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  1. If someone could pull this off, you've potentially got a whole new branch of fuel tanks. The only problem I can see is the possibility of accidentally jettisoning all your fuel mid-flight.
  2. I have a list right by my side that has a whole bunch of objectives. 1) Land on Mun. 2) Land on Minmus. 3) Set up 3 space stations. 4) Perform a round trip between Mun and Minmus. 5) Perform and apollo-style mission. 6) Land a probe on Duna. 7) Put a rover on Duna. 8) Put a satellite around Eve. 9) Establish a Munbase with a mine, lab and spaceport. 10) Develop and SSTO [LKO, Minmus, Mun and beyond]. 11) Create a jet line [Low-speed, High-speed and Sub-orbital]. 12) Create a plane with a lot of passengers that can go anywhere on Kerbin. 13) Solar Observation Drone. 14) Satellite Establishment System [HKO and then anywhere in the Kerbin system, I was thinking a plane would be cool]. 15) Create a SPace Shuttle replica. 16) Jool Station. 17) Mission to Eeloo. 18) laythe Base. 19) Kerbin Desert station. 20) This sort of thing might help in getting new ideas for you.
  3. "We packed the wrong fuel type"
  4. As far as we know the liqued fuel in KSP has no analog to an actual fuel used by any space program or company. It's a catch-all term for the fuel.
  5. Thankfully there's a mod for that if you ever want the old parts back:
  6. Seeing this picture reminds me of a certain song.
  7. The high speed WHY. I basically slapped a couple of SRBS onto a Mk1 command pod. The accelaration is...incredible.
  8. I seem to be the only one who wants career mode to start off as more like Wernher Von Braun's initial tests with rockets and not everything being taken from scrap. The current style is fine really.EDIT: That water also looks so nice and clean. I wonder if anyone is going to mod in new water because of this now.
  9. How about you try NEAR instead? It's more realistic than stock but is still easily playable.
  10. I guess you could just say they're expelling the oxidiser for propulsion. Perhaps it also takes electric charge too?
  11. That's actually the proper name for oxygen molecules, but everyone just calls it oxygen. Much like water is effectively always called water and not dihydrogen monoxide. Both are right, but one is easier to say. A bigger worry is Ar. It seems to jam a lot in the 15 isotope.
  12. It's the best way to do it really if you apply things right. Otherwise it's a cheap excuse. Star Wars is the most common example of a mixture of sci-fi and fantasy.
  13. Reminds me of when I tried this sort of thing before. Didn't work too well. At least you actually did it you maniac. You landed it. Landed it all the way on the Mun.
  14. Well there was a plan to put a man on the moon back in the 30's using nothing but solid rockets, but they couldn't go ahead as it was in Britain during WW2. Scott Manley did a video explaining this and demonstrating it in KSP: OT: I'd watched a bunch of tutorials before I go the full version. Prior to that (when I played the demo a lot) I couldn't get into orbit, but couldn't figure out why. When I got the full game, I think I tried a Mun mission and failed incredibly. Then again, I have tried to land on the Mun with ion engines before now.
  15. If by post all information you mean they put all the information here AND on other sites, sure. Otherwise it'll be pointless as information is spread quickly.