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  1. I finally completed this mod (still playing a very long and elaborate game on 0.90). All I can say is... WOW! I loved every minute of it. The presentation is amazing, and it's come closer than any other mod I've played to adding a "story mode" to KSP. And the finale... well... IT WAS SPECTACULAR. I had no idea you could do such cool stuff with the engine. When I first saw the Obelisk on Jool... well, it was so big, I thought it must be a glitch. I did run into a minor glitch exploring the obelisk, but a reload sorted it out, and the ending sequence was phenomenally cool. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience. One other quick thing - my designated StarJeb was Tomaly Kerman, and got a message saying "Tomaly Kerman died due to G-Force effects!" as she was accelerated towards Eve (that's due to Deadly Reentry). She didn't exactly appear dead - still smiling even as she ascended - but she did show up in the Missing in Action lists afterwards. However, after I went into Deadly Reentry and deactivated G-Force deaths, I didn't get the nasty warning any more (although she still showed up as MiA). Just thought I'd let you know. And. um, is she ever coming back? Will I see her again? I'm guessing not. I feel a little bad for her thought... ahem. Thanks again!
  2. Someone smarter than me can confirm this but: Linux uses OpenGL automatically, right? It's only Windows that uses Direct X. So, if the jagged lines are caused by OpenGL, is there no way to get it working smoothly in Linux?
  3. Hey guys, LOVE the look of scatterer but whenever I've tried it (on 0.90 and now 1.0) I run into the issue with jagged lines in the sky that a few other people have posted here. I'm running on Linux Mint with a Geforce 770 and have forced antialiasing on, which might well be the culprit, but that seems to be necessary for me (things look REALLY bad without any AA, and in-game AA makes all sorts of weirdness happen). It's not a mod interaction effect, because I'm only running Scatterer and EVA Waypoints in my 1.0 save. That said, I've seen other Linux users' screenshots looking lovely. Any advice on how to make my set up work?
  4. Hi PrivateFlip and the rest of the forum! Awesome mod! Just a request: I would love to be able to be able to add Supply functionality to my bases landed on Mun, Minmus, etc., specifically for Life Support (I'm getting bored of resupply missions!). So I tried adding a DavonRestrictedResourceSupplyModule to the cupola part cfg file. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't allow for resupply to craft that are landed, only in orbit. Is this something that you could edit for lazy people like me?
  5. Hey guys! Just an issue I'm running into in my current game. Basically, I like three things - TAC Life Support! Yay! Thanks Taranis, awesome mod! Having multiple planetary bases/space stations. Conducting long range missions to Eeloo, Jool, and more. The problem should be obvious - given that interplanetary trips can take years and years, that means I have to do a large number of resupply missions. I don't mind an occasional one, but just ferrying supplies back and forth to the same bases gets dull. I know MKS/OKS allow for self-sustaining bases and stations, but I'm not quite at that level of fandom yet (I have a doctorate to finish...). What I've been doing is just disabling TAC life support during the big long timewarps - e.g., waiting for transfer windows, and waiting for craft to arrive. But that's immersion breaking, and it also feels cheaty if I have manned interplanetary probes. What would be ideal is to disable TAC for any craft that's classified as a base or a station. Can I do this? (My justification is this: my space program would contract out routine missions like that to third parties, Orbital Sciences/Space X style).
  6. Awesome news on the update! Excited to try this. Regarding my question above, I phrased it badly. What I mean to say is that day/night solar charge-discharge cycles that *would* result in Kerbal deaths when run in-game don't happen when I'm at the Space Center. So if I play through the night, Kerbals die. If I just let the night happen, and I'm on another mission, they live. Does that make sense? Am I doing something wrong, or is this just because it's understandably hard to implement a mechanism whereby the game constantly monitors whether a given ship's solar panels are being illuminated?
  7. Love the mod, but one question. For my bases, if I'm in map view, all's fine, resources, seem to be ticking down normally. But if I leave map view and go there and time warp forward, they run out of electricity and asphyxiate (they have solar panels, about 2000 units of battery power, and 5 kerbals per base). Is this a known issue? Do I really need ~10,000 units of electric charge to get my bases through the night? If so, I hope I unlock RTGs soon!