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  1. I had the same issue with craft simply not being able to lift, both newly built and previously build, in the new FAR version.
  2. I had an issue with not being able to fly (lift off) any planes after going to 15.10, is this why?
  3. No clue. They are basically monoprop engines that also uses electricity, they're sort of a middle ground between monoprop engines and straight ion engines. They have a decent thrust of about 5.5kN with a ISP of 1350. So probably somewhere in the electric propulsion line, but im not sure.
  4. Are the resistojet/arcjet thrusters "supposed" to be in high power electrics? These things are quite.. wild
  5. I like having asteroids on all the time personally. And currently, even when they are on, it can be hard to differ between everything, because it's just tons and tons of white lines. Maybe even having asteroids have a different transparency/opacity on their lines, going even further something like belt asteroids having different colors compared to trojans, etc
  6. I dont know if this has ever been asked, and thus it might be impossible. But i would ki... do big things to be able to have asteroids appear in a different orbital color. It can get irritating when you zoom out in the tracking station and you cant find your probe because of 50000 white lines.
  7. Thanks Spink! Also, if using remotetech, would it make more sense to use the root model? Or is it "supposed" to be so you cant do interplanetary trips before tech 5/6?
  8. The Mun looks really, really odd to me. I can't really put my finger on it, i think its the brightness of it. Is there anyway to disable this mod for a specific body only?
  9. Also have the issue with contracts rapidly being available / locked in missions control.
  10. Hi! I would like to request a mod. Yesterday i was making a Duna rover, and there was no real way to put out tracks from the bay it was in. I could bootstrap together the octagonal struts, but that would make the payload very wide. That's why i would like to request a form of deployable tracks, that go from for an example a 90 degree angle to 25 degree angle.
  11. The WideField survey of Moho contract can give me a reputation plus of 246. Isn't this extremely high? Considering its a simple 1-star contract? I'm on 1.6, could that have an effect on this in any way?
  12. One thing that really grinds my gears is that the impact marker is always enabled by default. Now, running around with a kerbal, it always shows the impact marker, and i can't enter the KER settings/toolbar because kerbals dont have a KER system