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  1. making lattices out of struts looks pretty neat but adds a lot of unnecessary cost and weight so mods it is.
  2. I use a mirror to have the lases destroy themselves, then i dig under the sheild and dome. My hill I add chicken powered nuclear landmines
  3. Nada it's me Winkallkerb i think you
  4. Warningnfor r.sine.com some of the stuff is very very nsfw so be ████████████
  5. @ZooNamedGames nice i love these types of,programs the 3d onees get insane
  6. Http://Windows93.net press f11 and enjoy warning it has one or two nsfw things hidden around but are rather hard to find. Http://blankmediagames.com a mafia game set in salem the main down side to this place is that people are idiots and you can not use facial clues to figure out who is lying needs adobe flash to run http://arcadeprehacks.com this place is were you can play hacked flash and unity web games rather fun. Http://godieinahole.com just a rather smart person who codes java without pants. h
  7. Hyper edit for the win i throw a cloud of thallium sulfate at the next poster
  8. though on the way out of the atmosphere they get covered in ash from the mountain drop they are now useless sandwiches i build a tf2 teleporter to the mars
  9. Some sort of lizard like creature with its tounge out and a beard cool ∞ -5 out of ∞
  10. 4RBoL6db1UBjg51aGlYnOvX5wMolsZLBTz2ODHuaRhQHf1j]vTqokWyjlmZmXOIZ2spBi79lHK1sNvIt0)homxwn]zvnBx0qwRr1Yzk1Pb0C6gmWlM2AaUSr)haCoqUOteokKpR4P04]Hc2]388a3Bf7RLyI75vAw]wBsYvWh5DbXvIvWpwUqJgdsqiXN5av)RDQHU72wxTFyao8KPAik6fGvk1kkA2WKw99cW3NI1)4]S1tiLmbav8T50VFEmOHJo)Tjirmrk]4OH]mDgZw8S6somIiUW)iKf0lByaQ7F)QMczXdo]Vor9wwQohwoOWJOjPYWdzxWBKT)XNxk0oS]t]6HG4VGXYC4V3GV8TUdYXG9fEBZ1O1HNSOxN0NJbw5]KYyDbBVEyh2yaJmvPsQjvfYvuxx4eY07hbZyxEqTBcVyNYlfJWVhtYk6RMcW3PHRoeL07Jg6vDgUat4BoBVG10AgyJTjNU4JwHbeky9TzKf0RXxR6Aaq5eMlscsgazIrrGfYqcU4ixRb1Qk04QmSYRb2gU4PNKor3xVZzfCPqOQJZiIMCtN9aCvSRSiz3PzlbhFgQp)DCvShXIsjObMdLr
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