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  1. Good to hear the Career problems are solved. I have yet to install TweakScale or have a Science save yet but its someone i wanna do. I will let you know if i run into any issues.
  2. you could write a mm patch to give it a stock iva or an iva from a mod.
  3. You can put a .cfg everywhere in the GameData-folder. It does no matter where. But: 1. you need the mod Cryogenic Engines for this Patch 2. xD-FireStriker said that the patch doesn`t work at the last page: Its broken new version incoming, the error was not where i thought it was. Teaches me for trying to cut corners, I should of and im actualy currently rewriteting the fueltank Fuel Switch patch. Expand Im back working on the CryoPatch again, so the tankFuel Switch part of the patch is what broke but the engines s
  4. I have found a patch in my install that changes the ssme mass, its an optional patch from CryoEngines that i used to modify the cryo engines to actualy use cryo. so at the stock mass of 4 or even 3.7, that will break the SOCK shuttle and maybe the CA Shuttle, right?
  5. That makes a sence, i noticed this when i was rewriting the cryopatch for CA and was so confused. Thanks for clearing it up
  6. So thats why its so light hmmm. anyway of making it more balanced aswell as keeping CoM Correct?
  7. where do you find 3.3, i just downloaded it from spacedock
  8. Something does seem to be broken as when it was installed my KSP wouldn’t load past the dlcs. I don’t currently have a log but with how long it take for my install to load I’m currently too lazy to reload with the mod loaded. Going to snoop around the configs and see if I can’t see something amiss
  9. I will see if I can’t fix the configs later, it full on crashed my install but found that hud 5 was the Corporate after asking if anyone tested.
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