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  1. Granted. You now however live in the 1800s. I wish summer wasnt so humid..
  2. Last thing i googled.. a v22 osprey! I think i survived for a pretty good amount of time ;0
  3. Saw this on KerbalX a while ago, and i must say, it is a VERY cool walker, with a much smoother/more realistic walking mechanism than my walkers had. Seems to me like longer legs would help the most for the speed.. and I found landing legs (go figure) made great feet to absorb the bounces as well as have very good traction
  4. Everything in the game creates drag/lift.. so probably. Wing surfaces would be way better tho
  5. Cool! Someone finally figured a way to propel things with rover wheels! If not the most practical, still really cool anyhow
  6. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. I enjoy KSP, and think it is truly a great game, I but i am starting to get bored of the game. One of the aspects I really like though is the building part, It is one of, if not the best, and most flexible builders in games I have found. This is somewhat a problem, because I have been unable to find a new game I really like similar to this. Most of them I try are either very limiting, or you can only build squarely/on snap points. What I am wondering is, what other games are out there with such a flexible building experience as KSP?
  8. Cool! Im gonna have to look into these bearings
  9. should be fixed.. i dont use these forums enough to remember this sh*t lol
  10. Bubbadevlin Presents: The Binary 2 This is a craft designed to switch easily between VTOL and a standard SSTO but always having the engines and main body remain one craft, unlike many other similar designs. While this does make the craft much more complex in some ways, not having to worry about engine collisions plus the ability to lock in any location make it, in my opinion, worth it.. It is capable of getting an orange tank into orbit, but cannot VTOL with it. WARNING: Advanced Tweakables required This craft is an improvement over my old, outdated Binary SSTO, which was based on an even older one command join prototype. The craft features an actual cargo capacity over the original, re-dockable spacers, and the ability to lock the engines not just vertically and horizontally, but anywhere in between. This craft works on the principle that the small spider engines are very very weak, and you can easily build a bend into it. This is the same as before. Like before there are to bearings that surround a decoupled spacer that restricts this flexibility to rotation of the engines only. This time however this spacer re docks easily, and the locking mechanism is much more secure. The engines are controlled by W and S when RCS is on. To lock them in place, for long term or really any maneuvering, auto strut one of the main body parts (i use the cargo bay) to the root part (as the root is technically on the engines) and remove/change the auto strut on the same part to rotate the engines again. The engines will likely re dock to the spacer when set horizontal (this can be a little finicky, but really only matters in space). This is the ONLY time when time warp is supported, and to help with the reliability of the craft, use the auto strut trick even now. The craft can be changed at any point in time (even in flight) but do not be going over ~50 m/s while doing so The reason the craft is able to redock this (even if the engines are on) is the fact that the "spacer" has parts auto strutted to both the heaviest part (main body) and the engines (root part). This craft took me quite a while to build, mainly because I could not find a happy medium for "soft lock" or what I eventually used the auto strut trick for. Nothing had either the speed, or strength of this, but I usually dislike making the user of the craft click things like this. (IMO a very important part of craft building, especially complex things, is to make them easy to use.) I more favor action groups due to the simplicity, but unable to find a better solution (and KSP not updating action groups in forever, even if we have more tweakables) I believe that this trick should work, as the player can pick practically any part on the craft. It is also the strongest possible soft lock that I could create. Other than the VTOL capabilities, this craft has a very simple ascent. Due to its inherently high T/W ratio, simply point 10 degrees above the horizon until flameout, and then tilt up to around 25-30 degrees when making the rocket burn. Then simply circularize For the Action Groups 1) Undock spacer 2) Toggle Rapiers 3) Toggle Rapier Mode 4) Toggle Cargo Bay 5) Decouple Payload 0) Deactivate spider engines (in case you press space by accident) KerbalX/Download Link
  11. I totally understand you loss of interest lol.. I like the craft, those engines are REALLY cool! I still need to update/ improve my own replica..
  12. I need to work on cutting the part count of many of my crafts.. and low t/w SSTOs
  13. This looks REALLY cool! could you possibly create lift/thrust with bendy wings?.. I remember having one of those and the wings on it would tension when flapping down, but become loose and not provide lift when flapping up. I would imagine you could do something like this with multi-part wings
  14. I like the plane. I was surprised you used a mini-turbo prop type thing tbh, saw most other aesthetic propellers just run themselves. I like this solution though, as you can actually control their spin.
  15. I actually got around to doing this challenge. It was fun too.. since tbh I havent gone interplanetary in like a year. To spice up the challenge, i didnt use liquid fuel either. One stage was solid fuel, one monoprop and the final stage was xenon. During the trip i actually attempted a gravity assist (because screw burning for that long with xenon) and got a double assist on the Mun. At the end unfortunatly I did not have enough parachutes/ no landing legs, so the solar panels fell off on landing
  16. Just noticed this and I feel honored lol. The RCS balls could definitely be used for ammo, TBH i have been trying to make a gun with a similar idea, with not much luck though
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