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  1. About GitHub I found out, that I could use a link to ../releases/latest if and only if there were full (non-pre-release) releases. And then the assets would start expanded again. I will think about dropping the pre-release tag as it feels close to 1.0 anyways. Playing around with this I built in a online check for updates (which of course is of no use yet, so not worth a preview build). For the paranoid among you: Yes KML will soon call home, but it will only get a JSON from GitHub and not put anything.
  2. Just uploaded release 0.8.1, see OP. GitHub now thinks it's a good idea that you need an additional click to expand "Assets" And it seems like something on the forum prevents me from specifying new keyboard command as "Left" in square brackets in OP?!
  3. First, thanks to all for the encouraging replies every now and then The suggested in-game solution should have done the trick for your task. Having multi-select seems pretty straight-forward for deletion, but causes issues with other actions from context menu. The whole menu and details view would have to adapt and in most cases somehow come up with some interpretation of what you mean by that for multiple entries… and would probably be often wrong in this guess. So I'd rather not go with multi-select. But you definitely made a point on that. I've just put a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts in together with the copy & paste for attributes and a total rework of the kerbals details view to have the attribute editing equal to the one on the tree tab. I'll think over and then make a new release soon.
  4. Having another look now I also wonder why you have [63] surface-attached to [9]. Did you build [7] first and then start your payload from there, so put [87] to [7], then [86] to [87] and so on? The numbering tells you didn't. But this would be the way that works. It rather looks you have picked a tank [63] and just tried to place it somewhere in the cargo bay [9], finally having it surface-attached to it. And then build the payload from there on in two directions. Finally managing to have the front dock optically aligned with the bay-dock. But that is not how it works. Dealing with payload you also like to have built it separately (to see only its stats) and then save it as subassembly. In such a case you have to make sure that so dock where you want it do dock with the bay must be the root part. When loading sub to your shuttle you will have the whole thing sticking to your mouse and should connect it to the dock, probably by forcing node-attachment with the alt-key. You can see what parts are connected by the parts that are highlighted during placement. Those are some hints I have for building payload. I hope it helps.
  5. If you edit with KML it asks if you really want to overwrite an existing file creates a backup file named zKMLBACKUP<timestamp>-<original filename>.sfs But of course managing your copies by yourself and having names like "docking_broken", "partially_fixed" and whatnot is easier to handle and restore from If you only fumbled around a single vessel you also could just delete tho whole vessel and the incompatibility should be gone, not necessary to start a new game.
  6. Those docking problems tend to be not so quick to explain Maybe this post may help you to get your undock button. Even after fixing the structural problem, KSP often needs a little help about which context buttons to enable: About the question if this problem could be invoked by wrong building: If I look at your screenshots I would rather concentrate on part [7], a docking port that is node-attached to the root [0] and has another part [8] node-attached to it. So if both sides of the dock are occupied, where should you dock to it? Maybe you placed part [8] to it and used the move-tool so that is placed further away and it looks like the dock is now free to go. But KSP tricks you then, it really is a problem that the link goes to that node. I think I've seen such kind of problems multiple times. If you think [63] should not be radially attached to [9] this also sounds like a situation that I find KSP to have problems with: Usually we think of a vessel like a tree structure, anything new either node- or radial-attached to something existing. But then you dock things together where the ports were radially attached. And then the problem comes when we have a new tree where now the first thing to see is the dock and another tank or so links "radially attached BY" to existing parts, the other way round like the normal "radially attached TO" link. This is a type of connection that's rare for single vessels (can happen in VAB only with the change root tool) and I think causes problems with docking.
  7. No, orientation of the vessel in flight has nothing to do with it. It's the way it is oriented in the VAB.
  8. Oh well, now I see the dimension of this problem The connection that does the real dockee-docker thing and not the same-vessel-docking thing is also melt into the parent-child structure of your part tree. Sounds reasonable that this influences fuel flow. But because of the parent-part-tree it's not as easy as changing the same-vessel-dockings to be dockee-docker and vice versa. The structure drawing tries to keep up-down connections in the up-down manner with dark green lines, but left, right, front, back (wherever those are) in a X-shape with light green lines around some center part. And then the yellow lines stand for surface attachment, also arranged in X-shape with many legs. But then, when the space gets full, parts are just placed at free slots in the grid-structure and then it gets messy. I think it is not a good visualization for more than five things docked together, it gets really messy quite fast. In most cases once you have identified one part of a substructure the other parts of that substructure are the neighboring part numbers. You would like to have all parts of a substructure highlighted? At the moment I am spending not enough time in KML development. But maybe this idea sticks in my mind and I may try that out.
  9. What is part #14 meant to do? In this case I would advise to delete part #14 and change #13 to "ready" so it looks like any of the functioning ports. To fix just the docking problem and keep the vessel at it is, have you tried the repair function in the right click menu of the parts? If repair is not available, it is a bit tedious to set this up manually. I may give some advise, only if really needed. As far as I remember, the "aquire" state happens during the docking process. So it looks like this mess happened while a docking attempt that somehow did not finish correctly in part structure concerns.
  10. In my experience it remembers where you opened last time just by windows functionality, that was always convenient to me. And I rarely install games in program data which I still consider a good advice. Most users will need to find their steam library anyway (I bought KSP standalone). So the first time opening KML will always need hunting down your save dir in some fashion. Second time already does not.
  11. Just uploaded release 0.8, see OP. Thanks alot to @pamidur for contribution.
  12. I always wondered if that could happen during trans-wherever-injections or coming from far out for aerobraking. Only one day I've seen a marker rushing by and could catch a number about 1 km. I only ever crashed into something after undocking from my equatorial station and not looking for the station doing my burns I seldom use multiple version scanning the same topic. Usually I have 3 scanner vessels per body at 750, 250 and 150 km polar orbits, so they never come close. I like to launch them in a bundle so they even are in the same plane. As for the dozenS that include passive satellites, but about one dozen is active and really needs my attention from time to time. Like in between trans-minmus-injection and orbit-insertion around minmus there are many days to do multiple launches to LKO or hopping from anomaly to anomaly on mun or something like that. Of course you need Kerbal Alarm Clock for such managing. And it turns out if there is about an hour of time to the next alarm, I'm looking for such things to do next, not "wasting time just waiting". Sometimes it turns out having two maneuvers same time, then you need to decide wich one can just wait another orbit. And before doing a reentry burn I need to look if there are no maneuvers planned for the next 30min. I remember DMagic telling that disabling those scanning devices via right click menu is better than turning of "background" scanning for a whole body. I once wondered why BTDT does not give names to my anomalies I visited after having 100% of the map, it was because this also belongs to "background" scanning and was turned off.
  13. As for 1.4 we need to wait for 1.4.1 and all the wanted mods I think. Maybe 1.4 changed too much to merge an old career from 1.0 that survived up to 1.3.1 now? Got it downloaded but didn't look into yet. Every time I got stuck into micromanaging my space agency having dozens of flights running... And every time I'm almost going to finally visit another planet for my very first time, a new version forces me to start from scratch and doing mun and minmus over and over... :-( I had that 0.23 to 0.23.5 career, started scansating moho, no kerbals yet. Then a 0.90 career, no interplanetary at all. And now that 1.0 to 1.3.1 career in the very ends of year 1, Jeb and his team half way to duna now... Concerning my problem I found the conflicting mod: AutoLoadGame! If I have this xor ScanSat it works, but together ScanSat looses :-(
  14. Anyone else solved a problem with toolbar button not showing up? I just commented on github issues. As now 1.4 is out it is time that I merge from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1 :-)
  15. Oh well, I may never notice such kind of problems, as by design I always install games to something like c:\games, just a normal folder that behaves normally instead of having complicated things going on with c:\program files I added a warning message to KML for such cases, will be included in next release.