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  1. Highlight the next 3 lines below: Do not edit anything else EXCEPT the font color. You MUST change it to white (the right and downmost selection as seen in the font color selection screen). You may post anything you would like (pictures,gifs,text of course, etc.) Let it begin! leedle leedle leedle!
  2. Just to generally increase the amount of kerbals. Nothing special, just more kerbals for me to use.
  3. I'm looking for a mod that brings in more kerbals than there are already are in the stock game. I want more kerbals than what the game offers so if any of you know a mod that features the ability to bring in more kerbals, reply to this post so I may know.
  4. Thank you Malah for fixing it. I've been dying to see this mod compatible with the Lazor Systems!! +1 rep for you!
  5. thirty two! Join the negative force! capitals don't work for me here.
  6. Thank you Malah for fixing it. I've been dying to see this mod compatible with the Lazor Systems!! +1 rep for you!
  7. Oh ok thanks and so if I download this version of this mod, it will work for both 0.25 and 0.90 versions of KAS and KSP?
  8. I don't see any indication on the first post of what version this mod is in? (0.90 or 0.25)
  9. -34 I'm sending this message using Internet Explorer (please don't be at -35 or -33 by the time it gets here) I would also like to inform all of you that there will be a controversy over net neutrality in the following year. NEGATIVE FTW!!
  10. After some testing I've done, I've discovered that the Lazor System mod, with or without the missiles extension, makes the QuickSearch mod inoperational. I've launched KSP without the missiles extension, even though it won't help at all since it is the LS mod that causes this problem, not the extension. Anyway, here is the list of the mods I use. List of Mods I Use B9 Aerospace Active Texture Management Adjustable wheels by BahamutoD BDArmory Boat Parts by InfiniteDice Hangar Extender by ssnjo (if i didn't misspell it) Hyperedit Infernal Robotics KAS KAX MechJeb ModuleManager Procedural Wings
  11. Whenever I try to type and search for a part in the QuickSearch box that the mod brings into the VAB/SPH, it doesn't do anything and just stays blank. Then if I want to manually pick the part, it wouldn't let me because I can't switch tabs. It seems as if whenever I try to type and then switch tabs, it locks me in the current one (For example,Fuel,then use the QuickSearch bar, then the tab will lock). The most recent mods I've installed were Kerbal Foundries Wheels and the Lazor System, but I also had the QuickSearch mod installed way before I've installed these. I don't want to play KSP witho
  12. Fortunately, this situation has now ended and I finally am able to run RT on KSP. Thanks to all who have helped my problem, I really acknowledge all of your attention to all of you for your patience and care. +1 rep to all of you! - - - Updated - - - (Only to the ones who helped so not the ones who were also having problems)
  13. To anyone who is confused: Master Tao is saying that the x86 version of ATM (aggressive in this case) is the corresponding "bit type?" to a 64-bit OS. If it was the x64 version of ATM then the corresponding OS would then need to be a 32-bit. So you should only be worried you're ATM or OS "bit type" doesn't correspond to either the ATM bit or your OS bit. 64-bit OS = x86 ATM (aggressive or basic) 32-bit OS = x64 ATM (aggressive or basic) Also thanks, I didn't know that OpenGL was unstable, Master Tao. Should I make a new thread covering this situation to anyone who is having the same one as I h
  14. No I do not use 64-bit KSP but I do use 86x ATM and I have solved the problem. For some reason, the cause was OpenGL. It seems very strange and I would like a solution to that as well but it appears to be a very complex problem seeing that any archive related to ATM and ATM itself was not the cause of the original problem. Should I have x64 or x86 ATM? - - - Updated - - - I have also deleted all .cfg files with ATM before the .cfg.
  15. Yes that worked thanks so much I was on the bleeding edge of just quitting on the whole installation for RT!!! +1 Rep to you sir!!
  16. OK I am way too confused, can someone just tell me a step-by-step tutorial on How to install RetroFuture? I'd like it in this format. 1. Open RT directory. 2. Delete the ATM.cfg in RetroFuture/Patches /RF_ATMPatch (as martinezfg11 said) I know I've missed some steps here but I would like someone to post a reply/new thread addressing this issue. Even as far as making a video would be appreciated. - - - Updated - - - I forgot to say I've downloaded the x86 aggressive version of ATM and ran the game without RT.
  17. Problem after problem, I've got the steam version of KSP btw. This is what happened after I have installed ATM aggressive version. And this is not with OpenGL. And this is the screen after you've clicked on Start Game.
  18. Just in case here is my crash log, because I just wanna be sure. https://mega.co.nz/#!6BUVEChB!EVCyQIPdafNSIhEg0LlzZekq-p8Iadla940gaNR1pEE
  19. And what if we had those? Then what? I got the firespitter.cfg and .dll but now what? Is there some specific version we need to use of Firespitter?
  20. Unfortunately, nothing is working against the problem I'm facing. Whenever I launch KSP (OpenGL or non-OpenGL) it crashes every time it gets to load the RetroFuture files in GameData. But without the files for RT, it works just fine. I have a thread created for this problem, reply here with your solutions: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/110132-KSP-keeps-crashing-with-RetroFuture EDIT: Yes I appear to be having the same problem as Tidus Klein and everybody else, something must be done I really think this mod is amazing and urgently would like to try it out but can't because of ths.
  21. And no I was not running OpenGL or the agressive version of ATM.
  22. Thanks for the tips and I am still open to other's answers but for now
  23. I want the mod RetroFuture but whenever I try to load the game, it crashes at the part where it loads all of RT (it loads a slight amount in the begininng). I cannot fix this problem and hope anyone out there would try and help so here are my specs and the mods I use. Specs Acer Aspire R14 (Laptop) 6 GB RAM 1 TB HDD Intel i5 - 4210U @ 1.70 ghz ~ 2.4 Intel HD graphics family (yes I know what that graphics card is capable of but who cares XD) Windows 8.1 Mods I use in KSP B9 Aerospace Active Texture Management Adjustable wheels by BahamutoD BDArmory Boat Parts by InfiniteDice Hangar Extender by
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