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  1. Deinonychus 1-D engine uses fuel at a ratio that does not match the Interstellar fuel tanks: I have 7936/23929 LqdMethane left and 0/20569 LqdOxygen left.
  2. Can someone post a patch file to replace all the broken models including the Orbital Supercollider please? Oh and I think I figured out my earlier problem with the Lab + Supercollider: After upgrading to "Scientific Outposts" I now have a "Collect Data" button on the Science Laboratory. Edit: Nope, that ain't it.... Supercollider doesn't appear to have any purpose. Collect data is for Scanning from the lab, not from the supercollider.
  3. Supercollider is still unusable. How is this supposed to be used? I launched it, it does create data, but I have no way of taking the data off the collider and putting in my lab so I can do research. Right-click when in EVA only gives the Deploy option. And as above MASSIVE LAG. Switching focus to the craft with one, Warping with focus , or orbital rendezvous ... < 1 fps.
  4. Thanks to tweakscale I can get around the power problem by using a tiny molten salt for power, so I'm ok with needing an upgrade for electrical power. The buoyancy effect would explain the exact opposite of what I'm seeing. (I see thrust vary directly with throttle, not inversely). AND, Any buoyancy effect should only kick in when greater than 1 G, otherwise the reactor wouldn't function at all on the surface of a Kerbin. After you upgrade, does its electrical output reduce under acceleration?
  5. I actually am talking about the "Gas Core Reactor"(in game)/"Open Cycle Gas Core" (Table), but now I see they both have the same issue according to the table. The Reactor table does not appear to match the pricing or names of what's in game. I think what you're referring to what in-game is called the "Closed Cycle Gas Core Engine". That explains the no-power issue, any explanation for why the ISP varies directly with throttle? (It plays havoc with the Delta-v displays in Mech-Jeb)
  6. Playing career mode, just unlocked Gas Core reactor (High Efficiency Nuclear Propulsion). The gas core reactor with thermal rocket nozzle runs 700 ISP in vacuum at low throttle, and 1900 at full throttle. Why is this? Oh, and is there a reason the Gas Core reactor cannot be attached to a generator?
  7. I looked at the the contract, and it wants the "part = KspiLANTRUpgrade". I do have improved nuclear propulsion: Tech { id = improvedNuclearPropulsion state = Available cost = 550 part = KspiLANTRUpgrade part = KspiLightbulb part = TweakableThermalRocketNozzle part = TweakableThermalTurbojet } but when I place the part in the editor, I get the KspiLANTR, i.e. the non-upgraded part. I edited the part on the rocket sitting on the launch pad, did "run test" and
  8. Yes I do, I think you're on to something. I don't see this "LATERN" though. So running the test on the upgraded engine doesn't work because the contract is for the basic version?
  9. Just got a contract to "Test NERVA landed at Kerbin". slapped a pod, tank, and the NERVA (not LV-N, which would be called NERV) engine down, run the test and no contract completion. I thought it was interesting that the engine turned on when I ran the test. I tried staging, tried the LV-N just in case, nothin.
  10. Anyone else notice a weird snapping issue with the 2.5m Liquid fuel tank? I have to flip the second one upside down to snap below the first one.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_detonation_engine Could they be more efficient than rocket engines?
  12. Could we get a really large solar panel and really large heat radiator? That seems to be a big hole in construction of LKO solar power satellites. Maybe use a modification of the solar sail model? Or does tweakscale take care of this?
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_splitting At 3000C, 50% of the water will be disassociated. Does this come into play?
  14. Northstar: Did you calculate ISP/Thrust figures for Water in a thermal nozzle? I'm curious.
  15. I have terawatts of free energy just lying around, efficiency is not the problem, MASS is the problem. As far as getting more non-combustible nitrogen, that's awesome: Liquefy the oxygen to fill my tanks, and use the nitrogen for thrust in my thermal powered (non-combustion) engine. You don't need combustion to get thermal expansion of a gas: you need heat.
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