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  1. I have to agree, I don't know how the tank and engine masses have been rebalanced, but now there is no delta v gain from switching to cryogenic engines.
  2. Even in sandbox, with all part upgrades enabled, Procedural Avionics shows only the booster configuration.
  3. Just updated to version 0.53, for some reason the Procedural Avionics works only as booster, the other configuration don't show up.
  4. For some reason all kontainers don't show up in editor despite me having latest versions of USI Core and CCK. Any ideas?
  5. Or you could use the mk1 crew cabin as an earlier, less capable version of the Hitchhiker hab.
  6. Thank you for bringing this mod into the 1.1 era. I'd like to add my voice for keeping this mod partless. It keeps it light and makes adding and removing it from installs easy and painless. Together with the simplicity of managing a single recourse, this makes Snacks a perfect entry level Life Support mod, As for recycling there is a way to simulate open cycle recycling by introducing a part that reduces the rate at which the kerbals consume snacks. Since snacks represent all kebal need we can say that this part is equipped with device that fully recyclers water and oxygen so that you need to
  7. I have a very strange problem with Real Fuels and the 64bit workaround. The mod works fine in 32bit but when I installed it in a 64bit install it doesn't work at all. If someone had similar problem and knows a solution please share. P.S. problem solved thanks to KSP x64 Total Unfixer
  8. Kiwa, if you use USI-LS why do you even need supplies on a lander? The kerbals can last 15 day without supplies, so for a quick visit on the surface the lander does not need any supplies and for a longer than 15 days stay you'll need a base, even if it's a small one.
  9. My mistake, the ReplacementPartAmount is for the wearing out of the hab parts.
  10. The only stock part that includes recycler is the Mobile Lab
  11. That is because the habitation mechanic is switched off by default. You have to enable it in the Settings.cgf file. The relevant line is ReplacementPartAmount.
  12. On the question of balance between USI-LS and UKS, I think that the huge difference in basic rate of consumption of supplies between the two mods renders the Nom-O-Matics useless if both UKS and USI-LS are installed. Since UKS seems well balanced, a way to mitigate that irrelevance could be to increase the rate of supply consumption in USI-LS to one third or a half of the basic rate in UKS and adjust the Nom-O-Matics accordingly. That way these two parts will still be useful with UKS installed without really competing with UKS' native parts. That could also be good for those players who use CT
  13. One little note, when I try and recycle a part that gives off Exotic Minerals or Rare Metals in a craft that lacks the appropriate container, the Recycler freezes until I add such a container. I think it would be helpful to add the ability to store small amounts of these substances to the recycling parts to avoid that or explicitly recommend adding such containers to the craft in the part description.
  14. I think Space Cowboy meant Super-Sonic Transport.
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