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  1. Ah, thanks . I must have missed that one
  2. There already are a few failure mods, the biggest one being DangIt!. The only problem that I've got with that mod is that you can't lower the chance of Failures happening. So I would suggest a expansion or a new mod, that reduces failure rate with every Launch of the part, which would add more sense to testing Engines or Capsules with unmanned launches. Hope someone makes this, or if this somehow already exists just tell me . (I don't know if this thread title is correct, if anyone has a better name just tell me)
  3. This is a really useful mod, I'm gonna add this one to my default mods list!
  4. For me, it was building a rocket that actually got into orbit. In the beginning, about 1 in 5 rockets got into orbit, and none of those had enough fuel to return to Kerbin.
  5. I've only had that happen once to me when I had a huge rocket in the VAB which stopped me from building. I couldn't get rid of it, so I started a new savegame . Good luck trying to get rid of that thing
  6. I'd really love to try version 0.3. The GUI looks really cool on that version
  7. Good job, mate! (I wish I could build Rovers as good as that one)
  8. Ok, this is an awesome story. Can't wait for Chapter IV!
  9. This is reaaaally creepy. Thanks for my new nightmare.
  10. Getting into orbit the first time without cheats. My first big achievement in KSP.
  11. Yes, I am using the 64-bit version of KSP. Thanks for replying! Also nice to hear you also checking the KeRD interface for any bugs! I presonally prefer MkON because of the modularity. Sadly chrisnic/Sli doesn't seem to update it anymore.
  12. I just installed Telemachus with the mkon Interface mod. After a while the mod stopped working, even after multiple reinstalls of the mod and KSP. I also tried it without mkon, but that also didn't help. The Telemachus anntena open link function doesn't work, and it's Up- and Down Link Rate are constantly at 0bit/s. According to the wiki, I should just look for some IP's in the Debug menu, but I couldn't find any there. What I found though was: [Log]: [Telemachus] Unable to open the data link. Please try to edit the Telemachus configuration file manually I then edited the config.xml in /GameData/Telemachus/Plugins/PluginData/Telemachus to make the <string name="IPADDRESS">-1</string> say <string name="IPADDRESS"></string>This also didn't fix this. I only found two other different piece of text in the debug menu that looked kinda unusual, which were: [Log]: [Telemachus] at Servers.AsynchronousServer.Server.startListening () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Servers.MinimalHTTPServer.Server.startServing () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at Telemachus.TelemachusBehaviour.startDataLink () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [Log]: [Telemachus] Unable to find bind to address. I don't know if this normal, but I thought it could maybe help. I am using Linux Kubuntu 15.04 64-bit. EDIT: I managed fixing the problem temporarily by repeatedly restarting my computer, but a official fix (If possible) would be appreciated.
  13. This looks quite interesting.
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