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  1. I just installed karbonite via ckan, and I have the karborundum engines, but, as far as I can tell, no way to actually store karborundum. EDIT: I am an idiot, the spherical tanks work.
  2. I have the crash since 1.3, too, but I've uninstalled all of my mods (and the game), and it's still there.
  3. no idea if the problem has been solved, but I've currently got a craft with a tokamak reactor that is simply not working - it doesn't output any thermal power, at all. does anybody have any idea what might be causing this?
  4. only for aerial AI though. doesn't work in space yet I believe.
  5. maybe just tell the game to do it in batches? like, do a part of it, then wait a couple seconds, then start the next part, and so on?
  6. as I understood it, it already works with 1.2. the patch notes don't say anything though.
  7. it's some lander cans, 2 long 1.25m tanks (one on each side, with symmetry ofc.), which are each hooked up to a terrier. can't see what should be unbalanced. also, it happens when there is no force acting upon the craft in the first place.
  8. Something weird I've been noticing: SAS seems to be malfunctioning. telling it to point towards maneuver nodes, for example, causes it to just kind of wobble around at varying distances from the correct orientation. EDIT: Seems to be some kind of phantom force, considering my craft starts rotating on its own, too.
  9. two possibilities: you don't have a weapon manager, even though you do have weapons (that implies you have no idea how bdarmory works, so I don't think that is the case), or there's some kind of glitch. considering that the current bdarmory version is 0.11.something and this thread says it's compatible with up to version 0.10.something, that is probably the case.
  10. so in some RSS lets plays I heard that kct treats the multiple kscs from ksc switcher as completely different, so upgrading one site doesn't upgrade the other. is that really a thing (because that would be awesome), and if yes, how does it work?
  11. I don't know if that is intended, but the electric helicopter engine currently doesn't seem to have the hover functionality. also, you should probably add an intake to the normal helicopter engine considering it needs intake air. right now, it doesn't work if you don't have intakes on the craft.
  12. there's not a save file you need to download anymore. instead, there's a button in the toolbar you can use to turn a career save into a kerbal kommander save.
  13. the .craft file on my dropbox (at least I hope it works this way. haven't done it in a long time).
  14. idk about a kOS solution, but there are quite a few mods out there that provide exactly what you want to do - mechjeb, for example, and I saw a mod that does only the finetuning of nodes a while ago on CKAN.
  15. LIST PARTS IN hoverEngines. SET hoverEngines TO SHIP:PARTSTAGGED("hoverengine"). DECLARE refLimiter TO hoverEngines:PARTS:ENGINES:THRUSTLIMIT. This is not working for some reason, anybody got an idea why? EDIT: figured out how the whole suffix thing works. UNTIL count > hoverEngines:LENGTH { thrustLim:ADD((tVel/10 + 9.81) * shipMass / (hoverEngines[count]:MAXTHRUST * refLimit[count])). SET count TO count + 1. } this says it return infinite for some reason though. the only way that would be possible is for hoverEngines[count]:MAXTHRUST * r
  16. is there any way of figuring out a craft's altitude apart from using that mod that adds laser distance sensors? EDIT: nevermind, it's just been moved to the orbitable page in the documentation. EDIT2: is there a way to get altitude above the ground though?
  17. not sure if I'm just doing something wrong, but using one engine in manual control mode automatically forces others to have a 100 thrust limiter for me.
  18. I didn't ask for an update or a release date. I asked if a certain feature of the mod was not (or at least not gamebreakingly) broken in 1.1. I believe that is a difference.
  19. is there any chance that at least the repulsors are working with 1.1?
  20. well, IR adds a part that allows you to take surface samples without kerbals. EDIT: oh, and could you sort the list of allowed mods alphabetically? might make checking against the mods you currently have installed easier.
  21. Some mods I'd like to use that aren't currently on the list: - Infernal Robotics - b9 procedural wings - eva struts (adds a single part that's basically just a strut connector that can be connected/disconnected by a kerbal on eva) Are these allowed or not? (also, what about the other USI mods?) EDIT: Also, what do you mean with "science increasing strategies"?
  22. idk. I think I have it installed. in any case, it would also simply look better.
  23. @Fwiffo I haven't actually tried the mod yet. it just didn't seem like something you could do judging by the description.
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