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  1. The customer is hardly ever right, most of the time the customer is just a loud mouthed cry baby who throws a temper tantrum when they are told "no"
  2. I wouldn't even waste 5 minutes playing KSP on a console. PC master race all the way, filthy console peasants.
  3. there all clones they have no need for sexual relationships.
  4. if you think the ISRU is 100% needed to go interplanetary in 1.0 you probably are not that good at this game >.> seriously even a grand tour is doable without an ISRU.
  5. There all clones, or inbred take your pick. judging by the way they act i'm gonna go with inbred.
  6. not really a name can be changed for cheaper then 100 grand.
  7. thats how.
  8. Because the game is easy enough without some part mod making it even easier. only mods I use are KER and KAC and even without those I can get anywhere I want in sandbox/career
  9. not really in 1.0 I've done captures and aerobreaks at kerbin with a periapsis of 15k the reentry heat is nothing.
  10. WHy would I feel guilty about dropping a nerva on a digital planet that doesn't have life or even exist?
  11. I never had an issue with command pods melting in 1.0 I had issues with command pods flipping out but that was easily self fixed with some config editing 1.0's reentry wasn't any harder or "realistic" then 1.0.2.
  12. if the game was all about realism wouldnt the orbits of the debris decay over time and deorbit themselves? but they dont so screw wasting time making a tug to deorbit when you can just "rp" blowing up some sort of explosive planted on all debris.
  13. you dont need stage recovery play hard mode career I never try and recover worthless stages(boosters/lifter parts) and I have well over 10million kerbucks and 78% rep if I recalll correctly I'd have to load up the game and double check but recovering dropped stages/debris is never a must.
  14. in .90 I've been to the entire solar system and then some(outer planets mod) in 1.0.x I've been to every planet in the solar system and there moons.
  15. i dunno about you but in 1.0 you just hit the space bar to deploy your chutes and they would stop you instantly from anyspeed from just about anywhere in the atmo. 1.0.2 at least fixed that.