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  1. I didn't see that post, for some reason the whole latest page didn't show up when I posted last time. Still though finding a gfx card for the money posted outside of second hand/eBay is going to be a struggle. The only reason I suggested a 1050 is because it's about the only card you could reliably get for the money suggested. I'm in the UK though, so I can only judge based on prices here, perhaps GPUs are significantly cheaper elsewhere? It wouldn't surprise me, the number of times I've seen computer parts listed as the same price in dollars and pounds... As I said I'd look for a 970 or 1060 minimum. I currently run a 1080ti though, so YMMV. Not wanting to start an argument, but I personally no longer recommend AMD graphics cards for two reasons: Firstly from what I've seen their price to performance isn't particularly good, even with the Nvidia tax. Further, AMD keeps releasing the same GPU over and over again with only slight MHz bumps as new cards. Secondly, my experience with AMD graphics cards hasn't been great. I used them pretty exclusively for many years, since before the AMD buyout of ATI in fact. And I have a stack of dead graphics cards that just decided to stop working one day to prove it. It makes me wary of AMD cards for the time being. Obviously AMD have been putting their R&D budget into Zen, which is a great architecture that actually gives Intel some proper competition. It means that AMD graphics cards have fallen behind over the last few generations though. I'm personally hoping the success of Zen gives AMD the resources to give Nvidia a proper run for their money in the gfx sphere. If/when they do I'll re-evaluate.
  2. For that sort of money I'd check eBay. You should be able to pick something up in a Nvidia 1050 for that sort of money. Though I'd personally look for a 970 or 1060 if you can find one for a workable price.
  3. I've found that the scrubber in the our only works for a short period (a few days). If you add the external part to a service module it seems to work well though.
  4. I had to downgrade to 3.1.3. With 4.0.0 it appeared to work but I found Kerbalism didn't add itself to command modules properly.
  5. I've noticed that as well. With an older version there's over 30,000 patches. With 4.0.1 there's 26,000.
  6. Good catch. That makes sense, I just installed the latest module manager and didn't think to remove it. So it looks like the latest kerbalism and the latest module manager don't like each other.
  7. Good idea. I just did that and the problem is gone :/. ETA: I've also noticed since rolling back to the earlier version that memory usage has been cut in half.
  8. Check if CryoTanks is installed, I seem to remember that was a problem and at least used to be bundled with Near Future. I think it's a pseudo resource so internal to Kerbalism. Which makes it even more curious that it suddenly stops working.
  9. Me too, it literally just started today as well. I'd installed Bluedog pruned some parts with JanitorsCloset then restarted and Kerbalism stopped working in the editor. I removed the new mods and undid the pruning and it still doesn't work, so I'm somewhat at a loss to understand what's going on. I get this error spammed to the log though: So it's complaining about a missing resource definition, but I have no idea what that resource may be, nor why it's suddenly missing.
  10. If you'd fried your motherboard you'd not get any screen output. Depending on boot order setup trying to boot from IPX4 sounds like PXE boot, which usually happens if the machine can't find a bootable drive. The best first step in diagnostics would be to strip the machine down to barebones, remove all peripherals except keyboard mouse and monitor (USB devices can interfere with the BIOS, especially if they're misbehaving). Pull everything inside the case except for one stick of memory and the CPU. No drives. If you have integrated graphics remove the GFX card and run on integrated if you can. If you can get in the BIOS then start adding internal components and see if it still gets into the BIOS and/or boots the OS once the drives are reinstalled. 9/10 something isn't sitting right or you've forgotten to plug the power in. Generally, with static damage, the board fails a few months later as well.
  11. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    Not that I know of. The patch that moves the engines in this requires AJE because it looks for aje engine modules. I'm not entirely sure how you'd do it with stock without manually assigning each engine a category. If I think of something I'll let you know.
  12. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    I'm currently writing the engine config templates so if you can provide the information as per the op: I'll see what I can do.
  13. I need to create module definitions to drop into several different parts but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm getting these errors: [ModuleManager] Can't find nodeType:MODULE [ModuleManager] Error - Can not find the node to paste in @PART[AJEETemp_TurboJet] : #@AJEE_Jet_Engine_Templates/@MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] With this code: AJEE_Jet_Engine_Templates { @MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX] { %flameoutEffectName = flameout %powerEffectName = power_dry %engageEffectName = engage %disengageEffectName = disengage %spoolEffectName = running_dry } } and PART[test] { #@AJEE_Jet_Engine_Templates/@MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX]{} } Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong?
  14. Citizen247

    AJE Extended Configs

    Hi All. I've not forgotten this! I'm currently working on a complete overhaul using templates for the parts to try and streamline everything and make it a bit more fault tolerant. It's turning out to be a bit more difficult than I thought though, so might take a little while.