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  1. where do you find 3.3, i just downloaded it from spacedock
  2. Something does seem to be broken as when it was installed my KSP wouldn’t load past the dlcs. I don’t currently have a log but with how long it take for my install to load I’m currently too lazy to reload with the mod loaded. Going to snoop around the configs and see if I can’t see something amiss
  3. I will see if I can’t fix the configs later, it full on crashed my install but found that hud 5 was the Corporate after asking if anyone tested.
  4. Has anyone tested to see if this mod works on 1.10.x? Is @Eskandare still working on it, Should someone try to adopt this mod?
  5. I have to thank you and the rest of the BDAc Team for keeping this mod alive and all the work you have done. i cant wait to see whats in store with runway project devs. Just wondering does the 1.9 build work on 1.10 without funky drag stuff and floating parts.
  6. Sweet. BDA is a mod that takes forever to get updated (which is understandable) so something is better then nothing. Especially since my group mostly uses it for parts instead of air to air combat which we do wanna try out some day. I predict it won’t end well but the result would be fun either way
  7. oh i see. Im not expecting the most stable experience on 1.10, if it "works" on Luna Multiplayer i will use it.
  8. I knew it was broken I was trying to do a band aid fix, I have the fix just launching the part causes some .... issues. I wonder if that’s Drag or collider issues. No kidding, set it as the root part and it will fly. Kind of fun gliding it down to the ground My current findings if it’s even helpful is that, um it floaty boi. If it the root part it will descend else it will stay in the air forever. This “Patch” Used along side world stabiliser produces some of the most interesting results. My test craft launched fine but a crewed test vehicle was catapulted into space.
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