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  1. AJE Extended Configs

    Again, sorry for the delay. I've been ill, back to work tomorrow after a month off, got huge amounts to catch up on. Hopefully, I'll be able to shuffle this into the mix soonish. Camlost has also mentioned that they're working on rotor code, so I may be able to add rotors in soon!
  2. AJE Extended Configs

    It's pretty easy, you just need to add a config patch for each intake part that adds the tweak for the correct type of intake: Pitot tube, just a basic subsonic intake: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <put intake area here> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/description$ } } Fixed cone intakes, early style super sonic: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/description$ } } Adjustable super sonic, like the self adjusting intakes on concorde: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/description$ } } Diverterless supersonic inlet, state of the art supersonic intakes like those used on the F22 and F35 @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/title$ inletDescription = #$@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/description$ } } ----------- Updates are a little behind, I'm rushed off my feet at the moment. I'm in a stage show and have a book full of lines to learn and not much time for anything else :/.
  3. AJE Extended Configs

    Thanks. I've been wanting to move aircraft engines to their own categories for awhile. I have a lot of engine mods installed, so scrolling through a million Jets for one rocket, or vice versa, is less than fun. Yes, for some reason the configs weren't being applied, it took a complete rewrite and a different method of applying the settings to get them to work. I also caught another engine that had the same problem. I've fixed it in my dev version, but the engine effects are messed up. As soon as I've worked out how to get them working I'll release.
  4. AJE Extended Configs

    That's, strange. The multimode engine modules should be removed and the engine does have afterburner configured. I.e. it should work like all the other engines. I'll check and see whats going on. I'll try to get it done for the next release.
  5. AJE Extended Configs

    I wanted to try and place the new categories right under the engines category, but I don't think it's possible :-/. If anyone doesn't want the categories deleting or removing the .cfg extension from the file "gamedata/ajeextended/Categories.cfg" will get rid of them.
  6. AJE Extended Configs

    It's probably good practice to use "needs" instead of "for" anyway, I'll convert them for the next release.
  7. Yeah the patch fixes it :-). I'll try and submit it to FAR.
  8. Removing the "disc_placeholder" mesh from the model and swapping it for "disc" in the config fixes the voxilization problem, but also breaks the propeller animation. Knowing the problem I was able to write this patch for FAR: @PART[fokkerprop]:AFTER[FerramAerospaceResearch] { @MODULE[GeometryPartModule] { %forceUseColliders = True } } It prevents FAR from using any geometry to voxilization. Testing it the plane no longer tops out at 60mph and doesn't have huge levels of drag. It also doesn't generate the huge disc of voxels.
  9. I might be in danger of not being your favorite person @blackheart612, but the 9J "Baron" Rotary Engine is still generating too much drag . FAR is still screwing up the voxel generation somewhere. I was at a loss, everything looked right until I flew a craft and then brought it back into the hangar and voxilized again: Voxilize before flight or remove the engine and readd, everything looks correct. Voxilize after and it looks like the above. I've tested it with a whole bunch of the other engines and they all look fine both before and after flight, so it's only an issue with this one. I'm at a loss to explain why, but it looks like for some reason FAR voxilizes the prop effect disc in flight, but only for this engine! So it looks like the hollow collider wasn't the problem, sorry... EDIT: When I get a chance I'mm going to try and look at the model and configs and compare them to the other engines to try and work out what might be causing this.
  10. "The only wheels that reached that hit that sort of speed in the real world are those used on the ThrustSSC for its land speed record attempts. That took place in a perfectly flat area with precision engineered wheels that had to hold up to enormous forces: A normal wheel would explode just from the force of rotation at those speeds, let alone hitting a bump. 100m/s is 223mph, that's fast for landing an aircraft, it's well over the top speed of most production sports cars, and far in excess of anything that goes "off-road". So 100m/s is a bit OP for industrial wheels, let alone 300m/s. Playing with FAR and AJE most of my planes don't hit 300m/s in flight. Landing speed is usually no higher than 80m/s if I can help it.
  11. [1.3] KerBalloons v0.4.2 - Balloons for KSP!

    @CCKExtraFilterConfig:NEEDS[CCK,KerBalloons] { Item { name = KerBalloons tag = KerBalloons selectedIcon = KerBalloons/Textures/KBIconSelected normalIcon = KerBalloons/Textures/KBIconNormal } } @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleKerBalloon]]:NEEDS[KerBalloons]:FINAL { @category = none @tags = #$tags$ KerBalloons &tags = KerBalloons } The above creates a KerBalloons category and populates it with KerBalloon parts if Community Category Kit is installed.
  12. MAD - Aerospace Parts (v0.5) KSP 1.3.0

    I haven't completely forgotten this mod, I'm just a little stuck with motivation/ability for modular cockpits, which is the next step on the road map for this mod. Anyway I am still working on it and there are some updates ready, although only a few patches and bug fixes this time. I've also moved to github because of problems with spacedock, at least for the time being. I'll try and get these changes replicated to ckan ASAP. DOWNLOAD Moved to github. Fixed AJE compatibility.Added Tweakscale compatibility.Added window reflections if TextureReplacer Replaced is present.Removed test models.
  13. AJE Extended Configs

    I'm having a fair few problems with spacedock at the moment (certificates out of date and can't upload changes) so I've deleted the mod there and added it to github instead. I'll try and add it to ckan manually. It looks like the latest version of AJE changed the definition of basic air intakes from "pilottube" to "pitottube". Now fixed and can be downloaded from github: DOWNLOAD
  14. AJE Extended Configs

    At the moment the configs for Airplane Plus are the same. In future, though updates will go here, so those configs can be considered depreciated. At the moment I'm back using FAR. I did have some stock configs which I used for flying, but they didn't work for spacecraft. Returning capsules would plough into the ground. I think it's because drag cubes don't multiply drag enough for flat capsules, so settings that were good for pointy aircraft didn't work for ballistic re-entry. Plus the reasons I'd moved away from FAR were resolved. One of the big ones was the runway: planes are much less likely to hit a three-foot wall and explode between runway segments now, so I don't need custom configs that allow me to lift planes in a short run.
  15. [1.3.1Beta 2 ]Kerbal Aircraft Expansion _Continued v2.7.1beta

    I've added KAX AJE configs along with the sound patch to a small mod if anyone is interested: