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  1. I was just wondering if anyone had tested this and got it to work? I've been trying to get map decals to work on a Kopernicus/Sigma rescaled Kerbin and they don't seem to be applied. ETA: Tried installing to a test game. Without Kopernicus map decals work fine, with it they don't work. EETA: Ignore that, it does work, it just seems to need some tweaking and playing with.
  2. Citizen247

    KSR Airports for Kerbinside Remastered

    Would you mind if I had a go at adjusting your bases to work for a resized Kerbin? Also, am I right in noticing that your bases have the placement location flattened? How do you do that? It's the one thing that's been driving me nuts trying to get my own bases working on rescaled Kerbin.
  3. Sorry it's been awhile. I've tried it in a minimal install and the problem doesn't appear to be present, so it looks like a mod interaction. I'll try and chase it down and let you know.
  4. I'll try and put something together ASAP. I'll probably set up a minimally modded install in a bit. I think it might be a problem with the small landing gear, as they seem to hover higher off the ground than others as well:
  5. The first craft I noticed the problem on used an ALG for the front gear as well.
  6. I'm having a strange problem with the ALG in 1.4.3: This is a test aircraft with Airplane Plus landing gear. Exactly the same aircraft with just the rear gear swapped: The gear seem to have uneven stress, causing the plane to tip to one side and it starts to spin on the runway.
  7. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    The F119 has a known problem that is partially fixed in testing, but I'm having trouble fixing the effects. I'll take a look at the cfm56, I thought that was pulled from the b9 configs actually, but I might be wrong. At the moment my testing install has corrupted so I'm sort of waiting for things to stabilise for 1.4, as I don't have a huge amount of time to setup multiple versions.
  8. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    With stock you set maximum and minimum thrust levels and provide curves that determine the thrust dependent on speed and atmospheric density. In aje you provide engine parameters and Max thrust (with Max thrust being static thrust, so isn't necessarily the maximum thrust the engine can provide) and everything else is determined by the simulation. To my knowledge there's not a lot I can do about high idle thrust, it's down to AJE itself and would best be flagged as a bug there. I agree that the high bypass turbofans tend to have way too high idle thrust, but it seems to be a feature of built in AJE engines as well as mine, so I think it's a problem in AJE itself. If you can give me an idea of the which engines and air intakes are experiencing thrust falloff I can look in to what's causing that. :-)
  9. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    Turbofans do have high idle thrust. It's a feature of AJE. As AJE is a physics-based simulation, maximum thrust is dependent on the situation the engine is operating in. The only time I've come across Turdojets losing thrust at speed has been down to problems with air-intakes getting chocked due to misaligned intake transforms, or air intakes not properly aligned with the airflow.
  10. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    Again, sorry for the delay. I've been ill, back to work tomorrow after a month off, got huge amounts to catch up on. Hopefully, I'll be able to shuffle this into the mix soonish. Camlost has also mentioned that they're working on rotor code, so I may be able to add rotors in soon!
  11. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    It's pretty easy, you just need to add a config patch for each intake part that adds the tweak for the correct type of intake: Pitot tube, just a basic subsonic intake: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <put intake area here> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/title$ inletDescription = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/PitotTube/description$ } } Fixed cone intakes, early style super sonic: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/title$ inletDescription = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/FixedCone/description$ } } Adjustable super sonic, like the self adjusting intakes on concorde: @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/title$ inletDescription = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/AdjustableSupersonic/description$ } } Diverterless supersonic inlet, state of the art supersonic intakes like those used on the F22 and F35 @PART[<Intake part name>]:FOR[AJE] { @MODULE[ModuleResourceIntake] { @name = AJEInlet Area = <Intake area> #@AJE_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/TPRCurve {} inletTitle = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/title$ inletDescription = #[email protected]_TPR_CURVE_DEFAULTS/DSI/description$ } } ----------- Updates are a little behind, I'm rushed off my feet at the moment. I'm in a stage show and have a book full of lines to learn and not much time for anything else :/.
  12. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    Thanks. I've been wanting to move aircraft engines to their own categories for awhile. I have a lot of engine mods installed, so scrolling through a million Jets for one rocket, or vice versa, is less than fun. Yes, for some reason the configs weren't being applied, it took a complete rewrite and a different method of applying the settings to get them to work. I also caught another engine that had the same problem. I've fixed it in my dev version, but the engine effects are messed up. As soon as I've worked out how to get them working I'll release.
  13. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    That's, strange. The multimode engine modules should be removed and the engine does have afterburner configured. I.e. it should work like all the other engines. I'll check and see whats going on. I'll try to get it done for the next release.
  14. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    I wanted to try and place the new categories right under the engines category, but I don't think it's possible :-/. If anyone doesn't want the categories deleting or removing the .cfg extension from the file "gamedata/ajeextended/Categories.cfg" will get rid of them.
  15. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    It's probably good practice to use "needs" instead of "for" anyway, I'll convert them for the next release.