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  1. So it looks like photobucket has decided I can't use it for hosting images. Has anyone got any suggestions for alternatives?
  2. I know, I tend to use the 10x rescale. I was talking about the meme sorry if I wasn't clear.
  3. What's GPP scaled to real size with all the realism mods?
  4. I was planning on sticking with 1.2.2 as well, but last night I raged quit because aircraft either exploded hitting an imaginary bump in the runway (or were launched five hundred feet in the air because hitting a tiny bump at 50mph is totally going to send a 9ton aircraft hurtling straight up like something out of a bad remake of the Dukes of Hazard, amirite?) or fell through the terrain. Apparently, these are issues fixed in 1.3, and since I want to try a more aircraft heavy career game it looks like I might be forced to upgrade.
  5. The mk3 fuselage would be way to big for a WW2 bomber. 1.25m fuselages would be closer than mk3, even mk2 2.5m would be a little on the large side. Bomber cockpits go hand in hand with my plan for extra fuselage form factors though.
  6. Sorry, I thought I'd responded to this... I've been thinking about a cockpit like that, I'm just not sure the best way to do it yet. The problem with just stretching any of the existing cockpits is that you lose the ability to have a sensible IVA. That's really the problem I want to solve with a modular cockpit mod. And to be frank it's not going to be any quicker to get an interim solution together, I just need to stop procrastinating and get on with it :). As far as that goes I'll probably release it as a separate plugin that MAD requires as a dependency. And yeah, Testy McTester Face slipped through on a fault fixing update because somebody was using the production folder for testing... ...I was hoping no one would notice... Thanks WW2 Bomber-inspired cockpits are definitely on the to do list I've not actually got that much work done over the last couple of weeks. I've been playing KSP instead of modding it . I've got a 1.2.2 game set up just right, just in time for the release of 1.3... Anyway, I've at least managed to put together something I've been wanting to get right for a while, an English Electric Lightning inspired interceptor: The Fastish Fantastic Flight Thing.
  7. @Nightside The values in velCurve are points on a bezier curve. The first two points are the location in a 2D plane, the second two define how the curve should be interpolated through that point. If you leave it blank you get a default smoothing between that point and the points either side. Where I've explicitly placed interpolations it's because there's a big change, if you leave the default smoothing the curve drops below zero between 0.17 and 0.218, meaning the engine cuts out then restarts between those two. I.e. the curves look like this without those extra two values: And like this with them: Notice the trough on the first curve.
  8. Something I did just realise: Although negative fuel flow/negative Horse power is obviously something wrong, negative prop thrust isn't. If the throttle is low enough the prop should be acting as an airbrake more than a propeller.
  9. I've had similar problems with some props I've configured. I can't really remember what the problem was, but I'm fairly sure it was a matter of otherwise seemingly ok settings interacting badly. I ended up getting known good settings from another config and trying to alter them to be closer to the engine I was trying to model without also causing negative thrust/fuel etc. That's pretty vague I know. Hopefully one of the developers who know more about the mods internal workings can shed some more light.
  10. Yep, I added: FARAnimOverride { moduleName = ModuleAJEJetAnimateNozzleArea animNameField = animationName } FARAnimOverride { moduleName = ModuleAJEJetAnimateAfterburner animNameField = animationName } FARAnimOverride { moduleName = ModuleAJEJetAnimateExhaustHeat animNameField = animationName } Into FARAnimOverrides.cfg and the revoxilisation has vanished. Good call thanks.
  11. Congrats on the release. I've been testing and noticed that with AJE engines seem to cause FAR to constantly revoxilize. I've only played around a bit, but everytime I place a craft on the runway with an AJE configured Jet I get performance issues and revoxlizing messages in the console. Same craft minus the engine and I get no messages. Is this likely to be a far issue or an AJE issue? [LOG 00:17:03.170] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:03.237] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924555692500613 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.248901981287 filled vol: 12.7334084139059 [LOG 00:17:04.185] Unpacking FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:04.859] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:04.918] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924601218369 [LOG 00:17:04.946] Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.265317756287 filled vol: 12.7285682342841 [LOG 00:17:05.189] [Progress Node Reached]: Landing [LOG 00:17:05.189] [Progress Node Complete]: Landing [LOG 00:17:06.565] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:06.616] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924592113284988 [LOG 00:17:06.645] Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.262034601287 filled vol: 12.7291872165651 [LOG 00:17:08.245] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:08.308] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924596418795419 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.263587100938 filled vol: 12.7293298353944 [LOG 00:17:09.966] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:10.016] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924596559959525 [LOG 00:17:10.067] Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.263638002566 filled vol: 12.7284065205072 [LOG 00:17:11.654] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:11.733] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924596524668499 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.263625277159 filled vol: 12.7284023052713 [LOG 00:17:13.320] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:13.383] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924596454086446 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.263599826345 filled vol: 12.7284373670297 [LOG 00:17:15.028] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:15.094] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924599242075504 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.264605133496 filled vol: 12.7285142302196 [LOG 00:17:16.727] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:16.774] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924600583132035 [LOG 00:17:16.822] Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.265088698961 filled vol: 12.7303096112168 [LOG 00:17:17.567] [Kopernicus] New object found near Ciro: Ast. NFK-889! [LOG 00:17:17.567] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probablility is 35%) [LOG 00:17:17.586] FARVesselAero on Ast. NFK-889 (unloaded) reporting startup [LOG 00:17:18.467] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:18.525] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924593595511022 [LOG 00:17:18.576] Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.26256906838 filled vol: 12.7302306941272 [LOG 00:17:20.159] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:20.221] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924597618689982 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.264019764775 filled vol: 12.7284652714464 [LOG 00:17:21.858] Updating vessel voxel for FAR-ieee [LOG 00:17:21.935] Voxel Element CrossSection Area: 0.00924598183345977 Std dev for smoothing: 3 voxel total vol: 222.264223371287 filled vol: 12.728521585983
  12. Updated and tested with KSP version 1.3.0.
  13. I've been toying with the idea of making models of real jet engine, designed specifically for use with AJE. Especially some older turbojets like the Rolls Royce Nene. I know there's not a great variation in how Jets look, but it would be nice to have them not all using the same model :P. It seems to me that AJE deserves its own models anyway.
  14. I've updated the AJE configs: I'll try and configure the rotors soon.
  15. Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean? Do you mean spines designed to fit on the side of Mk2 fuselage?