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  1. I made an excel sheet thing for basically every common maneuver where all you have to do is enter the orbital statistics and it calculates everything. However, now I just use mechjeb.
  2. Land people on Mars by 2016? It takes 9 months or so to travel there, plus building and designing the mission would take much longer, not to mention some of the problems with keeping them alive. I know NASA is going to try to land people on the moon by 2018-2020, but I heard that a while ago so I don't know if that is still true. China and maybe Russia are trying the same for around 2020.
  3. Well, mechjeb isn't really part of the game so...? Anyway, I don't see how this is relevant, seeing as the difficulties arrive from the features only in .17. In my opinion, it was a great update!
  4. I think ToD means time of death. For state, it can be 1-3(I think). I'm not too sure what they mean, so don't take my word on it, but 1 means in a flight, 3 means available for a flight, and 2 means dead(well, I'm the least sure with 2). I'm sure someone knows them completely though.
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure the settings aren't from .15, since water has been laggy from before then. Anyway, I would very much like these settings too, but for now I can make due.
  6. Hmm, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you should try the new repair feature in the new patcher if you have not already. It fixed some glitches like that for me. (533 in total )
  7. Hello people! I recently landed on Bop and it was so much fun! Because of that, I decided to make a scenario of landing on Bop! All you have to do, once you download it, is place the file in saves>scenarios , and you're done. In case you are wondering, bop rotates very fast... so landing can be interesting if you don't expect it (this is my first thread like this, so, yeah.. ) Download
  8. Well, my only option for a desktop is a Mac, so I use a laptop. (not hating, just I like windows more )
  9. Just a thought, how do you guys think Jool will work in elevation and in the map view? Of course, 0 elevation could be the top of the atmosphere and might be used, but you can still go lower of course. Also, since you can go lower, the map view for your orbit will be in the planet if it includes the atmosphere. Just curious...
  10. Hmm, well, in real life, no one has attempted landing and returning from mars (or any planet). Also, Ksp does follow a lot of the laws of physics, it's just a different universe, so different planets and stuffs. Many people I've seen will rendezvous with the landing craft with a different one after the lander gets into orbit again. Then, they will transfer the crew and fly back to Kerbin, but that's too much for me
  11. Wait, what? Is this for planes or a room?? The room idea is extremely cool, btw.
  12. Do you mean that when you're in orbit, the bottom part of the rocket crashes into the command pod? I tested your design and that is what had happened. I think the problem is that the ASAS, decouple, and mechjeb unit are smaller parts, and cannot handle the 1200 thrust of the largest rocket. Try putting the ASAS where the parachute is and put the parachute(s) on the side of the pod. Also, use the larger decoupler if you want (it dousn't have much better stats than the smaller, but it looks better ). One more thing, you might want to put a MechJeb Ar202 Case on the side of the rocket instead of the 1m unit like you have there. It is smaller and weighs less, so more delta-v Edit: 3 other people just posted lol
  13. Tab It took me soo long to find that because I'd get annoyed when I accidentally targeted Kerbin and was trying to land on the mun lol ;D
  14. Mods are pretty easy After the download, you open it up and find the parts the mod gives you. Copy them, then find the parts folder in your ksp folder. Paste them in. If the mod does not require you to have a plugin, then you are all set. If it does, you must go back to the mod download and find the file ending in .dll. Copy that and place it in your folder in ksp titled 'plugins'. Then you should be good to go. Note that you need to buy the game to use plugin powered mods. Also, I'm doing this from memory but I think I got everything...
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