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  1. Thanks, i was using LC39A once i process the video i will have some cool pics of the launch pad it action, now i just have to save my kerabls from the mun lol. I didnt actual put down any of the hold down arms, my experiences with the shuttle pad is that if you can get away without stuff nere the bottom of the rocket, do it cause it will flip your rocket to kingdom come if its not done right It was a tall bugger too, either 7 or 8x, got the lift working
  2. Is there a guide for putting together the Saturn V Pad? I have the crew arm set but don't know want clamps go where on the base. Thanks
  3. So i have been working on a Saturn V Apollo 11 to launch later today , im using LC39A and i plan to use modular launch pads and make it a cool event. Im wonder which is the most recent Saturn V pad save and how do you setup the pad, im also currently having an issue with the height of my Saturn V being a weird height and not lining up. Its late so im going to bed now but i though i would post anyways to figure out how i could configure the pad to work tomorrow for the main event Thanks
  4. I have been using this with memgraph with no issues so far besides maybe slightly longer loading times and slight stutter when you open the game but i have to uninstall memgraph to confirm them as i installed a few more mods at the same time i installed memgraph
  5. @linuxgurugamer Hope you don't mind me asking if this script works with HeapPadder/MemGraph, Im curious that's all haven't encountered any errors using MemGraph with this script.
  6. Thanks I will install that once I get home, I’m trying to keep it Stock/stockalike even tho I play with a lot of mods. Got the have Saturn V Launch stage built but torn on what to do with the Service Module and LIM. I will post some pics showing off the pad in action if you want
  7. Hey, I’m wondering if it’s posable to replace the stock KSP launchpad with a launchpad from another, doesn’t look possible but i though I would ask here anyways. thanks
  8. What a shame, where would you recommend placing Lc39? Tonight I will be launching a Saturn 5 to the mun for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I plan to take off from LC39A with the modular launch pads Saturn 5 pad I might ask the question in the KK forum in case you can, I’m not sure I’d kerban side replaced launch pads or runaways but it it did there should be a way to do that with LC39
  9. Hey, I’m away from my pc atm and new to placing stuff with KK. Is there an easy way to replace the stock pad with LC39? Thanks
  10. Does the BDMk22 mod still work? i cant help but notice it hasn't been updated since version 1.4, im about to install it and test it my self and post my results anyways but though i would ask
  11. which would you recommend OpenGL or DX11 If its anything i am liking the new textures, i cant tell whats different but you have already done all this work and TU is working without shouting at people out of the box. at first i was dreading a future with the new textures but now i have made the switch i want to see the future of this mod down this path
  12. Ok i can see the issue, i think the main issue lies with Benjee10's new decoupler for the SOCK, its not as spaced out as the CA one so its throwing the alignment off, cant wait for the v2 update hows the lift going? Btw the image didnt load
  13. Yea it doesn't quite line up, Im using Redirect for the Main tank(Olympus S4-JUMBO 5M Tank), SRBs(Typhoon), and the Shuttle Orbiter Construction Kit for the shuttle
  14. haha that's what i get for using a shuttle that this hasn't been designed for I think the SRB got snagged on the decouple cause it just vibrating rapidly before Rapid Unplanned Disassembly happened lol Its probs kerbal error in placement but was too funny not to post