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  1. I just want to say that this mod is a life saver! I really like how it enhances the stock maneuver nodes, improves their behavior so they work more like you'd expect them too, and it's still a nice light weight mod using the stock UI. I didn't realize I needed this until I tried it, and omg, I'm actually able to make accurate maneuvers now, and intentionally get real close encounters! Thanks for a great mod! Well, I'm using 1.6.1 and Maneuver Node Evolved and not seeing that problem, so far.. Everything appears to be working pretty good, buttons all seem functional. (Well, excep
  2. Oh! Sorry, I totally didn't realize that, since I didn't see it in the screen shots. I probably should have just tried it myself, to see if that was in there. heh Thanks for the quick reply! I'll certainly be using this mod now! Edit: Seems to be working fine, and yeah I'm dumb, I should have just tried it first before asking.. Cause it displays both Velocities nice and clearly together! It'll take a little getting used to where things are, but I think I already like this a bit better than KE. Lots of great additional info, and this way I don't need all the extra stuff in KE, or have
  3. Considering all I use Kerbal Engineer for anymore is the altitude/velocity display UI during flight-mode (now that deltaV info is built in the game), I'm really tempted to give this mod a try! In order to remove a mod full of stuff I don't use anyway. lol The only bit of information I'd really miss, is the Horizontal and Vertical Velocities that KE shows, but this doesn't appear too? If you could add horizontal and vertical velocity to the Basic Orbit options to display, this mod would permanently replace Kerbal Engineer for me! ;D EDIT: Nevermind, I didn't see it at first.
  4. I just tried this mod for the first time, and as far as I can tell, things seem to be working perfectly fine on 1.6! ;D Already loving the convenience this brings. Could we get an optional setting, to disable automatic EVA reports and surface samples? I still want everything else automated, but I'd rather do those 2 manually.
  5. Don't asteroids already spawn around Dres? And how is getting to Dres easier than finding these things in orbit around Kerbin? lol O_o
  6. Can anyone verify whether the Auto Balancing Landing Leg mod still works? I've had it installed for a while now, but I just noticed that it doesn't seem to be working on my Mun lander. I'm not sure if it's because of the way I built it tho, or the mod not working.. :/
  7. Well, that fix worked perfectly for me, as far as I can tell! thanks!
  8. Genius! You just solved so many problems that I frequently encounter! I always run into that annoying N/A error whenever I'm trying to plan things that depend on burn time. lol And while I'm able to land on moons well enough to build and connect refueling bases, my descent speeds are always really clumsy and slow, and probably waste fuel.. So hopefully this mod will allow me to be more precise in my landings.. I wonder, could this mod be used to assist in suicide burns? I've always wanted to try that, but never got around to it.. due to not wanting to crash, and knowing more reliable meth
  9. For some reason the latest version doesn't show up in the parts list.. not sure what I'm doing wrong. :/
  10. So whats goin on with this mod? Does it work with 1.0.4? ;
  11. I never realized how much I depended on KAS, till trying to play without it. How am I supposed to build a Mun refueling base, without pipes? XD Using a docking port is so hard to get right, and there's no way to get drills, tanks, and processing, all on one lander, within reason. lol I freaking love this mod! It should almost be included in the vanilla game. heh
  12. I did something similar, kind a rough half-way between the two. Gonna try it out, might not be too bad.
  13. Since this has ScanSat support, could it also have support for the new vanilla scanning system?
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