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  1. Just uploaded release 0.8, see OP. Thanks alot to @pamidur for contribution.
  2. I always wondered if that could happen during trans-wherever-injections or coming from far out for aerobraking. Only one day I've seen a marker rushing by and could catch a number about 1 km. I only ever crashed into something after undocking from my equatorial station and not looking for the station doing my burns I seldom use multiple version scanning the same topic. Usually I have 3 scanner vessels per body at 750, 250 and 150 km polar orbits, so they never come close. I like to launch them in a bundle so they even are in the same plane. As for the dozenS that include passive satellites, but about one dozen is active and really needs my attention from time to time. Like in between trans-minmus-injection and orbit-insertion around minmus there are many days to do multiple launches to LKO or hopping from anomaly to anomaly on mun or something like that. Of course you need Kerbal Alarm Clock for such managing. And it turns out if there is about an hour of time to the next alarm, I'm looking for such things to do next, not "wasting time just waiting". Sometimes it turns out having two maneuvers same time, then you need to decide wich one can just wait another orbit. And before doing a reentry burn I need to look if there are no maneuvers planned for the next 30min. I remember DMagic telling that disabling those scanning devices via right click menu is better than turning of "background" scanning for a whole body. I once wondered why BTDT does not give names to my anomalies I visited after having 100% of the map, it was because this also belongs to "background" scanning and was turned off.
  3. As for 1.4 we need to wait for 1.4.1 and all the wanted mods I think. Maybe 1.4 changed too much to merge an old career from 1.0 that survived up to 1.3.1 now? Got it downloaded but didn't look into yet. Every time I got stuck into micromanaging my space agency having dozens of flights running... And every time I'm almost going to finally visit another planet for my very first time, a new version forces me to start from scratch and doing mun and minmus over and over... :-( I had that 0.23 to 0.23.5 career, started scansating moho, no kerbals yet. Then a 0.90 career, no interplanetary at all. And now that 1.0 to 1.3.1 career in the very ends of year 1, Jeb and his team half way to duna now... Concerning my problem I found the conflicting mod: AutoLoadGame! If I have this xor ScanSat it works, but together ScanSat looses :-(
  4. Anyone else solved a problem with toolbar button not showing up? I just commented on github issues. As now 1.4 is out it is time that I merge from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1 :-)
  5. Mythos

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    Oh well, I may never notice such kind of problems, as by design I always install games to something like c:\games, just a normal folder that behaves normally instead of having complicated things going on with c:\program files I added a warning message to KML for such cases, will be included in next release.
  6. Mythos

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    @EwingKang I could not see where the problem is. I loaded your save with KML, fixed all problems, then reloaded the save in KSP 1.3.1 and then I could undock. Here is the save after the fix before undocking: EwingKang_fixed.sfs
  7. I made some progress and implemented part deletion for any part that's not parent to other parts. This would usually mean any outermost parts. I didn't like the idea to click delete on one part and causing some chain reaction to delete all dependent parts, worst case all parts but root. Of course you can delete your way forward step by step (easiest done in the graph view in vessels tab). This would fit my needs... Would it fit yours? Not released yet, but it's in the preview build (the ZIP mentioned on bottom of OP). in this version has some issues with false positive virus warning with Windows Defender. Didn't find a solution, maybe solved after more code changes, see
  8. I also think this would be handy, but as you said it is difficult. As KML is still pre-release I might add more standard features first. Like copy & paste of anything or deletion of parts (this is related to the root part problem and might get difficult also and would lead to having the root change just a little more work). I personally changed root part in my own save recently like that (KIS/KAS connection linking and unlinking caused root to be the KAS-port pointing sideways): dock your problematic vessel to a station (watch out for the problem vessel being docker and the station or whatever other ship being dockee). save and open with KML navigate to that docking connection, identify all related parts (both docking ports and the part you want to be root, and maybe the part that is current root) by part number and UID on the docker side the part will contain a MODULE (ModuleDockingNode) and a DOCKEDVESSEL node therein There you should check the "vesselName" to be your problematic docker vessel and then just change the "rootUId" to your liked part UID save in KML and reload in KSP undock and KSP will reorder the parts for you to have the given part the new root This does not sound correct. The save .sfs file is independent from any .craft file, because it already contains all vessel connection information. This is why some people have the need for a tool to get .craft files out of vessels within a .sfs file. Maybe they launched unsaved vessels and later want to reload them to the VAB.
  9. Thank you for teaching me something new about docking. I understand the problem and got your savefile to reproduce it. For the moment it seems complicated to rework the docking test for multiple docks per part. I could just not check such ports and so skip that warning. But that is not my intention, KML should rather do more checks if it would understand multiple docking ports. But I can assure that you can ignore that warning and use KML for editing such a savefile. The docking information will stay as it is. You just should not try to use the repair-feature on any docking warning with such a multiple dock involved on one side. As I said about warnings on KAS ports... Not all mod parts are supported and you should read warnings about mod parts like "there is something about that part KML does not understand". And if you know it's due to a mod, than ignore those warnings. I intended to support KAS ports, but also did not found the time to do so far.
  10. For the moment KML can load craft-files because it was no big deal. But any check for problems does only work for savegames so far. Now I know about this possible bug, I may add a check for this.
  11. Mythos

    KSP monitor switching

    I'm currently in test stage to migrate my savefile from 1.1.3 to 1.2.2 so I have both versions running. Today I started KSP 1.1 and was quite irritated that it refused to start as usual but on my second monitor instead. Playing around with some windows settings (that I did not touch beforehand) did not change that behavior. Testing other games told me its a KSP issue only. Starting KSP 1.2 again I was quite surprised that it started on the primary monitor. Finally I searched the registry, having some hidden windows settings in mind, but instead I found "HKCU\Software\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\UnitySelectMonitor_somenumber = 0" I then changed the value from 0 to 1. And that did the trick and switched KSP 1.1 back to primary monitor. But then I noticed KSP 1.2 is now running on second monitor... How funny, both have exact opposite monitor preferences To clean things up I just renamed that registry key and tested again. Conclusion is KSP 1.1 did not have that registry property at all, it appears when KSP 1.2 is started first time. But when it is there also KSP 1.1 does his thing with it, which is just the opposite thing you'd expect. Just telling you in case someone else encounters this problem as well...
  12. For some errors I noticed you need to fix in KML, open the new save in KSP (maybe do something like try to undock), save again and then fix with KML a second time. Maybe it was one of those.
  13. I started to migrate my own save from 1.1.3 to 1.2.2. Still not done with that but managed to have 1.2.2 working with all the mods I use. First tests are looking good for continuing the save. I realized the new vessel types plane and relay, at least this has to be represented in KML. So I made this little change, not touching all those more important points from the TODO. Time for that will come one day... Pre-Release 0.7.2 is now on GitHub and OP updated.
  14. Mythos

    Can't Undock Bug, How To Fix

    I've read many rumors about the rules for this, but the mass theory is new to me. I can't explain exactly what is happening, but my experience tells it has to do with which ship was build latest (the older ship likes to be dockee) and the type of the ships (stations tend to be dockee and such). Confirmed. If you know what you're doing, deletion of broken content is often the fix.
  15. Can you explain what KML has identified but could not repair?