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  1. Anybody else having a Cooked Control problem wrt engine gimbals ? (RSS/Realism Overhaul mods) On KSP v105 the engine gimbals work OK. With KSP113, with the 'same' KOS program.. the gimbals don't work with any Locked steering..etc Edt: Adding to this.. how many straight assignment locks could one execute per physics tic. It's subjective due to PC speeds, but I'm trying to find min/max figures before my locks overrun the tic time - making sure I don't have too many. For example, say in the top of the file... Lock steering to heading(myCourse, myP
  2. ColKlonk


    My Imagination is challenged.... yeah yeah!! I'm well aware about all 3 of them :-) :-)
  3. Hey.. Dude.. get with the shopping set. While she goes shopping, so do you. This week end, after a few hours in a 'US bomb threat zone' from the embassy (god they like rummaging up 'we're doing this for you thingy') the wife had a packet of clothing, and I had probably the best book on Quantum Physics I've come across (in a bookstore). She's was happy.. so was I.
  4. The Flat Earth Society was a student exercise in humor, and most likely still is. An exercise to be different, not believe and to challenge everything that you are fed via the media, and or propaganda. This is what it's all about and nothing more... if you cannot see this and get upset by these things, they've exposed you as a sheep of the world. Quiet humorous actually... see it for what it is :-)
  5. Actually you shouldn't be trying at all.. be happy with yourself and just do your own thing - you'll be surprised how quickly things can happen. Get out and meet real people. Avoid Dating websites.. they're nothing more than 'swinging online brothels'.. and they're full of whacko's. If you're into that sort of thing fine.. but be careful what you can 'catch'. http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_webb_how_i_hacked_online_dating A work colleague of the wife's discusses her dating website 'love' life with her. The stories are something else.. but she's nuts anyway so what can one expect.
  6. Sure it's as easy as not being able to see the ground... :-) https://youtu.be/G0qYei6Z2LA
  7. Anybody can fly a plane... it just landing it that separates the men from the 'girls'..
  8. Use my example.. (If you're 18+) Study like a zombie... Go out.. party like crazy.. get drunk, throw up on the pavement.. do really stupid things.. just don't kill yourself in the process, and don't give a damm what people think of you. Study/write exams with a hangover... pass with distinctions... With that.. some girl will like you.. for who you are!!.. and you can only get better ? Been married 30 years to this really hot chick ( I mean really hot ;-) ) who says she doesn't know why she married me, but wouldn't have it any other way ? heh heh!!
  9. Nope it's not a bug.. it's a feature !! Look in the folder:- GameData\Squad\Parts\Misc\PotatoRoid You'll find only one asteroid 'part' file.. and it's mass is set to 150 tons ... // --- standard part parameters --- mass = 150 dragModelType = default ...
  10. Would it be possible sometime, in future versions, to make the terminal background transparent, or give the ability to switch the terminal graphics off completely, but leave the text. Here I'm fiddling with the terminal textures, but cannot seem to get the alpha channel nailed
  11. I saw it in here somewhere... http://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS_DOC/general/cpu_hardware.html?highlight=tick
  12. Most likely the case. I read a KOS vector/variable to my own variables, then use these across time ticks as these don't change.
  13. Scenes from our next attraction:- https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6ec9xoila6sw6z/ISS1_A.mp4?dl=0 (65MB) A revamped and refined software version of an earlier video... but now 'we're' ready to test rendezvous and docking procedures. :-)
  14. All sorted... I thought it couldn't be that hard. I cleaned up the texts, and made some minor changes and we're in orbit again :-) It's probably one of two things or both :- I had 2 blank functions, which I intend to fill in later, and these were included in the main routine loop. Function functionName { } I just added a local variable that does nothing Function functionName { Local i_Tmp is 0. } .. and I had a function with only an Unlock all statement which i removed, and added the local statement as above. Function functionName { Unlock all.
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