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  1. @Cupcake... your Moth fits perfect in my new Minmus Colony. Perched atop the highest spire.
  2. Congrats on release, these look amazing im usually not a fan of things that aren't stock-alike but the look and detailing on these are great.
  3. Made one also in stock aero game then tweaked in it in FAR and imported back into stock for the pics.
  4. Security Post Clarke was overdue its upgrade and expansion, "the Pits" is now joined by what's now being called by those allowed in "the Heights". Twin Taxi spots, 4 smaller Landing Pads 1-Left to 4-Right on the lower deck, 4 Medium Landing Pads 5-Left to 8-Right although these are mainly used as large Landing Platforms 9-Left and 10-Right. Pits Bar on lower and Heights Bar on upper levels. New power core and generators behind main hub. Two ReFuel Docking Rings Primary and Secondary I managed to get the part count down to just over 400, Welding wa
  5. My modest creation from version 1 to version 2 modified for part count. Security Post Clarke otherwise known as The Pit" and not for any good reason other than its a s***hole. "The Pit" the local wild life has some unexpected visitors, not sure it was designed for this much traffic tongue emoticon. Might have a chance now at gettting some repairs done and some expansion pads. Joining the Taxi and the Single Seater Javelin, is its bigger brother twin engine Swingfire looking for the next "dogfight" to get mixed in with. The sleek Brimstone that dwarfs the others two m
  6. I've done a lot of reading but the information I've got nothing to apply or relate it to. What the difference between the Cross Sectional Are Curve and Curvature Cross Sectional Area curve. I understand how the Green line is calculated by lateral cross section area not the yellow, does it have something to do with Sears-Haack body. The Blue line is air pressure so im expecting a positive spike at the nose followed by negative then shouldn't there be another positive spike on the leading edge and trailing edge, im thinking where the mach cones would be created or has this line something
  7. Has anyone got a working Skylon lookalike working. I'm a FAR noob. I've got the basics like area ruling down but i've nothing to compare mine to in terms of Cl and Cd figures along with what speeds / altitude should be stable at. Along with TWR's for FAR.
  8. Mk3 inlines can't wait too see this will it be standard size either end or Mk3 to 2.5m or Mk3 or both.
  9. AirBrakes wrap 8 or so round that tail and mainsail even if it is for looks, i don't need to use airbrakes unless im landing using the below. Drop periapsis to 50km roughly above where you want to land, you have MechJeb so this is easy, open Smart.A.S.S - SURF - SURF again heading 90 pitch 30-35 roll 0. SAS will try to hold a 30-35 pitch up into the atmosphere giving you a nice long steady glide. RCS can help hold this. Any lower than 40km peri for a big heavy craft and you smash into the thicker atmo real fast , the above will be a long burn with plenty of aerobraking in the high thinner atm
  10. I've put hundreds of hours in KSP nut never tried something like that, my spaceplanes are better than my rockets, rockets i've usually forgot something. That looks badass, gotta give that a go myself. I might have to try replicate this, download burn together and take 2-3 Mk3 SpacePlanes into orbit with full cargo bays, tweak a my Mk1 to fit a nuke on them. I take it Duna with its thinner atmosphere needs are larger wing area???
  11. Tourist Contracts round the Mun and Minmus built a 2.5m lander to hold 5 plus abaltor, decoupler, fuel, poddle, lander legs and RCS, looking good 3km/s delta v sweet added a cool Halo ODST nose with air brakes and parachutes. Throwing this into orbit time after time gets expensive dumping mainsails and skippers to burn up. I wonder could i use the Mk.3 SpacePlane, the Tourist Taxi fits into the cargobay nicely. Wait a sec disable the fuel on the taxi don't wanna end up in orbit only to find out the Mk3 used the taxi fuel. Launch. 80km later, undock Taxi, no solar panels. De-orbit both. SPH -
  12. Perhaps using the world "suitable" wasn't the right word to use with Valentina, find something suitable to take to Minmus. A Concorde(esque) SpaceSpane. No Val thats not what suitable means...
  13. What is the worst or most difficult rocket or spaceplane you've tried to dock to a spacestation or another craft. This was a pain to dock. Made this for bouncing round the planet and high altitude contracts, its a sort of Concorde, wish i could fill the wings with fuel. The spacestation i put in orbit by mounting the same wings and tail on it.
  14. I'd bring the centre of mass a little further forward, they are close now with a little fuel use the CoM will shift behind the CoL and it'll flip, switch the Docking Port and Monopropellant tank around that should shift the weight around enough. And bin the radial intakes not really worth it.
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