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  1. Today I finished the second stage of my lander when i do not even have any of the rocket completed (or the first stage of the lander for that matter!) Overhauling my old 1:1 Apollo replica is going to take a while... At least now there will be some significant aesthetics improvements with the new part skins, stock KSP parts don't look TOO bad anymore
  2. Actually started to get back into KSP after yet another extended break. I ended up working on a complete redo of a certain past project..
  3. hmm.. just upgraded to 1.6 and it seems like the mod works fine with the 1.5.1 version, just an fyi to anybody who cares
  4. Sure, the pic is a little hard to see but basically the mechanism is very similar to a turbo prop, however rather than being propelled by jet engines there are landing legs which push it. This is a pretty old picture, but one of the best I have of the actual mechanism. Btw, can you explain the wheel propeller thing? @OffsetIsMyName
  5. Even though I know not many care, I figured I would post that it seems like the basic mechanism which leg powered rotors rely on is back to working. It seems like the landing legs having side collides is back to the way it was before 1.4.2, thankfully. Most of my designs are still blowing up, but in a different way which makes me hope that the basic trick/mechanic is still pausible
  6. Amazing replica! I always have been most impressed by replicas that combine form and function
  7. Yup. Depends on how they fix it though, from what I saw the legs were bugged out from just exploding too easily, so hopefully they just revert the changes which 1.4.2 made, rather than changing something else (which might not fix our problem)
  8. Ok, good to know, but weird considering they seemed to act fine in normal leg usage (for me). Glad to know I wasn't just going down a rabbit hole with a bug that has since got patched, but instead its a bug which broke my designs.
  9. Ok.. so I decided to take another look at my leg powered crafts (mainly the Messier 1) with the new update in hopes that the wheel changes would allow me to make a similar design with airplane wheels (which wouldnt blow up). Unfortunately it seems that even my past work is broken. From what I can tell the landing legs now have a full hitbox throughout the suspension. This means that the idea of having something occlude the suspension, and then the leg pushing it out, which is what was used before, is broken. Now all of my designs are either blowing up or pushing the landing leg out of position so that it is pushing nothing (like it would if the landing leg was a simple solid part). This means that the entire, although edge case design of a leg powered propeller will no longer work. I know you had one or two designs using this method @klond, have they broken with 1.4?
  10. They rotate, but they do not provide most of the thrust for the craft. So yea, i guess they would be mainly just for looks (but this entire craft is for looks tbh)
  11. Bubbadevlin Presents The V-22 Osprey Replica "The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is an American multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. It is designed to combine the functionality of a conventional helicopter with the long-range, high-speed cruise performance of a turboprop aircraft." - Wikipedia DOWNLOAD This is a high detail replica of a plane which I have attempted to mimic for years. The replica is sized 1:1 in ratio, and while it looks great (in my opinion) it is quite slow and ineffective as a plane. This replica is a long time in the making. Ever since I saw the first helicopters in KSP I have attempted (and for the most part) failed at making a replica of the V-22. In an indirect way my attempts to create it even led me to my first post on the forums, and probably my continued interest in KSP now. To me it is a challenging mix of mechanics and aesthetics that make it a fascinating plane to replicate. The craft is a whopping 600 part, mainly due to the high attention to detail which i worked on achieving with the craft, and the custom exterior using radiators. The craft flies perfectly fine, however do not expect it to go over ~70 m/s due to the extreme drag of the body design. Also the craft packs limited fuel, so don't expect to fly far. There is technically no kerbal capacity it could be easily added to the craft by clipping in a pod. The craft works on a more basic design than my previous tilt rotor, the Binary 2 and is a simple dock and undock procedure powered by air brakes. This allows the craft to be a very simple 1 button to move the rotors. For thrust the craft is using 3 wheesley engines on each rotor. This is because it was impossible for me to create turboprops powerful enough to lift the heavy craft while still remaining a small enough form factor that the realism would not be hindered. The propeller blades do however work, and are powered by an extremely weak turboprop. (I would suggest NOT using this feature if just flying the craft, as sometimes the decoupled propellers will not work properly when the orientation of the engines are changed) Album Link : https://imgur.com/a/kZBfF Action Groups 1 - Rotate Engines 2 - Toggle Main Engines (Wheesleys) 3 - Toggle Propellers
  12. Personally had no problems with old bearings, but then again the ones I have tested in 1.4 were low RPM and already strutted up, although it did seem (like Azimech was saying) the non-strutted bearings tended to be more flexible
  13. Cool mechanics man! Not only did you create the suspension, but had the entire system slide to enable turning?!
  14. Cool plane! Its amazing how small you can make your tilt engines.. Great detail too! This is inspiring me to work on my tilt-engine replica again... (different plane though)
  15. Lol.. i dont really like career mode, so i legit have 1 world save.. since i believe .90 (it has quite a few craft just STUCK, soooo many craft files in the SPH too)
  16. Dang.. I stop following the forums for a few weeks b/c school, and this is what you create! Great craft tho
  17. Cool plane! I really like what you did with the underside/weaponry
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