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  1. Same thing happens with my computer. .90 runs like a dream, and 1.0 runs like a potato. Also thanks for the offers guys and I appreciate the help but I've decided to just get rid of the game altogether ahah... it just doesn't do it for me anymore.
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for mods for .90... I have purchased the game (on STEAM), and can barely play the game due to lag, but I know for a fact that .90 works fine on it. Anyways I'm looking for mods for this version including procedural dynamics. I miss the old game and I'd like to play a bit of KSP finally since I bought the damn thing. Is there anywhere I can find this stuff? GITHUB files only seem to go back to 1.0. Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find the version of this mod for .90?
  4. Is anybody here willing to follow through with this idea? I don't have a good enough computer to be able to make mods I don't think.
  5. Was looking at some pictures of surface outposts and habitation facilities on moons and planets, and I noticed that people are forced to either have the solar panels placed on the top, or sides (obviously). Multi-rotational frames that support the panels would be great for increasing the efficiency of solar panels. I can't mod, but here's an idea! Thanks, and you're welcome.
  6. Thanks for that! There are some pretty decent deals on there. Speadge, is 16 gb RAM reall that necessary? That seems like a lot.
  7. Thanks. Honestly this stuff gives me a headache. I'm looking on Kijiji for a used desktop computer, as my funds don't currently allow me to spend too much on something like this. So this computer is a no go obviously. Are there any stock computers which work well for KSP? The base line seems to be around 700 dollars for something new. ??
  8. Hi, I'm not new to KSP. I've been playing the same since .23 on and off, but I've never had my own reliable computer to game with. I try to read up about computer specs and whatnot but I can't seem to wrap my head around most of it. Basically, I'm just wondering if a computer I'm looking at wold be able to run KSP smoothly. Here are the specs to the best of my knowledge: Intel 1.8 GHz Dual Core 2 GB RAM 150 GB HArd Drive 256 MB Integrated GPU Thanks in advance for the help!
  9. One time I was heading back into Kerbin atmosphere, when I got out to get an EVA report in the upper atmosphere... Jeb lost his grip apparently and fell off his ladder. I tried to get back to the hatch, but I seemed to be falling much much faster than the ship. I tried my hardest to slow down as much as I could, but still ended up hitting the ground at 200 m/s. Somehow he survived and immediately my hands went up in the air hahaha
  10. Hey there, Fryer Mike here. So I finally got Mechjeb working, and man it's been helpful! It's also been strange, getting used to how it all works. I think I've finally have the basics down, and use it fairly often. That being said, I don't use it extensively... I enjoy my gameplay and would not want the computer to do it all for me! So I recently mapped out Mun and Minmus. Mun took 5 trips, but I managed to do Minmus in only one trip, which I am quite happy with. I don't have any screenshots of that however. My gaze then focused toward that mysterious red planet orbiting just outside Kerbin. My goal is to get there, and get EVAs, Crew Reports, Materials Bay samples, Mystery Goo samples, and Surface Samples (as well as atmosperic data) from every biome, and return in one (or two) pieces! So... let's get started. In order to accomplish my goal, I realized that I need to build a rover... and so I spent a few minutes throwing some parts together. Somehow they turned out to be fairly decently arranged by the end ! I call it "Duna Lander". Yes, I know... very creative. Here are some screenshots. This vehicle is actually quite fast, and very stable! Although, I've yet to drive it on Duna's surface, haha! So after building it, I realized that it's going to be a challenge getting it up into space... or at least I thought it was. I tried a few different things. First, I built a gigantic spaceplane (which is actually a very capable spaceplane), but the wheels didn't allow the plane to be high enough to be able to dock the rover with it. Here's a screenshot of the spaceplane. I call it "The Albatross". Next, I attempted to hover a rocket just over the rover, and hopefully pick it up, and head straight to space with it! This just didn't work for a few reasons: 1. I couldn't find a way to have enough thrust after I had picked up the rover. 2. I couldn't find a way to have enough fuel after picking up the rover to make it into orbit. 3. Just managing to get over top of the rover proved hard enough. So, I moved on. I ended up attaching the rover directly to a "spacetug" vessel. Now, I warn you... this vessel is quite odd looking. The reason for this is, I had to balance the center of mass, so my center of thrust could be in-line. Here are some photos: Into orbit! Originally, I planned to bring this into an orbit of 375 km, And dock it with the "Pelican" Space Station orbiting at around 370km above Kerbin. Unfortunately, I stopped paying attention as Mechjeb was "circularizing", and I must've done something wrong because my apoapsis ended up being around 3.7 Mm! So, I corrected it. Luckily, these nuclear engines are very efficient! I ended up just leaving it at a 375 km orbit, so I could send the Duna Lander up, dock with it, and then refuel at the Pelican. Liftoff! Booster stage gone... fire the main engines! Into orbit: After the main stage is gone, I'm left with my "spacetug" vessel for the remainder of the Duna mission: Time to rendezvous with the rover. Thank goodness I put lights on this thing! And now we are one: Time to transfer the fuel from the rover's "spacetug". Now begone, foul beast! Hopefully that thing doesn't turn around... or we're in serious trouble! And now, I rendezvous with the Pelican. SO...MUCH...LIGHT... And now we are three! Time to refuel. Don't forget the RCS... I forgot to put any S.A.S on this thing! Jeb says hi to Bill and Bob. TO BE CONTINUED.... - - - Updated - - - If anyone can tell me why these photos aren't showing up, that'd be great!
  11. I do have firespitter, perhaps not the newest version though. In the newest version do the propellers actually spin?
  12. Seemed to work. Although it burns through much more liquid fuel this way. Thanks! I added 6 more divertless intakes and exchanged the poodle with the Maverick-V. I'm not sure what version it is, I think it's .9 or something. It's my roommate's computer so you'd have to ask him ha! I might consider getting FAR or NEAR. I don't trust mods too much anymore though, because some of the parts don't even work. Some of them include the bay door from B9, and mechjeb... as well as all of the wheels from B9. - - - Updated - - - Now, how do I change the thread from 'unanswered' to 'answered'? - - - Updated - - - Nevermind, I got it!
  13. I don't have NEAR or FAR, don't know what those are ahaha. Stock aero I suppose.
  14. I'm using the poddle engine, and the D-30F7 from B9. The wings are SW from Tetragon... I believe that's from B9 as well.