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  1. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    New craft will be made shortly. Ran into a Technical Program with a Company that refuses to help with there program.
  2. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    5 New Vessels/Craft have been uploaded to KerbalX with Pics. Power Station Mk1 SB (Surface Based) Power Station Mk3 Space Station Mk1 Storage Space Station Mk1 Scan Multispectral Sensor Probe (Can be reconfigured) All Vessels have Descriptions which can also be located on our github wiki.
  3. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Currently also working on Probe for Scanning using ScanSat
  4. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    New vessel is currently being worked on. The Power Station Mk3 is in testing phase at the moment and will be rolled out here soon.
  5. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Forgot to add refueling port to all Sats and other craft that will not have a docking port. Will fix and upload an updated version of the craft to KerbalX later today
  6. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    I do have a github page that i track all of my different projects; Go here to see any updates to my projects. If, you have a problem with a vehicle please post an issue(s) on my github page. If, i can fix it i will. If, not i'll alert the author of the mod that is causing problems. Also, Please post with issue all relevant information so that i/we can recreate the issue and fix said problem. Thanks. FYI, I have not moved into creating my own vessels/parts of my own. i use what i have in game. I will look into this later.
  7. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Finished uploading Our New Science Rover Mk1. Please be Aware that all craft that i create are with mods that have not been updated by there respected Authors in awhile. Several of the Mods i have have been Manually installed. Science Rover Mk1 (Front View) Science Rover Mk1 (Left Side View) Science Rover Mk1 (Rear View) Hope you all enjoy!
  8. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Now we have been busy and have Updated 1 of our craft. The Power Station Mk1 that was for KSP v0.90.0 has now been retired but, will still be available on at this link; The original stats for the Power Station Mk1 are; Class: Satellite Type: VAB Mass: 5.27t Cost: 385,762.0 No. of Stages: 1 Crew Capacity: Unmanned Part Count: 32 No. of Struts: 0 Root Part: probeCoreOcto Built in KSP: v0.90.0 Size: 2.38 x 6.86 x 2.39 We might update this vessel in the near-future to bring it up-to-date with the current version of KSP. The Power Station Mk2 has been released for KSP v1.4.5. The Power Station Mk2 was designed just like the Power Station Mk1 but with up-to-date parts and can be found here; The original stats for the Power Station Mk2 are; Class: Satellite Type: VAB Mass: 70.55t Cost: 368,831.0 No. of Stages: 2 Crew Capacity: 6 Part Count: 31 No. of Struts: 0 Root Part: probeStackLarge Built in KSP: 1.4.5 Size: 4.15 x 18.69 x 3.79 **NOTICE** Now this Satellite was released for KSP v1.4.5 but, will be tested for use in KSP v1.5.1 **NOTICE** So of the Mods i use are not for KSP v1.5.1 and are in need of update. I can not update them on my system until they are updated by there respected Authors. Further information and pics are located at there respected links. Further updates to either craft will be posted/updated on and posted here. We have also released 3 New craft but, These also were built for KSP v1.4.5. Lifter(5m) CommSat(2.5Tm(R))(125Gmx2(125Gm(D)) CommSat (2Gm(T))(10Mm(R)) These 3 craft can also be found on and have Pics and Descriptions for each of them. As stated above these 3 Craft will be tested for KSP v1.5.1 and all mods that were used are the same mods as for the Power Stations. Again, i can not update any of those mods until there are updated by there respected Authors. Hopefully soon they will be updated. Next on our list is a Rover that is currently being worked on. I will upload it to KerbalX as soon as i finish working on it.
  9. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Currently updating Spaceplace v5 (KH-Type) to remove outdated parts from vessel.
  10. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Sometime today i will remove parts that are from Older Versions of Mods that have not been updated for some time. @JadeOfMaar This is for you and everyone else. I will not remove OPT Mods. Meaning i will not change the design of the craft because of these mods being several versions behind. I love the design of the parts and they fit with what i want. If and only IF i decide to change the design i will still keep these vessels at apart of out Fleet. For those of you that wish to use them here is the link to My Hanger Link: This is where i will keep All craft this includes OPT Style Craft. I do thank all the mod makers for there hard work with there mods.
  11. Have you found the time to update your mod? I would love to try it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gryffen1971


      Didn't you create a mod called SmartTank? i wanted to know if, you had updated the Mod yet? I wanted to use it again.

    3. HebaruSan


      It should already be working on KSP 1.4. I haven't looked at it on 1.5 yet.

    4. Gryffen1971


      Thanks. It is a Great Mod.

  12. @HebaruSan Github was my first step to submit an issue. Thanks for your help on this from all of you. All of you are under appreciated in your hard work. Big Thanks!
  13. Ok, just wanted to let you know about it. Would you like me to ask linuxgurugamer?
  14. Gryffen1971

    Sky Crane Series

    Now that we have 1 of our craft back in operation we will be redesigning it to work with all current mods for KSP v1.4.5. As we progress with the remake i'll be working or getting our other craft loaded up and ready for a make over.
  15. Gryffen1971

    [1.4.5] OPT Reconfig v1.2.5 [Nov 15, 2018]

    @Nicky21 I was able to get my craft loaded. Ok, i went and checked the parts for one of the Spaceplanes i have and to Screen Snips of what i did. What i did there was as i stated before i right-clicked on the part to bring up the dialogue box so, i could get to the Change Fuel type option Next i clicked on Change Fuel type and a list of different Fuel that can be put into that part are listed. Now mind you that some part(s) might not be able to be switched to have Mono in them. If, that is the case then adding Mono Tanks would be the fallback option. Now with this image the change fuel type is not a button to press to bring up the dialogue of different types of fuels it has arrows that you click to change the fuel type. Again, not all parts will allow you to have Mono as a fuel type. I hope this helps. Thanks @JadeOfMaar for the update and Great Mod.