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  1. Hmm cool. I would love to see a IS7 replica, bet it would be hard with the turret though
  2. Wow... i guess i never really looked at this before! its very cool, would love to help, what is still needed?
  3. Ah, Very cool! Would love to see your pack when its done
  4. October 1st is coming? what is then?
  5. Oh, must not have seen it, sorry guys let me delete it
  6. Very cool, but the turret looks WAY to small for the hull, like half the size the real one is.
  7. Ok so this may just be me being a complete NOOB, but i just realized for the first time that the VAB is copied off of the Kennedy Space Center. I am just wondering if i was the only person not seeing that, or i am just that much of an idiot
  8. Wow.. these are cool, might ask you later to do one for my life - sized Saturn V when it is finished, AMAZING WORK!
  9. More Boosters, More Explosions ..... More Struts
  10. "There's nothing worse for a beginner than spending 3 hours designing and building a rocket, only to have it fail, and then spend another few hours trying to figure out how to fix it so you can do that single contract somewhere." Wow.. No offence but for me the design phase is the MOST fun part about the game, the endless testing does get dull, but then again it is very fun
  11. I just mean the pic in general, i am very nooby at photo editors
  12. Ok, so my first WIP design for a full sized Saturn V rocket is going well... 750 parts though, and the first stage needs 25, YES 25 Rhino 3m engines. On ascent now, and with the lag it is going to take like 30 minutes
  13. So, i had the bright idea to try and make a REAL SIZED Apollo replica.... going along pretty well but i only have the Command Module done... I am truly scared of what this thing will be like.
  14. I found one of they keys to a good fighter is to have ALOT of wings, that way your velocity will change more rapidly as you turn, allowing you to turn faster
  15. I believe there is a mod somewhere that already adds race pylons (I know it uses Kerbal Konstructs), and sounds like cool idea!. I don't suggest trying to compare individual entries, just base it on mission times
  16. Dude, this is a cool topic, however this REALLY similar to the Elcano Challenge, which is to circumnavigate Kerbin. Plus how are you going to get to the pole in the first place?, can you use Hyper edit, and why did you even set a route, not just say no crossing water? Cool idea, but could have used some research beforehand.
  17. Very cool looking design... i really wish they would add the wielding mod to stock KSP, makes stuff like this actually playable. I do kinda question the music though.. i would have gone for more dramatic
  18. LOL!, Very cool. Now see if you can get land it on gilly
  19. Wow... Just Wow... Surprised you didn't just use rapiers
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