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  1. I really wanna play KSP with my new 4K resolution monitor, the hardware performance is fine, rendering quality is marvelous! But the UI and font is too small to see. I tried to scale up the UI, but the maximum scale value is only 120%. I think it's good to increase the max scale to 200% for 4K resolution corresponding to the UI size under 1080p. I hope doing this is pretty easy for the development team, am I right? Thank you very much!
  2. KSP: 1.02 Windows 32bit Problem: In KSP 1.0x we got the new awesome airbreaks part, thanks the dev team. But it seems I can't add custom actions with them, everytime once I saved my custom action with airbreaks, they restore to their default action of break (the one actived by B button). Is it by design? Hope you can fix it. Thanks. Mods installed: Alternate Resource Panel Distant Object Enhancement 1.5.5 Docking Port Alignment Indicator 6.2 Editor Extension 2.7 Filter Extensions 2.1.1 Kerbal Alarm Clock Kerbal Joint Reforcement 3.1.3 KSP AVC Landing Height Display 1.4 MechJeb 2.5.0 Module Manager 2.6.3 Planet Shine S.A.V.E 1.0.1-672 Stock Bug Fix Modules 1.0.2c.2 Wide Contracts App 1.1.2 Reproduction Steps: 1. Build a plane in SPH. 2. Attach one more mirrored A.I.R.B.R.E.A.K.E.S parts to it. 3. Go action groups, and build a custom group of airbreaks. 4. Save the plane design. 5. Reload the design, and the custom group were gone.
  3. Oh YES!!! Finally it's coming out!
  4. Make the x64 version more stable. I'd love to install lots of mods, they added all the features I want. But the memory space is often limited while running x86 version. If you're using the unity 4.6.3, there is a known bug that when you compute the result of unsigned integers and float numbers with type cast expression like '(int)unsignedNumberA + (int)unsignedNumberB * floatNumberC', the signed integer type casting becomes invalid. Therefore, you may get an over-bound value as result.