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  1. Try undock, switchcraft, quicksave then quickload -Tried that. didnt work. But did create another bug where after switching i was unable to return to the space cente3r and had to quick save, quit the game, and reload it For the science at least you can get a Kerbal over there in EVA to extract the experiments (from the pod or the modules) As for the docking ports, have you tried the "bang it until it's fixed" solution? -The science was in a part from station science and couldnt be romoved sadly. And the try until bang solution worked when i de orbited the ntire station and gravity ripped it off by use of parachutes...part of the station i was docked to somehow stuck on...seriously strong magnetics. Are you using KJR? That sounds like a problem it was having. Ferram4 may have fixed it in a recent dev version. -Actually yes i am. Only for the slowly easing in physics so as to not destroy crafts lol. Ill try searching for the dev version. But is it not a more unstable version? Will it cause my game to crash more? it does it enough without any help XD.
  2. Hey guys. Long time forum creeper here with a major issue (at least for me ) I am currently unable to undock two shielded docking ports. By that i mean. I AM able to "undock" and close the shields on both my station and my supply/science ship, but i am unable to move away from the station. The magnetic force is too strong. That being said it may just be an issue with the ONE docking port on the station. i tried to undock a different part and it went no problem. I thought the craft may have been to light but its 45 tons and the craft i was able to undock and move away while testing was 48, so not a huge difference in that aspect. I have thought about leaving it attached to the station as an "Oh well ill deorbit it all together eventually". But its currently loaded with precious science that i desperately need. My KSp X64 is modded pretty decently. But the part im having trouble with are stock so i dont believe that could be part of the problem. Any and all imput would be greatly appreciated. Id rather not loose the whole station as it is the one i learned to dock on and have continually upgraded.