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  1. @Lisias got two warnings, 15 parts failed the sanity and 3 failed being checked. Log incoming Heres the KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17YQAOWAHNb9n9vG2u9Py77CH91pp2s6c doubt you will need the unity log to figure that out but give me a shout if you need it
  2. Yep, these last one is just awacsRadar again. I did that but it gave me another error, one sec will be back with another log in 10 min
  3. Ok that fixed one, here the new Logs. KSP.log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KUJDqGkD4Nv8zoC_4_PqDZgn4CgYJxPK Output_Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jJU4I6LS0kMiDfk3kRLe_GkCTjeiQz3K I might look at fixing up the patches in my spare time @Lisias whats the correct/preferred method of writing the patches.
  4. Meres the KSP Log https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v0lnw8nqRetB7Nt442VgHRPxNdTRq1gz 2 Fatal Errors, I think one is BD Armory and the other one is Airplane Plus, TMasterson5 patches are installed. Looking at that link, i have removed the lines that are causing the issue is this all that needs to be done to fix that patch? https://imgur.com/a/T5RuoUY Im about to save it and load ksp again to see if that fixes somthing. BRB in 10min
  5. Ok thanks im still at uni, when i get home i will reinstall tweak scale and if it throws the same issue i will fling the ksp log your way. Is TMasterson5 out of date by anychance? I want to resize airplane plus parts
  6. I will reinstall tweakScale when I get home and load it up, see if this works if not where do I find the KSP log file. i was using the TMasterson5 files but even after removing them I still had issues
  7. Ok guess im here now. Got the fatal error of doom, How do i fix it ASAP. Is an older version going to work better. Heres the log https://drive.google.com/open?id=11WmnY3kAqkxDf1_Hevzfg-Sf-xu7aPD9
  8. Thanks, i was using LC39A once i process the video i will have some cool pics of the launch pad it action, now i just have to save my kerabls from the mun lol. I didnt actual put down any of the hold down arms, my experiences with the shuttle pad is that if you can get away without stuff nere the bottom of the rocket, do it cause it will flip your rocket to kingdom come if its not done right It was a tall bugger too, either 7 or 8x, got the lift working
  9. Is there a guide for putting together the Saturn V Pad? I have the crew arm set but don't know want clamps go where on the base. Thanks
  10. So i have been working on a Saturn V Apollo 11 to launch later today , im using LC39A and i plan to use modular launch pads and make it a cool event. Im wonder which is the most recent Saturn V pad save and how do you setup the pad, im also currently having an issue with the height of my Saturn V being a weird height and not lining up. Its late so im going to bed now but i though i would post anyways to figure out how i could configure the pad to work tomorrow for the main event Thanks
  11. I have been using this with memgraph with no issues so far besides maybe slightly longer loading times and slight stutter when you open the game but i have to uninstall memgraph to confirm them as i installed a few more mods at the same time i installed memgraph
  12. @linuxgurugamer Hope you don't mind me asking if this script works with HeapPadder/MemGraph, Im curious that's all haven't encountered any errors using MemGraph with this script.
  13. Thanks I will install that once I get home, I’m trying to keep it Stock/stockalike even tho I play with a lot of mods. Got the have Saturn V Launch stage built but torn on what to do with the Service Module and LIM. I will post some pics showing off the pad in action if you want