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  1. With all my saves I average between 80 and 120 mods! It takes roughly 8 minutes to load into the game.
  2. (what is pointland?) What if you where transfered to an alternative universe where the kerbol system was real?
  3. So did you get the stars working or was the corona bug still a problem?
  4. [quote name='CatastrophicFailure']Hi, threw this on on a lark and something's very wrong. If I click the VAB in the space center scene, nothing happens. Doing so locks out all the other facilities & buttons too. I POE'd it down to the \texturereplacer and \KSPRC folders. If I remove them, it remove the problem. Running 1.0.5 on Win, is this a known thing by chance? Logs & stuff available on request.[/QUOTE] I've had that problem before and I've narrowed it down to an old .dll file. So i just replaced the .dll file with the newer one and it worked
  5. When is the update coming for 1.0.5? I cant click any KSC Buildings
  6. Community 64 bit workaround! Works great other than the ram usage!~ 8 gb for me
  7. Hi, I recently found a bug where most of the rings are out way too far http://imgur.com/a/Mwvyl
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