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  1. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this request Spanner, but could you make a bridge similar to the warship, one deck, bridges, but with bridge wings? I'm a huge fan of that aesthetic, and from my experience on river vessels, they do have a very useful purpose. Just something a few kerbals could stand on. Maybe with an opening on the back wall so they can walk around an upper deck. Or just a separate bridge wing part, that's be awesome also. Just, most of the bridge's currently don't have side entrances. Also, could we get a bridge modeled after the current Iowa Class bridge?
  2. You fixed the smoke problem? Nice! Where are those weapons from? Your mod?
  3. Has there been any developments? It's been awhile since there was any update news. Or did everything go to a new thread?
  4. I'm not seeing SM Armory on spacedock. Have you uploaded it there yet?
  5. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement installed?
  6. So, I was getting vessel mover wonkiness myself, but after removing persistent rotation and hyperedit, much of my issues have gone. Persistent rotation was from SVE. So, if the rest of you who are having issues have those mods, try removing them and see what happens?
  7. Does that go for rigid attachment as well?
  8. Why thank you good sir! *Noms cookies*
  9. Hey Spanner, I was wondering, is the smoke from the smokestacks supposed to be flat like this? I imagine the smoke should be shooting up a little, and then over the ship.
  10. YYYYYAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!! You have no idea how much I've been waiting for this update. Ok, maybe you do, but still!
  11. I rather like it. I've found Harpoons fit well in the Vette VLS superstructure part. If there was a radar or laser guided missile in a mod that fit, it would actually be great. Is it possible you could add missiles like that to Boomsticks? I'm personally not familiar with missile models and tech, so I'll support whichever way you go personally.
  12. What part are you talking about?
  13. Sorry if this has been covered already in the thread, but is there any word on Vessel Mover or an equivalent having been updated? I looked in the Vessel Mover thread, but it's been closed for a bit.