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  1. Seems to be a stock bug affectung all sort of fuel switchers (not only configurable containers, but also ifs, firespitter, wbi, ...). I just happened to notice first with CC: I have filed a bug report with squad: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26988
  2. Indeed. I am running most of the USI stuff, most of Nertea's things, and many wildblue mods. Nertea's mods, especially station parts, always fully supported USI-LS and integrate very well. With his latest things (farfuture) you have to carefully look if you want to switch over to the systemheat approach (heating topic) and the space dust (resource distribution topic). That could potentially conflict with usi, or you have 2 things running side by side. Wildblue is a different story, but i have my own solution for that.
  3. Yeah, honestly, I am also curious, and dont have a clear idea where it'll be going with that topic. In general my idea is more to adapt Pathfinder etc to USI, as that is my "leading" setup. So in the near future i suppose i'll be adding USI konfrabricator to WBI mods that currently have OSE workshop, and thus add stock inventory space (if angel-125 is not going that route anyway). We'll see
  4. And it is now on CKAN! Lots of thanks to @HebaruSanfor making this possible. Due to him CKAN now recognizes and supports conflict-free installation of WBI Playmodes!
  5. The only thing that stands out in the logs is a fsfuelswitch error about parsing a resource amount, and i believe that shouldnt be there. Could you maybe just replace the bundled firespitter with a fresh version from the individual mks download?
  6. Not discounting Nertea's work, but for me it doesnt work very well (doesnt account for a lot of ec consumers) and is a frequent source of nullref spams in my logs...
  7. Please forgive me, I am cross-posting this from @allista's configurable containers, see Posts #1 and #2: I am experiencing an oddity with KSP 1.11 and mods that can switch tank contents, such as CC and IFS: * if a tank content is switched to something other than its original contents, then the resources drained in VAB, vessel launched & immediately recovered, the recovery funds are off - part value for the recovered tank can even go negative in case of expensive resources such as from the community resource kit, but can be verified with stock resources such as MonoProp. Hence you
  8. More observations and more weirdness: 1. Stock install (no configurable containers): Rockomax X32, LFO, resources emptied before launch, launc+immediate recovery: ->The recovery funds are 100% correct 2. With Configurable Containers (otherwise just stock): Rockomax X32, 100% as LFO tank, resources emptied before launch, launc+immediate recovery: ->The recovery funds are 100% correct 3. With Configurable Containers (otherwise just stock): Rockomax X32, 100% as MonoProp tank, resources emptied before launch, launc+immediate recovery: ->The recovery funds are incorrect (n
  9. Something is extremely fishy in KSP 1.11... See also screenshots: * configure a tank with an expensive resource. (Vessel price with FLT400 full of rare metals would be >300.000 kredits) * empty the tank. vessel will cost a few bucks * launch vessel, immediately recover from launchpad. I get a negative refund, effectively I have to "pay" for over 300k in "missing" rare metals...!! what! Actually, I am not even sure that is related to Configurable Containers - seems more like a KSP bug. Anyone can confirm/having seen that?
  10. At least in USILS this represents the complete LifeSupport supplies: meals, water, oxygen, toothpaste, ... I find it more unrealistic (too easy) that supplies->mulch is mass conserving. But it is a reasonable abstraction.
  11. I am "a bit" late to the party, but if anyone is still interested, here you go...
  12. @m4v its analyzed: You could indeed not repro it, because in MOLE's "standard playmode" after installalation, "ClassicStock", the engine (Fulcrum in this case) is configured as a multi-mode engine, and indeed has 2 usable modes. So no problem here (see screenshot #1). If the playmode is changed, e.g. to "CRP", then there is a problem on the engine config: it is still declared in the part config as multi-mode, but has actually only one usable mode. This confuses RCSBuidlAid and leads to that nullref spam (see screenshot #2). Showing the situation: 1) no problem, and 2) problem
  13. Interesting, i'll have a more detailed look in a trimmed down install (currently at 80+ mods, not good for finding root causes...). Will get back to u!
  14. update: playmode switching may not be good for ckan in case of updates, sorry...
  15. Getting VAB nullref spam with the latest 1.0.4 version, but for some engines only (all mod delivered ones, such as the "Fulcrum" engine from WildBlueIndustries MOLE). In the log it says: [EXC 18:27:46.863] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object RCSBuildAid.EngineForce.getThrust () (at <d47c6305c5d444f8ac716df736136b89>:0) RCSBuildAid.EngineForce.getThrust (System.Boolean asl) (at <d47c6305c5d444f8ac716df736136b89>:0) RCSBuildAid.EngineForce.Update () (at <d47c6305c5d444f8ac716df736136b89>:0) RCSBuildAid.MultiModeEngineForce.U
  16. ## Community “Playmode USI” for Wild Blue Industries mods ## What is does I love the Wild Blue Industries (WBI) mods – MOLE, DSEV, Pathfinder, Buffalo. Great models, useful parts, attention to detail, and lots of good ideas which enhance my gameplay experience, such as the configurable templates. In all my long-term career saves I am also pretty much committed to the Community Resource Pack and Umbra Space Industries (USI) ecosystems, particularly Life Support and Kolonization. Most of the parts I am using (e.g. lots of Nertea’s stuff) have some support or compatibility for
  17. Basically yes, just for OPM, gotta check if indeed that has been updated, that'd be godsend
  18. Lots of mods used to have beautiful and great kspedia pages. Then, in 1.5 or 1.7 or so, the required internal format somewhat changed, and as creating and updating thes kspedia pages is a massive pain to do, most mods have not yet bothered to do so. I especially miss the opm deltav maps, but you gotta live with it (unless you know unity and wanna help out the modders)...
  19. Oh, I should have mentioned: it works absolutely fine in a newly created save, spawning asteroids and comets. I guess I'll try manually cleaning up my old save's sfs file and will remove any potatoroid vessel, and maybe also alter the rng seeds, maybe that'll help...
  20. Sorry if this is already a known issue: using this bleeding edge version for 1.10.1 with latest OPM on an pre-existing save (from ksp 1.8 times, or maybe even older). All asteroids that were spawned have meanwhile disappeared, and no new ones are spawing (also no comets). In KSP.log I noticed: - absolutely no mentioning of anything like "new asteroid" or "new object found", or something called "spawner", ... - the following two lines (in scenes like tracking station, flight) may be related to the problem [LOG 17:40:48.279] [Kopernicus] ScenarioDiscoverableObjects succe
  21. But there is, via giving parts such coating capabilities: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/wiki/1.2.4-ECM-configuration-&amp;-stealth Or do you envision it to work differently, and if so, how? Position, angle, engine heat variation, and lots of luck...
  22. "stack in efficiency" is not the correct wording to describe it, its like: each radar functions individually on its own. So, having one that is excellent in airborne detection at long range, one that is excellent at ground based detection (low ground clutter factor), and one that is excellent at locking multiple targets, then yes, you have access to all those capabilities at the same time. It is not stacking in that sense because e.g. your long range detection radar might detect targets further away than your super-duper AESA multi-lock radar can track & lock them, meaning you st
  23. Has anything changed regarding usage of FloatCurves as KSPFields? While the partmodule compiles fine with KSP 1.4, it is getting a loading error from the part loader: Any (semi-)official advise what needs to be changed? DISREGARD, no changes here, problem was different.
  24. Almost like that, yes, it can see the hottest part of the vessel within the boresight limit of the missile. So it is possible to outmaneuver ir missiles, though difficult...
  25. We dont have any components for that, unfortunately. Since heat is basically using the stock heat system, maybe using alot of radiators might help, although I dont think they have a lot of effect on an engine running on full afterburner...
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