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  1. Hello, I have searched around but have not found anything. I was wondering if there has been any indication as to how the game will represent constant acceleration trajectories in the UI. Planning maneuvers in KSP 1 is pretty straightforward with the maneuver planner nodes. Will they be able to keep this simplicity with constant acceleration maneuvers?
  2. I would love to see a remastered version of Outer Planets Mod for ksp2. I used it so much in ksp1 that the kerbol system seems like it is missing something without it.
  3. I hope this is further developed so that the scatter popping in at the render distance is less obvious and jarring. Really breaks immersion for me.
  4. Has anything been said about this, or do you think it will be implemented in some form? In KSP1 it made sense to have immortal kerbals, but if KSP journeys are going to take very long periods of time it might make more sense to have a kerbal life expectancy. Maybe there could be a hall of fame for kerbals who achieved milestones/great amounts of flighttime/number of missions, ect
  5. Is there a way to easily remove the added procedural craters on eeloo from the pack after download?
  6. Is there a way to get the parachutes to deploy at an angle to avoid clipping if for example I have two radially mounted parachutes?
  7. I am having the same issue in science mode with 1.1.21 and 1.1.20 where connectivity does not work, and I also had an issue where I could not EVA or make maneuver nodes.
  8. So what do you do then to solve my problem? Just wait for a solar year on Moho so the tilt goes the other way? Am I right that that solution will work?
  9. Is there a scanner that does high res visual data without sunlight? If not how do you get scan data for the poles of planets that are tilted like Moho, just wait a really long time for the planet to orbit?
  10. I would have liked OPM to be integrated into KSP2, but as long as someone mods it in I'll be happy
  11. That's really great that you guys are at least thinking about continuing this mod to KSP2, the Kerbol system won't be the same with out all the solar system analog bodies included in it.
  12. I would like this feature, but it seems unlikely to be in the game
  13. Currently part way through a conservation enforcement degree in western Canada
  14. Construction time could be interesting, whether for off kerbin bases or KSC or both
  15. Those are some pretty large scatters if that's what they are. I would be happy if that was how they are done in game-play but I am not sure that we will have this based on current footage and dev comments. @Snark I hope these features are extremely large scatters as you guess. If not, I would be a little disappointed as I am not sure how they would have the overhangs shown in the trailer. Not a deal breaker, and I am still very excited about this game. This might be a good question for the developers. I don't trust that just because the terrain appears a certain way in the trailer it will be the same in game. For example the devs have been noncommittal on the question of clouds even though those were featured in the trailer.
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