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  1. Congrats on release, great work! Looking forward to building a fleet of 054, 056 and maybe even 055 one day!!
  2. Yeah, quite right, instead of these legacy fields we'll have to show the proper values from the bullet definition.
  3. Sounds like we need to rebalance a bit - weird thing is, in other videos I constantly see the first (and mostly also second) amraam being dodged easily, mmhh...
  4. Weird - I have the impression most people consider ecm/decoys overpowered, and usually in dogfight tournaments I see 4 AMRAAM being dodged by a single fighter... I suppose you are talking about radar guided missiles? The key to dodge them is to enable ECM (if present) and continously(!) drop chaff (like guard mode / pilotAI does) until the missile is clearly off. Passive radar guided missiles (like the patriot SAM) can additionally be defeated by breaking line of sight with the launcher's tracking radar. An active missile like the amraam is nearly impossible to defeat by maneuvering alone. Flares against heat seekers are a tad more effective, and once a heatseeker has locked onto a flare there is no need to drop more. Hope that helps.
  5. Sure its possible. You need to provide a lot more information for us to determine whether there is a bug or works as designed: Which radar exactly? What is the radar cross section size of the target? What does the RCS analysis window say about the lock/track range of that sepcific radar vs that specific target? Is the target vessel splashed down or landed, or is the radar airborne with a high look-down angle?
  6. What do you mean by coming release? All the changes regarding stealth and radar are in the current release 1.0.0, and no other changes are in the pipeline for the next release...
  7. Correct - angles surfaces can only get you so far - they cannot make your craft fully stealthy by themselves. This is realistic. You need additional 2nd gen stealth coating, provided by specially configured ECM jammers, like the YCSM by DCK or the bda mk22 cockpit. How did you set the guard mode options of firing Intervall and burst length? For rapid shooting and target switching both must be set LOW (like 1sec).
  8. As said before: multiple radars per craft can be useful and will be handled properly. That aside, multiple locks on a craft is currently nothing more than a nice gimmick when piloting manually, and quickly firing off multiple radar missiles. The Pilot-AI / guard mode does not know how to utilize multiple locks, it will engage a single target at a time only.
  9. Just checked with several existing missiles (SARH and Fire&Forget), firing from both ground and air. None came back. But if one of your modders has an issue with a new missile, he can send me the missile config (and ideally a savegame .sfs file) and I will debug/have a look at it!
  10. Its mainly tested on 1.3.1, but should work fine on 1.3 as well.
  11. Will check - which particular missile did u use? Rbs-15?
  12. v1.0.0 - Under the radar, over the horizon is now RELEASED! Please consider this beta thread closed for now. For the next release with the damage & armor system overhaul a new beta thread will be opened by the team. Thank you to everyone having supported us in here!
  13. Release: v1.0.0 - Under the radar, over the horizon Changelog: NOTE: As always, BDA needs PhysicsRangeExtender and ModuleManager to work properly!Latest versions (as of this release date) are bundled in the download release zip. Important note regarding the radar redesign & stealth features: All existing 3rd party part mods which contain radars (or MM configs to add radar capabilities to other parts) will need an update to function properly with BDAc 1.0.0! see our developer wiki for technical information on how this works, and what changes are needed to existing radar parts or MM config Most modders are already aware of the required changes, and have already released updates, or will release updates shortly. This includes widely used mods such as: SM-Marine, SM-Armory, MTW, Red vs Blue, NAS, and others. Check the release thread of your parts mods for updates stating compatibility with BDAc 1.0.0. Special thanks & acknowledgements: Special thanks to our test group, and all testers and modders who supported us during our closed and open beta phases!