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  1. I’m having some problems with ModuleManger’s dependency checking i.e. PART:NEEDS[MyMod]. It seems to be detecting RemoteTech when it’s not there. This problem seems to affect various different mods. ModuleManger detects mods based on mod.dll and mod folder which makes sense. However, it also detects installed mods using FOR[mod]: and I don’t get why this is. Having a config file with FOR[RemoteTech] doesn’t seem to be a reasonable way of detecting the presence of a mod. You can have :FOR[mod]: without that particular mod being installed. I have confirmed this is the problem I the log file: [ModuleManager] compiling list of loaded mods... Mod DLLs found: Assembly-CSharp v1.0.0.0 SHA256 eb5b74097af27ee46027e4f831df119ff21995f9087a83e7df43112db8db566f ModuleManager.2.6.20 v2.6.20.0 SHA256 5c4aa337f0001bf79eeb2ddfd70bf4eaaed541e32fcf8f53ebc91977481b751d aaa_Toolbar v1.0.0.0 / v1.7.10.0 SHA256 4061829658b34b5de161a3f2016894e577e09b991f7356bd9e2ab1ed48fec378 ActiveTextureManagement v1.0.0.0 SHA256 91f726c3d1db5beda9a65a02852961e3ba8c8fd4362cc5aed35ac073574018c2 LibSquishPort v1.0.0.0 SHA256 25d13923eba685bece70039c0415160cdcc60d655bba7cba2039acbd47a38aeb NvidiaTextureTools v1.0.0.0 SHA256 2a241b82200fe822a4be560ae5c3617b0e8f4c73cbee0b4bfd093b830af1c392 SolverEngines v1.15.0.0 SHA256 3a9bc59cda0805761603075fbfb4255341b768bad73fb40a0381e3612a17c821 AJE v2.6.1.0 SHA256 c5752f0083de87b7711507f040fdd44fbf1db4a5ba3b45cd1751012d276d553f BetterBuoyancy v1.4.0.0 SHA256 20fad5724de581e96f2c017e2291ebbe2c1a13d8ba20c51f13abd7aa96962465 CrossFeedEnabler v0.3.5609.39332 / v0.3.3.0 SHA256 2a383ac2297140fd64a11010c6102960109a916d8f2721b1f9af315bda67586c EngineGroupController v1.0.0.0 SHA256 aa8add95b62b79ea356a44a177b2a01eead3558dd1fc959c714fbd82066229cf UnityGUIFramework v1.0.0.0 SHA256 c3d1f2bce0aa42ca94c59c99a7028b5d876a2bf82adc4133fc5fefbfd4b79642 ModularFlightIntegrator v1.0.0.0 / v1.1.2.0 SHA256 2ebd4574f9570674c1990f453d5db19368d9b69968922baec5b66c983b5a6011 FerramAerospaceResearch v0.15.5.7 SHA256 4e60f5b8ebe50e1969caeca855bf974dd886f94a67006d0d2555567a76ff3533 ferramGraph v1.3.0.0 SHA256 a4bc79e9a2fed81a0ba13d938533305f95e8c17be856f8ec58cb2315259f0534 Scale_Redist v1.0.0.0 SHA256 dab723459654573f4eb11ba5672856d616a683ab30d22547ee0f6edc91b507a8 KerbalJointReinforcement v3.1.4.0 SHA256 9f8b4b1bead2dbfa47fe59d1a0a44c84621cb1d559b91dc4b3cadbacc8603e75 km_Gimbal v3.0.5.0 / v3.0.7.0 SHA256 844ef5af8d195e98aade2b4127107479713f7fcdaa113b4be8c8687e99d33493 Kopernicus.Components v1.0.0.0 SHA256 f58a3876ea2907edb83322123b12ee8aeb7e6e263ea192a28b2e85d24c2fb8f4 Kopernicus.OnDemand v1.0.0.0 SHA256 dba54a01a8690910e0180bab434e1fae4223087f80ea1ad9521452f8637f5c5e Kopernicus v1.0.0.0 SHA256 07e52073e92a65f44342509a63fa083211cacf34166e8f0dff8a0a043055622d KSCSwitcher v1.0.5617.28422 SHA256 ff7fd0737390d86b8cf9806e1b03aa29cd3f57ec70ffba7896717276a8b00445 KSP-AVC v1.1.5.0 SHA256 e7754f6d7c878a18af7dbad5e048b41f8f18abcffaf222cf082c78df3ba8e65e ModuleRCSFX v0.4.5713.33871 / v0.4.2.0 SHA256 56bd508e057b936bbfb1d8c2d9c753be170325833c4d1cc1c9008d15ed2bc764 RealChute v1.3.5878.4668 / v1.3.2.7 SHA256 754cb83eabf989a3a76ae976515c11e6981f926428a7da32dfffe1b0e03c5915 KSPAPIExtensions v1.7.5.0 SHA256 426ede61f65241ad57aa6ac0998d5e5024d87e867dd5dcf493b36e7b6f62aa28 RealFuels v0.10.8.4809 / v0.10.8.5 SHA256 d806f426fa1894e65c90f9d01c0497424b638ac78ed5bab7845d9127524ce4d6 Scale_Redist v1.0.0.0 SHA256 dab723459654573f4eb11ba5672856d616a683ab30d22547ee0f6edc91b507a8 TweakScale_RealFuels v0.0.0.0 SHA256 d16007176aac06d2d6ad76040455b1c011a8b7fbfab77140572fcd24fdc5dd53 RealHeat v0.3.0.0 SHA256 edc3d636329c2a54ecf025e7173d368d716c0e5632ea5bcd3909899c9c00984f MiniAVC v1.0.3.0 SHA256 3a74237363b4c9739208c0420ecc04ead93f10bed39e82acad822317ffe04cc3 RealismOverhaul v0.10.6.0 SHA256 f03d766a2262d31e459932a5d36a8f6576b724dd458a762dfe9e0b71738a300c RealSolarSystem v0.10.6.2 SHA256 a7bdb9913e50395b55ca38f2df37db4df98bc214d09798eb0ead64d6fdbceeaf System.Core v2.0.5.0 / v3.0.40818.0 SHA256 7dc2fa1eb3f1ee31f6732f93ada6a67058d21bab7c00cd682ae4fbd3639f427a System v2.0.5.0 / v3.0.40818.0 SHA256 9b4ea8a0b7ed5aafc4532f7964434b6fd29a76e57e51d8712e6e47764ae2e35f SmokeScreen v2.6.13.0 SHA256 0ecb7778d4fb79195d495220bff79c60b0e9fe471bc9bed08a341e5c5337b482 ModuleAnimateEmissive v1.0.0.0 SHA256 523570ea252d53862ab5bd62b0a7da79f27e59125e71b9875ac4d417e2104080 KSPSteamCtrlr v0.0.1.26 SHA256 8876e843f666921615bac364f6ba8d32718a64a78c9a4f7b1308463e13731206 Steamworks.NET v8.0.0.0 / v8.0.0 SHA256 b4fa7e94456ecde38d86855364b5b957796ac67c210c44b1782243884247b90e Non-DLL mods added (:FOR[xxx]): aaa_AJE RealPlume EngineGroupContoller aaa zRORescaleDragCubes zTestFlight RealismOverhaulEngines RO-EngineConfigs RP-0 zzRealPlume StockRealismPLUS RO-RCS SSTU RemoteTech <------------------RemoteTech detected when not installed zRealPlume RSSConfig Mods by directory (sub directories of GameData): 000_Toolbar BritishRockets CommunityResourcePack Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal RSS-Textures Squad This is a real problem If you have Realism Overhaul installed because RemoteTech is not a dependency only a recommended mod but RO comes with many FOR[RemoteTech] in its configs. Mods with NEEDS[RemoteTech] then remove stock antenna functionality with: !MODULE[ModuleDataTransmitter] { }
  2. Is it just me or has the last update/s to real fuels broken loads of mods. Whenever I launch a new vessel the tanks include both the real fuels and regular ksp liquid fuel / oxidizer even though I have purposefully removed them. Also the dry mass of tanks seems wrong its using regular ksp mass values rather than rss/ro. This seems to affect at least FASA, the laztek SpaceX mod and a mod I'm currently working on.
  3. Thanks that worked. I'm not sure why I had hotrockets installed instead of real plumes though, did this dependency change?
  4. When I try updating Realism Overhaul its says: The following inconsistencies were found: HotRockets conflicts with RealPlume v0.0, can't install both. but I don't have RealPlume v0.0 installed only hotrockets. Also when I try updating far its says: Could not find a part of the path 'D:\Kerbal Space Program (realism overhall)\Ships\@thumbs\SPH\FAR Blitzableiter.png'. even though this path appears to work fine.
  5. I'm having the same problem drill is overheating before even being used on minmus.
  6. I don't think its a coincidence that the kerbals are clearly named after Apollo 10 backup crew and that altitude over the Mun is Apollo 10 closest at 15.6 km. This clearly maps to a specific date May 22nd. May be they used the backup crew to make it less obvious it was Apollo 10. Not sure about the countdown, yesterday 11 boosters today 10 for Apollo 10? Is that clear enough for a countdown. May be the boosters are a clock face which would make it 8. May be the countdown is for the competition not the release date.
  7. The picture is of Apollo 10 for some reason with backup crew at their closest approach to the Moon which was at May 22 21:29:43 UTC . So I guess that's the release date, its a Friday so it makes sense.