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  1. That little box locks pretty cute i am sure it can´t do any harm at all, but 10/10 for trying. :)
  2. Fisk02

    Define a word

    Your word was: Chlorophyll My answer is: Isn`t that what makes the green plants green? My word is: Humectant
  3. I am not sure... The same thing have happened to me, for me it does not appear sometimes but sometimes it don´t.
  4. Yeah, this looks like a common shadow bug, it (should) disappear if you wait it out.
  5. Well try making own with Kerbal Konstructs base editor.
  6. Oh no don´t get bored do a polar base TWICE, try editing the aerodynamics... JUST DO SOMETHING!!! I have making it for over 1200 hours. If i can do it everyone can!!!!!
  7. Yeah i got to agree here, the kerbal fandom is the most friendly i have ever been a member of (And thats saying a lot)
  8. Try this: Also try go faster, take off should be much easier then.
  9. Banned for abusing the space argument.
  10. The part when structures looks extremely large and planets extremely small XD
  11. If i am a male who identifies myself as a woman what do i do?