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  1. That's mostly it, but there's also the Connected Living Space add-on (which requires a pressurized path between kerbal seats for internal transfers)
  2. The periapsis error from "return from a moon" has bugged me as well. It's easy enough to work around once you get out of the moon's SoI, but when I get a chance I'm going to try characterizing the error a bit better - try creating the node at different times and then dink around with the maneuver node editor on the maneuver node created by MJ and look at what changes to either the node's timing or delta-v do to the predicted periapsis value. If you're right and it's just a mistake in reference frame it might be a simple fix.
  3. It's here. (Looks like most recent version was just marked compatible with 1.3). Thanks to NecroBones!
  4. It's a common place name in the US (list here); about 15% of the US population is of German ancestry.
  5. To correct the record, chickens can indeed fly (at least when their primary flight feathers aren't clipped..); they're just not very good at it..
  6. When using this mod to launch off of bodies other than Kerbin, it looks like the destination height is adjusted, but not the turn start velocity. This is particularly obvious on minmus where if you don't adjust the turn start parameter you don't actually ever start the turn. It might be better to use a "time to Ap" value to start the turn rather than a specific velocity.
  7. Ran with that dev build and did not see any spurious rotation after multiple SoI changes (I think I did four SoI changes in the mission I ran with the dev build).
  8. Possibly related to this, I've noticed that ships often pick up some spin on crossing an SoI boundary. I think this started after I installed the latest KJR.
  9. I was going to say "New Glenn", with 7 x BE4 engines.. (Though the currently available information is that New Glenn will be 7m in diameter. Would match existing practice of SpaceY models being bigger than their real-life inspiration..)
  10. Well, when the obsession comes back, a few large scale boosters have been announced recently, with enough detail that a KSP model would be plausible: Blue Origin's New Glenn and the SpaceX ITS (formerly BFR/BFS).
  11. How do you actually do this? I installed the 1.7.2 off of SpaceDock and can't get the timer to fire a separatron on a detached stage (I'm trying to replicate the look of soyuz booster separation, where it kicks out at the heel and then lets go at the nose). If I trigger the timer on the pad, the separatron fires after the expected delay. If triggered by staging, it doesn't fire on the separated stage (but the red light goes on on the timer unit).
  12. Observed the same - esc or F3 causes the window to pop up.
  13. well, it would certainly run into micrometeorites, but each one would only make a small hole, only slightly degrading the performance of the dish. Large radio dishes are generally perforated/meshes to reduce weight, so there are lots of holes to begin with. Other components of the spacecraft (like batteries or reaction wheels/control moment gyros) would likely fail long before the dish had enough holes to impair its mission.
  14. I'm seeing a similar error on MacOS that points pretty directly at the toolbar binary: Missing method PopupDialog::SpawnPopupDialog(Vector2,Vector2,string,string,string,bool,UISkinDef,bool) in assembly .../Kerbal Space Program/, referenced in assembly .../Kerbal Space Program/GameData/000_Toolbar/Toolbar.dll (pathnames elided slighly in the above message)
  15. One more: Falcon 9 hold-down clamp test: found via:
  16. For inspiration, here are some high-speed shots of a space shuttle launch, including footage from inside the tail service masts which protect the umbilicals after disconnection from the orbiter. Interesting motion (it yanks the connectors back and then a door slams shut). (Warning: this entire video is about 45 minutes...)
  17. Wikipedia has: Of course, reading wikipedia is not the best way to get competent legal advice.
  18. I've done it with Necrobones' SpaceY solids. It's a little fussy to get the tank sizing correct (you want them to go dry just as the solids burn out), particularly if you're using the mechjeb thrust-limiter or otherwise throttling back the core to avoid excessive dynamic pressure.
  19. Another component candidate: The 260" diameter (about 6.6m) aerojet monolithic solid rocket motors. Never flew, but the smaller configuration was test-fired. Described here: and here: and here: Use cases: and the monster Saturn V/4-260: The V/4-260 would have put additional kerolox tanks on top of the solid boosters, cross-feeding the first stage.
  20. Just spotted this gfycat clip showing interesting Atlas V solid booster separation dynamics: This is taken on the 2-booster side of a 551 config atlas (5 meter fairing, 5 boosters, 1 centaur on stage 2); you can see one of the boosters from the 3-booster side towards the end of the video. On separation, the booster starts rotating nose-out until the tail hits the plume of the main engine (you can see it flame up at that point) which stops the rotation and starts it turning the other way. This was excerpted from a youtube video:
  21. Yes. ULA is proposing to burn the boiled-off gases in an internal combustion engine to provide power for vehicle systems - see their 2012 paper Development Status of an Integrated Propulsion and Power System for Long Duration Cryogenic Spaceflight
  22. Agreed; the site should serve up the exact artifact it was given by the developer. Checking that any .version files present are is both different from and newer than all previous uploads (using KSP-AVC's definition of "newer", of course) would help both developers and users - I've had to manually whack .version files in my install tree to shut up AVC when the newest version had the wrong .version file.
  23. It's still under construction. Follow the IRC chat linked above if you need real-time updates and play-by-play, or wait for someone to post here saying that the site is ready...
  24. Not Safe When Running is, I think, a good way to describe a Nuclear Salt Water Rocket.