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  1. But there is, via giving parts such coating capabilities: Or do you envision it to work differently, and if so, how? Position, angle, engine heat variation, and lots of luck...
  2. "stack in efficiency" is not the correct wording to describe it, its like: each radar functions individually on its own. So, having one that is excellent in airborne detection at long range, one that is excellent at ground based detection (low ground clutter factor), and one that is excellent at locking multiple targets, then yes, you have access to all those capabilities at the same time. It is not stacking in that sense because e.g. your long range detection radar might detect targets further away than your super-duper AESA multi-lock radar can track & lock them, meaning you still cannot fire at max detection range. But each individual radar contributes its performance characteristics to the overall vessel, simultaneously, yes.
  3. Has anything changed regarding usage of FloatCurves as KSPFields? While the partmodule compiles fine with KSP 1.4, it is getting a loading error from the part loader: Any (semi-)official advise what needs to be changed? DISREGARD, no changes here, problem was different.
  4. Almost like that, yes, it can see the hottest part of the vessel within the boresight limit of the missile. So it is possible to outmaneuver ir missiles, though difficult...
  5. We dont have any components for that, unfortunately. Since heat is basically using the stock heat system, maybe using alot of radiators might help, although I dont think they have a lot of effect on an engine running on full afterburner...
  6. You may also might have a look at the mod Hangar by allista. This avoids the whole issue with decoupling, as the craft spawns inside the hangar as a new craft. I had some success making (non-flying) aircraft carriers with it...
  7. I can confirm this in my (heavily modded) install as well. Downgrade to 18.2 resolved it. Appears to be excessive garbage generated per frame. EDIT: though from the changes between 18.2 and 18.3 I cannot spot anything suspicious regarding per frame data in the code, mmhh...
  8. Ahhh, I think I am halluzinating... I swear by my dead dog that I do not have the AirPark mod by gomker installed, but somehow in Buffalo this keeps appearing: (imgur) Anyone an idea where this comes from? EDIT: disregard, found it, comes from buffalo config itself... MODULE { name = WBIAirParkController }
  9. And another one ( I know, I am annoying...): The MOLE parts have module WBIResourceDistributor when Pathfinder is installed, however, in the code of the resource distributor there is a check for vessel situation LANDED, otherwise no distribution will happen... Is that intentional? Thus MOLE parts in orbit will never perform resource distribution, although they could...?
  10. Logged your suggestion as issue on our github:
  11. Sure, point is, I am not sure if any of our members has sound effect creation know-how... I know there are a few web sites around which offer royalty free sound effects, its just quite some effort to search for something suitable. If you have any free (as in CC-BY-SA free) sound effect in mind, toss us a link and we'll happily evaluate it!
  12. I believe the MOLE Hab needs the following config addition so that the Blacksmith Workshop is functional (using the pathfinder hab path): (basically same as in ponderosa config)
  13. With USI-LS I am getting some nullrefs ("baseconverter getdeltatime") when activating LifeSupport Recyclers on parts such as WBI_CrewCab. I checked the Recylcer definitions from USI-LS, and have changed the MM_USI.cfg of Buffalo accordingly like this (for parts WBI_CrewCab and WBI_LongPassengerCab): Not quite sure why your old definition (which seemed completely legit) doesnt work any more, and I am too lazy to debug USI-LS right now, so just letting you know if you wanna change the MM patch. I can also send you a pull request if you want, would need to github fork first though...
  14. Pestering all bda related threads, especially CLOSED ones, with your request won't help your case...