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  1. Part two of my circumnavigation is done!, school stated so part three might take a while... http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132473-Elcano-Challenge-Circumnavigating-Kerbin
  2. Very cool, I suggest adding radial air intakes to your floats though, for some reason they provide stupid amounts of buoyancy and so you will travel a lot faster on water
  3. Very cool, i am surprised multi-part space capsules are not more popular
  4. I just mean that it is a laggy website, and i am mainly to lazy to make another account atm (very busy with school and sports)
  5. Well i looked at it, and fiddled around, it should work. And for me i dont really like kerbalx because i get alot of loading time lag, and it requires making yet ANOTHER account for something
  6. Bubbadevlin Presents: Constellation High Speed Fighter A stock jet originally designed in .90 as a ISSTO, but i have recently taken out most of the oxidizer and changed it into a regular plane, no longer a SSTO. It is highly maneuverable and one of the most stable planes i have made. It is also very fast at high altitudes and stable at high speeds. It will however break if you pull to hard a turn at high speeds. While it does seem like the pilots cannot get out, both pilots can and get back in afterward. The Constellation is also very easy to land and is just a great plane. Stats; 80 parts 27 tons 14m long, 12m wide, 4m tall DOWNLOAD
  7. I personally upload it to my google docs, then you can get a link to put up from there, VERY easy
  8. Wow cool! Looks great, love all the new prop engines on the forums now
  9. AMAZING!! I am surprised you got around the whole "cannot activate when stored" and the random overheating of parts in fairings.. Very impressive
  10. Yea i know stock helis have been around forever, and i have seen some of the designs, but for me they have all been kinda nonfunctional and fairly uncontrollable. But it seems like some people are close to making a somewhat reliable and controllable helicopter, and that is what i meant. Plus i am just new to the forums, i have been playing ksp for like 2 years
  11. Wow just read the last few pages and man there are some cool ideas in there, i personally have only tried to make a helicopter (and have yet to make a working one) but it seems that they are not maneuverable enough to be useful, let alone practical. I really do like the ideas and it seems that people might be close to making a very functional helicopter, cant wait!
  12. Very cool, and i am surprised you could get it to be an SSTO, was that just an afterthought or did you plan for it being one from the begging?
  13. lol that is a nice lookin kerbal, alot bigger than mine, although less accurate it looks very fitting for the kerbal cup
  14. Bubbadevlin Presents: The Statue Of Kerbal A model statue of Jebidiah Kerman using Kerbpaint. I just made it for fun, but i think it is a decent statue. At over 20 meters tall it is a very large statue with just under 500 parts. The only mod used was Kerbpaint, and other than that it is completely stock. Mounted on a base it can stand on its own, however it cant move. DOWNLOAD I did my best with stock parts, and i hope people find it as cool as i do.
  15. So i was playing around with HyperEdit, and i noticed you can change the orbits of planets and moons, so i had the REALLY bright idea to put all the bodies in KSP (except kerbol) in a low orbit around Jool. Then i waited untill most of the planets were on one side of Jool, and took some pictures which i edited into a panorama, here it is; For some reason cant get it to be just a regular pic, probably way to big
  16. Yea, i guess some people have been having problems with it, i only seem to have that happen when i time warped
  17. Bubbadevlin Presents "Decouple No More!" A single craft joint for stock ksp This is a new type of bearing, mainly for stock tanks, to allow you to turn the turret of a tank around without having to have the turret as a separate craft. My version of the bearing is for planetary use only, and does not work in zero G. I have also designed it for size and low part count, with less stability in mind however, it is still very stable. To make it smaller i have clipped the spring into the center of the guidance and while some of you may reject the part clipping, ksp should have simpler bearings in the first place. This bearing can be used for other purposes but because it cannot spin multiple rotations, i mainly use it for tanks, where it only needs to go 180 degrees to either side. It consists of two main components, the spring, and what i call guidance. The spring is a series of about 20 (lost count) very weak Structural Pylons arranged in a spiral pattern. This allows them to move without changing where the pivot point is. The guidance part is your normal wheel - and round center bearing set in place to stabilize the spring and bear the weight of whatever is on top of it. There are however a few problems with this that i cannot thing to be able to fix, and that is what i ask others to help with. When time warping or swapping vehicles the center of this bearing will fall through the guidance and no longer function, while reloading the craft through the tracking station will fix it, it would be nice to have a permanent solution. In my creation of this i learned some important things that i will share with anyone who cares to read this; 1) Parts of a same craft will phase through each other, however wheels and landing gear WILL NOT phase through other parts. 2) Often parts that seem round are not exactly round but multi sided polygons. 3) The LY-01 and LY-05 landing gear have no suspension at all and will not move, this can be useful and harmful to bearing designs. 4) Clipped parts may sometimes overheat within a fairing for no apparent reason in 1.0.4 even if you have the part clipping cheat on. Download; IT IS A SUB ASSEMBLY, NOT A CRAFT FILE It was developed with my Blizzard 1 tank found here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132393-The-Blizzard-1-Ksp-Stock-Tank
  18. Thanks dude!, and yea no decoupling for this thing so struts would just keep it from turning the turret
  19. Very cool, and you made the hetzer! awesome Since most of these tanks your making are NOT very common, or even were built at all, i am guessing you play WOT. Nice models though, i do have to challenge you to make a design based on function not looks, i think that's probably the most challenging thing in KSP tank making.. making it work well
  20. Well i was hoping more people would be interested.... i guess not
  21. Part one of my circumnavigation is done!, find it here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/132473-Elcano-Challenge-Circumnavigating-Kerbin?p=2157751#post2157751
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