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  1. This is how the drills are designed. You can run a single drill converter at max load, or you can run multiple converters at reduced efficiency.
  2. Can anyone confirm if the bug that prevented IFS from modifying stock fuel tanks has been fixed? (issue first developed in 3.6.2)
  3. Constellation is a collection of all the MKS and related mods. You can download the constellation as a single file, and then pick out the mod directories you want to use. This constellation is 1.5 compatible, but does not have the new features. A new constellation with all the new features will be coming soon. (this is the one that can break your saves)
  4. Thank you for all the work you're putting in to this. This mod remains the reason I keep coming back to KSP. Love the option to disable cost for swapping converters, as it mitigates the issue of not being able to choose your config before building a part with OSE. Will it apply to drills as well? Do you still stream on twitch, or have you changed platforms?
  5. More than likely, you actually don't want to do this, since mining doesn't actually occur "in background" but instead happens as a catch up mechanic. During catch up, the push to planetary storage only happens once per game day, not every time a container fills. What that means, is that if you have a drill producing 5000 units of a resource per day, and you only have storage for 100 units, the storage will fill, but not push to planetary storage until the beginning of the next day. In this example, you would be wasting 4900 units of that resource. For planetary logistics to run smoothly, you need a single container that is large enough to hold 6 hours of production plus half the size of the tank. (when storage pushes to production, it only pushes half the contents) So, in order to properly push everything mined to planetary logistics, without loss, a 5,000 unit/day drill needs 10,000 units of storage, in a single tank. That is, unless there's been a major change to the way PL works that I've missed.
  6. MKS Ranger and Tundra inflatable storage module, MK-V supply readi-pac, all the Kontainers
  7. Wow, hot topic, I will try to address things in order as best I can. @Angel-125 You're right, some parts do require components other than Material kits, and they do show in the description. I have no issue with that, as it makes sense that specific materials are needed to make specific things. Someone could set up a factory on another moon/planet, and send the finished products to Kerbin for cash. That's not a cheat, that's called industry. @Daveroski Ground construction now lets you build DIY kits in-situ. No more waiting for a package to be delivered to set up something new. Check out the new videos in the OP on that thread. It has really come a long way. @adsii1970 I get where you're coming from, but there's a flaw in your logic. Someone isn't coming to you with paper and asking you to make copies. YOU are coming to YOU and asking YOU to make copies. (This is starting to sound like space madness) You mine the materials, refine them into kits, then use your printer to create a finished product. There is no third party for you to charge. IMO, I think it would make a lot more sense if the funds were removed, but the amount of materials was increased. But, I run OSE with MKS and Ground Construction, I'm used to having to keep building machinery in order to keep my mining and refining operations going to make my parts, so maybe that changes my perspective.
  8. I'm wondering why parts require funds to build. Isn't the whole point of off-world manufacturing that it happens outside the homeworld economy?
  9. Confirmed, downloaded USI tools from Installed, version was the same as previously installed. Did not resolve issue.
  10. Did that. Version I had is the same as the one that was in the MKS repo. Is there a more up to date version in a different repo?
  11. I'm wondering if this is related to my issue, I have 2 industrial refineries. The first has 2 bays for metals, 1 bay chemical the second has 2 bays polymers, 1 bay chemicals. Chemicals are producing at a much higher rate than metals or polymers, and minerals are being consumed at twice the rate of metallic ore or substrate. No efficiency parts are involved.
  12. Which modules specifically? For your greenhouses, can you send a screenshot showing how they're configured and the resources available?
  13. Heat seems to be a popular topic these days, I have a 2.5M nuclear reactor with 2 stock radiator (small) attached. The nuclear reactor overheats, even though the radiators level out at 11%. Can anyone make sense of this for me? Unfortunately this is for a station so the ranger thermal control units aren't an option.
  14. To follow up on the idea that the meu-500 drill can only run one separator without overheating, is this a re-balance so the 500 isn't essentially the equivalent of 9 100s? Now the three separators are only there in case you want to switch back and forth?