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  1. Drat. And that's a good start, I suppose. Though, what, I'll have to walk the active vessel and target orbits and check distance? That's O(n^2), potentially. Also, that seems to contradict the stock "closest approach" on occasion. Do I really have to reinvent the wheel to that extent, though? The game does basically what I want already to display the closest approach(es).
  2. The porkchop plot doesn't seem to be working (dev build [EXC 12:52:32.407] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object MuMech.OrbitExtensions.SwappedOrbitNormal (.Orbit o) MuMech.OrbitExtensions.RelativeInclination (.Orbit a, .Orbit MuMech.OperationInterplanetaryTransfer.MakeNodeImpl (.Orbit o, Double UT, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) MuMech.Operation.MakeNode (.Orbit o, Double universalTime, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) MuMech.Operation:MakeNode(Orbit, Double, MechJ
  3. That's what I figured, unfortunately. Meh, I guess I'll live with the stock SAS for now.
  4. Is there a faster way to do incremental changes to a plugin then compiling, starting KSP, testing, shutting down KSP, making changes, repeat? I cannot reload the plugin because the dll is locked so I cannot copy the new version over to reload it. I'm spending more time reloading KSP than actually doing plugin dev currently. Also: is there a way to get the closest approach of a vessel to a target, including maneuver node(s)?
  5. That mod does a whole lot more than just replace SAS, unfortunately. It makes a whole lot of other changes. If I wanted that level of automated control, I'd just use MechJeb. It also is active-craft-only.
  6. I wish there was a decoupler that had an integrated sepatron.
  7. Exactly the title. I'm looking for a mod (probably a plugin + MM config) that modifies SAS control so that the standard SAS mode actually tries to, say, hold the heading you locked in when you enabled it. None of the wishy-washy "let's give up and just slide" business, which makes it utterly useless for pretty much anytime I would want it for atmospheric work. (In particular with spaceplane reentry - "Let's go from a 45 degree angle of attack to -5 in 5 seconds! Because that's what he really wanted, right? Right? ...what are those flames doing there?". A small component of that is just absolut
  8. Except that a) it doesn't even work for that, and I'm talking about spaceplanes which have no problems with not breaking apart under manual control. A better option would be to have reaction wheel (and RCS) control strength tweakable, and always have SAS actually try to point in the right direction. And ideally, have top-level pilots automatically prioritize reactions wheels over RCS when possible. But that is another topic. - - - Updated - - - It seems to have to do with how much external forcing there is. On a direction with little-to-no control input required once things settle down, it's
  9. The best radiator I've found, mass for mass, is the structural intake, of all things. Beats everything else I've tried, hands down. Lot of parts, though.
  10. My ideal controls for a VTOL: Translational controls affect target velocity in each axis. Rotational controls affect target orientation for SAS. Throttle changes override vertical axis control, changing it to a target vertical height instead. Or perhaps a hotkey instead to swap between vertical speed mode and vertical height mode.
  11. I find that it tends to be absurdly Kracken-baity, until/unless I toggle the bay doors. Then it's fine until the next time Physics loads. (For instance, quickloading or popping out of warp.) It's weird.
  12. Well, for that to apply we first need it to actually be a PID controller. Currently it isn't - as can be evidenced by the fact that it'll drift and stay that way. Said drifting making the standard "hold orientation" almost useless almost always, unfortunately. For instance, with spaceplane reentries you can't simply hold 45 degrees any more - over time it'll slip down to less angle of attack and stay there even though it has the torque to make it most of the way there if not all. It also holds an absolute alignment as opposed to body-relative, which means you have to make constant corrections
  13. I find the combination of radial attachments being insanely draggy (even when clipped), the rearmost part in a stack causing large amounts of drag even at supersonic speeds, and rockets being wobbly... not the best, shall I say. Fuel lines in particular. I wish the stock drag model did proper / reasonable part occlusion. Nothing fancy, just a check when parts change. Or at the very minimum struts and fuel lines didn't cause such absurd amounts of drag - struts are workarounds for engine limitations after all, and IRL you generally route fuel lines through the interior of the craft, if at all.
  14. I just did a dump of part drag coefficients in standard configuration as OhioBob described. Note that not all parts are here - some, like the LV-N, are more complex. First number is frontal area, second drag coeff. 0.5277259 0.06571814 SEMIDEPLOYED Mk16 Parachute 0.08583698 0.07227632 Default AV-T1 Winglet 0.53627 0.09626622 Default Big-S Wing Strake 9.336478 0.1339481 SEMIDEPLOYED Mk16-XL Parachute 3.890279 0.1524063 A Communotron 88-88 1.108058 0.1574683 SEMIDEPLOYED Mk25 Parachute 0.1469518 0.1860022 neutral Standard Canard 2.62683 0.1961128 SEMIDEPLOYED Mk2-R Radial-Mount Parachut
  15. I, for one, would appreciate if the "must be recovered" part be configurable. Stock contracts are, after all.
  16. My 2 cents? I agree with Foxster. I don't mind some of the nerfs. But I think they swung too far in the direction of "this is the one and only thing to use in this situation" - and it doesn't even do that well. There are multiple engines I haven't even bothered buying because their only vaguely decent use is in such a niche role that it's not worth it.
  17. I am slightly alarmed by the 0.18% of water that's land, myself. Can you dump coordinates of water in land biomes, and vice versa?
  18. I'm looking for a way to remove the fairing's whole "Cannot activate part while stowed" thing. I don't like it, especially as it makes no sense to me for (for example) an engine to not be able to burn out of an open end of a fairing, or an accelerometer not work. That sort of thing is already handled elsewhere and better. I looked through the config files, but it turns out it's not done there, so plugin time, yay. But wait, there's more! Turns out, it's not even done in ModuleCargoBay, it's actually checked by the parts themselves. So... I cannot think of a better way of doing this than adding
  19. I find it really annoying, personally. But meh, easy enough to disable. It's just another thing on my list of settings to change whenever I start a new version. Fullscreen, full resolution, 60fps, no vsync, texture quality full, rover controls set to translational controls, external camera shake to 0, internal camera shake to 0.1. Maybe tweak graphics settings to see what works best.
  20. Now if only I could lock it to prograde. Curse you early career mode!
  21. Please do not switch to Curse. It's killed other communities before.
  22. The hard sci-fi way of doing this would be to do the following: 1. Drill out the long axis of the asteroid 2. Inject water (ice?) 3. Slowly spin asteroid 4. Heat up until asteroid melts and expands into a balloon-like shape 5. Wait for asteroid to cool 6. Spin up asteroid and plug any holes. Bonus points if you use the same solar sail you used to heat up the asteroid to move it later.
  23. I hope. But the number of things in Minecraft that were shelved and then forgotten about...
  24. *sigh* This is starting to remind me of Minecraft, and not in a good way. Don't work on a feature for a while, get frustrated, and switch to some new and more flashy feature without dealing with the old one first. If Squad is worried about resources being too grindy, release a semi-official mod with the content and see what people think. But don't just abandon it, please. It's such an essential prerequisite of so many other things.
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