed me to slide the entire craft up and down in the VAB. Size; 900 parts - 1fps on launch.. 110m tall 10m diameter for 1st and 2nd stages 6m diameter for 3rd stage 3m diameter command module Mass of 3350 tons Optimal Flight Plan To Orbit 1)Throttle up, activate SAS and RCS, and hit space. 2)Do not turn on the entire first stage, it will just lead to instability. 3)On staging the 2nd stage, turn to 45~ and stay. The burn will finish with about a 100km apoapsis. 4)Use the 3rd stage to circularize, by this point the rocket will be fairly stable, and you should be able to just use it like any other rocket form here on out. NOTE: DO NOT flip the command module around until you decouple the 3rd stage, or it will wobble out of control. I wish i could be more realistic, but blame freaking KSP docking ports. Acton Groups 1 - Abort 2 - Decouple Abort Tower (DON'T FORGET!) 3 - Toggle Ladder Have Fun and enjoy the craft! Download
  7. Also extremely ancient... would doubt any would work
  8. Already done... just check out selfish meme's right here, its fairly detailed and almost complete
  9. Well the rapiers are now the best jets for SSTOs, and function at the highest altitudes. Also you need a lot less intakes (like 1 per engine) and a lot more oxidizer for your rockets
  10. Actually 860 parts has not won!, my full sized Apollo mission is at 880 right now.... God help my CPU. Its almost done though. (just need to actually fly it to the Mun)
  11. Ok, thank god... i dont think i could make a jet that goes 3000km..
  12. That is pretty amazing... looks absolutely GREAT
  13. Ah thanks!, and 3000 km?!?! the bar is set pretty high...
  14. Cool, thanks, so what units is your plane in, KM or M? I am guessing meters, but idk Plus i am kinda just too lazy to get another mod
  15. Well i really dont want to have to install that mod, so can i just plant a flag at the KSC and see the distance? (Max view range is 100km)
  16. That's a great helicopter! love it! Very sleek and beautyful
  17. I just figured i would ask the questing. My current (and all time) most flights is 78. That is mainly because i started my Elcano challenge on a save that i had already imported from .90. While 60 - something of those flights are flags, it has been my main sandbox save for 2 versions now. So how many flights do you have in your save?
  18. well if you aerobreak to get into LKO you should be fine, the M1 capsule has a fairly high max temp Anyhow, just quicksave if you screw up!
  19. Well to use hyper edit, you open up the ship lander tab, then the simplest way is just to click load, then click something like "KSC Beach" and then hit land. It will hyper edit your boat above the water, then slowly lower it down
  20. Well a while back i released a tank with a turret that was not a separate craft, and most people had the problem of the turret falling through the hull. I have reworked the bearing and it now is much more stable for me, but before i re-release it i would like to see some of you guys' opinions. Old thread found HERE if you care PLZ DOWNLOAD AND TEST
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