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  1. Yes, it is limited to 100km (hard coded limit). It currently needs a recompile (like rbda) to extend this.
  2. Update: Preview Build 2 (NEW) Preview Build 2: Changelog: - attempt to fix "stealth exploit" with additional 45° renderings. Can still be defeated, of course, but should be less sensitive to "easy" 45° angles vs all renderings, as it will compute the RCS based on the max return between "flat" zeor degree angle, and the 45° angle. Hence when reducing the flat return, at some point you will have more return from the 45° angle, which then counts (visible in rcs analysis preview).
  3. mmhh, config looks fine. How does it look like in editor, in the part right-click information (while the part is still in the catalogue)? Are the locking capabilities and ranges detected? EDIT: no, config is not fine: after the floatcurves (radarDetectionCurve and radarLockTrackCurve) the closing bracket "}" is on a line with a comment "//", thus it wont be parsed, and the config is not properly formed. Put the "}" on a new line after the last range-rcs block... No, not really. The low rcs value on your craft comes from the bda cockpit's rcs reduction factor, apparently you have increased it a lot, my example MM patch put it at 0.65, you seem to have 0.15 set (or used multiple additional YCSM modules from DCK)...
  4. I did have the need for that already, so I have provisioned a small "extraction feature": if you run the public beta build and turn on "debug labels" in the bda options, then enter sph, it will dump all currently installed guns, missiles and radars into CSV files, to be found under gamedata/bdarmory/plugins/data Maybe they are helpful for your task. Since I have a heavily modded install, I used them to compare configs of items...
  5. Not at the moment, no, but it would be useful also for our sonar/torpedoes...
  6. Well, I am grateful you found this 45 deg exploit, cause this is going into a direction we definitely don't want - and would make bda tournaments difficult as everyone would abuse this... So, we are investigating what can be done about it!
  7. That's an awesome profile pic! I know a guy who's got one just like it!


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      Yours looks very nice, too!

  8. Thanks for testing these extreme cases. Indeed, it is not too great that these 45° only planes can fly and have such good stealth. Franklin, though, to me it is more awkward that they can FLY in this configuration... Regarding over-excessive usage of stealth: that is exactly why our radars have an assured detection range, as mentioned earlier, and we encourage all 3rd party mods to define the same. Lastly, about using actual real-time angles and returns instead of static rcs value: yes, that would be great, but unfortunately it's computationally too expensive. It would slow your frame rates to a crawl. So this system was devised in this way to be performance friendly, though not fully realistic as a trade-off...
  9. 2nd generation stealth (sort of simulating stealth coating) is also supported, via a specifically configured ECM jammer. See our developer documentation on ECM for that. We don't provide an example part in bda, but I have an example MM config for the bda mk22 raptor cockpit, which gives it an rcs reduction effect. For an external example part see doctordavinci's DCK mod, which contains the YCSM part, which acts as a stealth ECM jammer.
  10. It was, until now Its now available to you all as a "public beta", so you can get familiar with the new radar system, and have a chance to adapt your parts before we release...
  11. Have you downloaded our preview release linked in the OP? You should have a mod icon in SPH/VAB for the RCS Analysis Window then... Also, for your parts from SAR and MTW I have already a lot of example MM configs for your radars, its in the file, also on github for download together with our preview build...
  12. All possible with the new system, just someone has to make/config them...
  13. The only change to passive radar / antiradar is, that a radar ping has a limited max distance now. Previously it was basically unlimited. Harm missiles have no changes to how the missile and targeting works.
  14. Please excuse the mail spam, but we are specifically paging the following modders which have known parts with radars (or radar MM patches): @TMasterson5, @Eskandare, @Acea, @LORDPrometheus, @harpwner, @Wraith977, @Themorris, @Next_Star_Industries Please feel free to add/page any fellow modder we forgot to mention here!
  15. Information on BDAc's next release and public beta (MODDERS, PLEASE READ!) With the impending relese of KSP 1.3.1, the BDAc team has been hard at work with the refactor of BDA,and creating some exciting new features. As some of you will already know (those that follow the Git repository) we have a few branches where new features are being implemented. One of these has been tested extensively, and already has some third party mod support, so we are considering releasing a beta version as an open test. For this purpose, we will create a separate beta thread in the development forum for feedback and suggestions from those "brave" souls that wish to play with the latest feature. Our public beta thread is here: Now for what we have been doing. The Feature next on the release schedule is improvements to Radar, and Stealth technology. This is an exciting new feature that realistically implements Stealth into BDA. parts can be designed and vessels can be built in the Editor using the Radar Cross Section (RCS) interface. Now you can tell how your craft will behave against certain radars. As a modder who has created addon parts for BDA, especially radars (either as separate parts or as module manager patches), you are impacted by this new feature and will need to adapt/change your configs/patches! Thus, please visit our development (public beta) thread, where we have compiled some information as well as a beta release for you to get familiar with our changes and make the necessary adaptations.