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  1. It would still be helpful to see the maximum total speed at 0 distance, even without range penalties.
  2. I assume the more reliable variants increase cost - do they also increase mass? Is any tech required to unlock them, or is it just Funds?
  3. Nice. It would probably be easier to maintain a fork of the git repo, though - that's exactly what git is for.
  4. The formula looks at the total thrust, and the ratio of ASL to VAC Isp, so it ID's the aerospike as a first-stage lifter engine. You should be able to write an MM config that overrides the rated ignitions for aerospikes; something like: @PART[toroidalAerospike]:NEEDS[FeatureReliability]:FOR[KerbalismDefault]:FINAL { @rated_ignitions = 5 } This might not be quite correct syntax.
  5. Hover over the signal symbol (ie the wifi symbol) on the craft's info. If it says "telemetry", you aren't transmitting science data. If it says a speed, you are. If you are, you just need to wait for the transmission to clear up space. If not, either you are using the antennas built into a probe core, or you have the antennas turned off, or the data is set to not be transmitted.
  6. I usually leave the auto tab open the whole flight. blue changing to green is pretty noticeable, and I want to know how much time is left, etc anyway.
  7. Either in the menu for an instrument (VAB or flight), or in the Kerbalism vessel info tab under Auto, you can see all experiment, deployable solar panels & antennae, etc. If they are "running", they are collecting science, if "waiting" there is no more science to get there.
  8. You'll need to be much more specific than "messed". Did your crew die from lack of oxygen?
  9. CommunityResourcePack-Master? That doesn't sound right. Is there a GameData directory inside that? You need GameData/CommunityResourcePack to be in your GameData.
  10. Then you probably forgot to install ModuleManager and/or Community Resource Pack.
  11. I am not sure what you mean by "automatically". Perhaps Kerbalism is not installed correctly. Did you install it manually or with CKAN?
  12. Stock science experiments are all replaced with Kerbalism experiments, which take time. For the geiger counter, or any science part, just enable it in the right-click menu; if there's science to do, it will say "running", otherwise "waiting".
  13. It looks like there was a bug that makes Breaking Ground experiments take 10x longer than intended, which was fixed in July: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/commit/f66d7865388cbcefd97e78bc5235e779dd891184 However, the last release (3.14) was in July, so I guess it's not fixed yet. Thankfully, that's a tiny change that you should be able to make manually in your install. I also think that using a scientist to deploy the experiment is supposed to help, but I can't find a reference to it in the config.
  14. Did you use a scientist to deploy it, and if so, what rank?
  15. Yes, CKAN just downloads the mods and copies them to GameData; but it checks dependencies, version compatibility, and makes updating easy.
  16. You can stick a supply container (food/water) between the pod and chute. For more than that, or O2, you probably need a service bay. Universal Storage II is also great for this, but isn't updated for 1.12 quite yet. I've also stuck O2 tanks beside the engines, inside the fairing.
  17. I believe you can disable the mk1 pod as a habitat instead of detaching it?
  18. Just to clarify, Kerbalism calculates the number of ignitions simply based on how powerful the engine is, and whether it's a vacuum or sea-level engine: https://github.com/Kerbalism/Kerbalism/blob/6fc4503048dd766d6d29aece9f167214bdfae24f/GameData/KerbalismConfig/System/Reliability.cfg But you should be able to override this in a separate file using FINAL. Create a file in GameData, eg raptor.cfg, containing something like: @PART[myPart]:NEEDS[FeatureReliability]:FOR[KerbalismDefault]:FINAL { @MODULE[Reliability]:HAS[#type[ModuleEngines*]] { @rated_ignitions = 5 } }
  19. Did the file ownership and permissions stay the same? Are both drives formatted NTFS? Any NTFS settings changed on either?
  20. If you want the fix to be separate from the mod, you could make an MM patch to change useGimbalResponseSpeed instead.
  21. Is there a difference in whether you use engine plates between the two?
  22. Taking a quick look at the config and copy pasting relevant bits, something like this might work: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]:HAS[#maxThrust,@atmosphereCurve]]:NEEDS[FeatureReliability]:FOR[KerbalismDefault]:FINAL { @MODULE[Reliability]:HAS[#type[ModuleEngines*]] { @rated_ignitions /= 2 @rated_ignitions ^= :\.\d+:: // Floor value to get an integer @rated_ignitions += 1 } } This will (hopefully) do vaguely what you want - halve ignition values, round down, add 1. That should leave 1 and 2 ignition engines alone, reduce 3 to 2, etc. I haven't tested it...
  23. Yes, you need a pressurized pod to safely do the 30 day contract. You can see the comfort / projected stress in the VAB, in the Kerbalism tab.
  24. The mk1 pod is not pressurized, so it will not lose atmosphere when you EVA. Other pods will.
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