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  1. the CKAN meta data still calls a CRP incompatibility and won't allow installation through CKAN.
  2. I'm sold. I'll be starting a new Career mode game with your next update.
  3. I've been using this for a week now in both sand box and early career modes, and here are my thoughts and observations. Space weather is amazing. I was in the signal corps, so this was an important part of my life for years. I'm glad to see it implemented. I'm glad you're working on RemoteTech compatibility, It adds features that your mod doesn't and vice-a-versa. I want them all. IMO the happiness-sanity mechanics are something that should be stock in any space exploration simulation. I am a bit concerned about the food and oxygen. It appears that there are no waste resources. This makes for difficult fuel planning as I'm not sure what the mass of a craft will be during the maneuver node. It also creates an exploit due to the Oberth effect. Additionally this makes greenhouses effective white-holes spewing matter (and therefore mass) into the craft until the tanks are full, and Kerbal digestive tracts become black-holes. Both of which grate at my aesthetics. But I might have looked over the waste resource, in which case please ignore this point. It seems this mod makes Scientist Kerbals obsolete by making all science transmission worth 100% of the potential science. I don't like that to the point that I won't use the mod in a long term game. Even if you adjusted the science values so that you needed a fully experienced Scientist to get full value on transmitted (and even recovered) data I would be happy. An option to turn off that part of the mod is also acceptable. My two cents on any part failure mod. Make the failure rates reduced (preferably significantly) when an Engineer is aboard with the failure rate being inversely related to how experienced he is. Finally, I still think greenhouses should work as scrubbers. Very low volume-output efficiency scrubbers, but scrubbers none the less. The work I've found suggests that (very roughly) 80 cubic meters of fast growing crops provides enough oxygen for one adult human. I'm impressed with how active you have been on this mod in the week since I found it. Keep up the good work. Iom really excited about the potential this mod has.
  4. Looks interesting. I may use this to replace AmpYear, RemoteTech, and TAC-LS. I would like a water resource though. Do greenhouses act as scrubbers?
  5. I'm not sure if you deal with CKAN issues related to this mod, but here's one. :edit As soon as I posted this I thought "Wait a minute, did I install Raven45's CactEye using CKAN?" Which I did. So I uninstalled that and sure enough the error with this version disappeared.
  6. With just a casual glance it looks like you're using a lot of mods that I'm not, and not using many that I am. That will help immensely on narrowing down the culprits. Hopefully I can get a minimum mod list to reproduce he bug over the weekend.
  7. That does the trick for me too. Want to PM me your mod list so we can narrow the problem down?
  8. in orbit recover the PEC and experiment tray into a KIS container then land then mount the PEC followed by the experiment just be sure the ship has come to a complete stop and you mount the PEC where the wieght change won't cause the ship to roll a slow roll caused the PEC to explode on me
  9. The sky of Kerbin is black with white clouds and lightning until I get to the upper atmosphere. Has any one else had this problem? If so, were you able to fix it?
  10. I've been playing with KIDS for too long. The first 1.0 vanilla rocket I made was intended to be a LKO mission and had enough DV to intercept Duna. From one flight, it looks like I am going to say goodbye to most of my game play mods. TAC-LS and USI mods being a notable exception. I'm keeping all my retexture mods though. There's just something about atmospheric planets that don't have clouds that makes me ragequit.
  11. Don't worry. So many people will be downloading it that Steam's servers will only be able to provide ~56k to each of us.
  12. minutes before the release this thread will be the only part of the servers still online
  13. Squad should lock this thread when 1.0 is released that will inform the greatest number of their customers simultaneously
  14. refreshes the page try it out it will change the way you live
  15. the 502 errors are a sign Squad is trying to tell us that 1.0 won't be released until this thread hits page 502
  16. no, that's siesta time if we don't get a release before 10AM we won't get it till after 1PM
  17. This thread is about creating as many garbage posts as possible for the greater glory of 1.0
  18. Squad isn't really migrating servers, they have just shut down the rest of the site to dedicate all their server power to this thread.
  19. Let them finish their morning coffee. 9:15AM is my guess for release time
  20. that is amazing and I noticed another 1.0 addition on the launch from Duna the rockets blasted dust away
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