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  1. CKAN broke my 1.4.5 game today. I have B9 Part Switch installed, and CKAN thinks that the 1.5 version should be applied. B9 Part Switch is documented as being very version specific. The new version forced KSP to shutdown, but it didn't say why. Backing out the latest version that installed today fixed the problem. I don't blame the CKAN developers, version control is complicated, and CKAN helps a lot usually. I also had to go back to the previous version of MechJeb. There were about 6 other mods that updated at the same time. I haven't had a chance to see if there's any other fallout.
  2. I've had a couple of explosions, but I'm sure it's not a problem with the mod, it's KSP. Restoring from a quick-save solved the explosion, and it did not repeat under similar circumstances. I was in a rover approaching a deployed SEP set on the Mun. In the distance, the SEP setup appeared to be bouncing up and down as I rolled along. Then it started exploding. After restoring I drove up again a little slower, and nothing happened. KSP has been a little wacky with objects on the ground since 1.0.5, even if they're not attached. I've switched to rovers, and had them bounce up into the air. I'm using the World Stabilizer mod to reduce that problem.
  3. I'm running KSP 1.4.5, with SEP 2.6 In the output log: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at SEPScience.SEP_UI.Windows.SEP_AppLauncher.OnDestroy () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 . . (Filename: Line: -1). In the KSP log: [EXC 18:40:29.427] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. SEPScience.SEP_UI.Windows.SEP_AppLauncher.OnDestroy (). I can post full logs on a Google Drive, if needed. These were the only exceptions. I started up an existing saved game, and immediately went into the VAB. The screen started blinking, and the game hung.
  4. Will nodes be able to loop back to an arbitrary previous node? Will more than one node be able to converge on a node? Or will the node map be purely a tree, starting at a root and ending in leaves?
  5. I'm using the experimental version on KSP 1.3 with no issues. I wouldn't hesitate to go ahead install it.
  6. Thanks. I will check that out tonight when I'm home from work, and can play again. Edit: I found it, thanks. There were a bunch of other mod prefs in there too!
  7. Okay, I am reporting what appears to be a bug. In my game. I don't see any way to display the settings. I have never seen an icon for LN in the standard button bar, so I don't know what it should look like. I've only seen the settings dialog once, the first time I installed LN. I am willing to try to reinstall. Is there anything to remove besides the Launch Number folder, and the launchnumber scenario and other entries in the persistent.sfs? Would you like me to post the output.log?
  8. I'm using Launch Numbering in KSP 1.3, with about 70 other mods. The first time I started KSP after installing LN, I saw a pop up letting me configure LN. Ever since I haven't been able to find a GUI for LN. I've even tried removing LN, and editing the save to remove all references to LN, and then reinstalling. How can I configure LN to do the numbering style I want?
  9. I'm still playing KSP 1.1.3, due to a career game that still needs all it's mods upgraded to 1.2.2. I'd like to use Bon Voyage. What is the best version of Bon Voyage to use with KSP 1.1.3? Thanks
  10. @Terwin when you launch a simple rover onto the runway, and it immediately starts to bounce around violently and randomly, that's not a simple imbalance. Especially since you can revert to the SPH, relaunch, and have no problems at all. My professional programmer guess is that somethings not being initialized properly. If your wheels inherit bad values from somewhere, your rovers top may not be made out of rubber, but it's bottom is definitely made out of springs.
  11. First I want to say I love this mod and I consider it a must-have for KSP. I appreciate the work you've put into it. I've run into a problem with the CS-R2 Portable Strut. I have a space station assembled in Kerbin orbit. There are 3 segments docked together with Clamp-o-Tron Docking Ports. At the end of one segment I have an FL-R1 RCS Fuel Tank with 8 portable struts at the cardinal points. At the beginning of the next section is a Rockomax Jumbo-64 and 8 more portable struts at the cardinal points. After docking I went EVA and linked the portable struts. There was about 5 degree rotation difference in the positioning, so the struts showed a small angle. At this point all is well. The third segment was docked. There are a set of 16 portable struts for that joint too, but I did not connect them. The only things non-stock on the station are the portable struts, and a Titan Instrument Unit (the controlling core) from Wild Blue Industries. Next I boosted the assembled station into a Hohman transfer to the Mun, and scheduled a fine tune burn. (I'm using MechJeb.) I switched away. Again, all is well. On returning to the craft for the fine tune burn, I had about 21 minutes to go. At this point I did a quick save. A few minutes later, the station breaks apart. The linked portable struts are no longer linked, and the clamp-o-tron is ripped off the Jumbo-64, still docked to the front section. The front section of the station spins away. There was a distinct sound when the station broke up. Reloading a number of times the same thing happens. I was trying different rates of rotation to align for the burn in case I was over stressing things. Eventually I let it break up with no rotation at all. After one more reload, I went EVA and quickly unlinked all the portable struts. That cured the problem, the station no longer breaks up. I'm using KSP 1.1.2 and I have the latest version of KAS 0.5.7. I'm running about 95 mods. If you need them, I can provide an output log; a mod list; and the save file with the station with the portable struts linked, ready to break up. I could do screen shots too. I would have to set up a drop box to stash the files. Thanks so much for your support.
  12. The first time, I clicked Update in the Launcher. The Second time, I ran the Launcher so it would download the Patcher, then quit and ran the Patcher directly. I was concerned about the Launcher having a file open that the Patcher wanted to update, because I thought I saw an error message in the Patcher log that implied that. Something about an output log. There were no errors at all in the second patching. One annoying side effect of the Patcher is that because it runs a Windows utility to propagate ACL's, my settings.cfg ends up read-only. That problem has been around forever. That Patcher script is a little excessive in that it runs the utilities to change file ownership and propagate ACL's on all files and subdirectories in the ksp_win folder. It's not really necessary to cover all the mods I've installed in GameData, it's just a waste of time. Patcher should limit it's update to files it's downloaded and not just shotgun everything. @LordFerret I feel your pain with a slow DSL connection. I have the same problem. I recommend you use a download manager that can restart downloads. I use DownThemAll in Firefox.
  13. I'm finding some anomalies with the 1.1.2 patch. I have performed the patch twice, once on a 1.1.0 install already patched to 1.1.1, and a second time on a fresh 1.1.0 install. I see the same results. The version number in the readme.txt is 1.0.5 after the patch. The splash screen for KSP_x64.exe shows the version v1.1.1.1250 (x64) When I try to run KSP.exe, it displays a magenta squiggle on a black screen, and that's it. The file modification date of KSP.exe after the patch is 11/10/2015 7:22 PM I think there's something really wrong with what the patcher is downloading. I'd like to download a fresh copy of 1.1.2, but the server has been in maintenance for the last six or seven hours.
  14. I use MechJeb SAS to point in the right direction while docking, but I don't use it's docking automation. If you select Target+, your ship will point at the docking port, but when you get almost docked, MechJeb will torque away from docking. Instead use Par- (parallel minus) and all will be fine. This works, because the docking port is pointing toward you, so parallel is the correct alignment, and minus to point toward it. I also use NavyFish's Docking Port Alignment Indicator to so I can see which direction to thrust for correction. The combination is far more efficient than MechJeb auto dock. For example, docking two ships. On ship A, point Target+. Switch to ship B, point Target+. Now both docking ports are roughly aligned. (Repeat if you have rather long ships.) RCS toward the other ship. If you leave the MechJeb SAS set this way, when you get close, the portals (and ships) will be shoved sideways in rotation when you are almost docked. To prevent this, I either turn off MechJeb SAS and turn on regular SAS, or MechJeb SAS Kill Rot on the target (B) ship. Then on ship A set MechJeb SAS Par-. Then all I have to do is manage some side thrust to stay on target until docking. I don't know why Target+ doesn't work. I'm not sure that it's consistent behavior for all versions of MechJeb.
  15. CKAN now says that Buffalo is a required mod for Pathfinder. That's a problem for me, because I'm on the ragged edge of available memory and being able to play the game. I've had to be very selective about what mods I consider essential for KSP. Buffalo looks like a nice mod, and I'll add it when 1.1 gets rid of the memory limitations, but for 1.05, adding it will break my game. I realize I can let CKAN install Buffalo and then manually remove it, but does that then break Pathfinder? I could also experiment by saving a backup of my Game Data and testing, but the dependency might not be obvious. Do I really have to have Buffalo if I update to the latest Pathfinder?
  16. You should really read the instructions in the wiki. There are only two parts you can place directly on the ground, the gas light and the mounting slab, and they need to be attached. If you place any other parts on the ground they will sink in and may explode. Quick save before you start building.
  17. Could I edit my save file to turn it on or allow it to turn on? I have been able to determine the exact part of the base in the save file, but I'm unsure about which parameters to change. Without the Hot Springs functioning, the base is has very little power generation. What little there is is solar. I could land some additional power generating equipment, but I like to think of the editing as the equivalent of the base engineers hacking away on the thing to get it running. Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.
  18. I've got a Hacienda Hot Springs on the Mun. I activated the geothermal tap and the geothermal resource is full at 1.00. I've got 518 units of water, out of 550. The power on/off does not appear. Do I have to have the water full in order to generate power? If not, what might I be doing wrong?
  19. Can you please create a Ckan install? I'm using 76 mods, so Ckan is a must. Thanks, Luna
  20. With the 0.1.4 release the big lab based on the Mk3 Passenger Module appears to be missing. Was that an intended change? Can we have it back, please? Thanks for creating this Mod. I've found it useful. I think it fills an otherwise empty niche in KSP. -Luna