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  1. I'm not sure what your point is. I was talking about why it's unlikely that KSP 2 will upscale the universe from stock KSP scale. What does this have to do with that?
  2. You get that reduction in a universe that's already scaled to 10% as stock KSP is, was my point. Why scale the universe to a larger size to then scale it back down? It makes more sense to keep the stock scale and distances. That way while reducing travel times you're also keeping the vast difference between interstellar and interplanetary distances intact.
  3. I'm not sure I see the point in increasing the universe scale and decreasing it at the same time. Why not just keep everything at a consistent scale? I suspect colonies aren't built from parts. The way I'd do it is allow the creation of PQS statics by the player, so rather than slapping down colony parts you "build" a static by gathering local resources and building them on the surface from an editor like interface.
  4. If there's automated station keeping it might not be so bad. It would give a reason to decomission satellites and replace them with newer models at least. Having said that, I doubt there'll be N-Body physics.
  5. I've sunk thousands of hours into KSP, I got the original game early access but paid full price for the DLCs. All told I've had my moneys worth several times over, even if I'd paid full release money for the base game, which I didn't. I don't understand this expectation of discounts and getting stuff for free. Most veteran players have got more playtime out of this game than people get out of most £50-60 AAA titles at a fraction of the cost. We've had plenty for the developers time already.
  6. Well, yeah. But it wouldn't be fun in a game and you're immediately removing kerballed missions to the stars.
  7. Can't do intestellar travel on chemical rockets, even at one tenth scale.
  8. I would personally like large planets, I play exclusively on a 10x scale. But, I doubt it because it'll make things much harder just reaching space. If they're adding in intestellar travel you've got vast distances added there, so it would seem to be unlikely they'd increase planet scale as well.
  9. Presumably it would be a good idea to delete those variables when they're no longer needed then?
  10. I've just noticed that I'm getting warnings like: [LOG 12:43:31.423] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'AirplanePlus/Parts/Engine/Early/51/part/AJEE_NapierLion_Prop' [WRN 12:43:31.428] PartLoader Warning: Variable base_diameter not found in Part [WRN 12:43:31.428] PartLoader Warning: Variable AJEE_thrustTransformName not found in Part Spammed for every part AJEE loads. This is strange because: A) I know those variables are in the parts, I put them there Defined like this: base_diameter = 1.25 AJEE_thrustTransformName = #$/MODULE[ModuleEngines*]/thrustVectorTransformName$ And used: @rescaleFactor = #$@AJEE_TEMPLATES/AJEE_NAPIERLION/diameter$ @rescaleFactor /= #$@PART[AJEE_NapierLion_Prop]/base_diameter$ ... @MODULE[ModuleEnginesAJEPropeller] { %thrustVectorTransformName = #$../AJEE_thrustTransformName$ } B) The values those variables represent are being applied to the final part. I'm not sure what those warnings are talking about, so I'm a little worried even though everything seems to be working as it should. Is this just part loader throwing spurious warnings because those are custom variables it doesn't understand but modulemanager deals with them as it should? As I say, everything looks like it's working as it should. Just for my own peace of mind I want to know what those warnings are talking about.
  11. I somehow managed to miss out the exotic engines in the last release, so they're now added back in: Download
  12. Bug fixes uploaded. DOWNLOAD I've not checked every engine, just checked the known broken ones and checked a few of the previously working to see if I've broken anything obvious (with over 200 configs it's a big job). If anyone finds any new or existing unsquashed bugs please let me know.