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  1. Ahhh yes so its not just me, it truly was a terrible showing when all of the kerbals back on kerbin tuned in to the tv broadcast to watch jeb triumphantly plant a flag only to have it fall over.
  2. When on any surface that has received updated terrain shaders, an odd horizontal artifact rotates with your camera and moves up and down along the screen as you zoom in and out. Although not always highly noticeable this is present on all updated terrain surfaces and for me at least is a MASSIVE eye sore, has anyone encountered this and managed to find a solution at all? Please Im grasping at straws here and have been searching for almost a year now for a solution.
  3. So wolf isnt running in the background, but its calculations are consistent? IE. Back in the day an outpost digging water and throwing it into planetary warehouse would only do so when the vessel was active so you occasionally had to rotate between outposts to ensure the values were updating otherwise eventually the main base pulling resources would run out. The way I understand it WOLF now mitigates this by dealing with wolf resources which are consistent? So once WOLF has registered materials being fed into it, the available pool updates and a base elsewhere can make use of that pool and the values wont matter as it will always be consistent? IE 5 units of water available forever ((or something of the like)) and you only need to go back to the extracting infrastructure when adding new industry so it can update its wolf pool? I think I got that correct?
  4. So is the new wolf system running in the background? Can I finally drop an industrial outpost on dunas north pole and have it consistently feed water to the equator in the background actively without having to switch to it to update values?
  5. Alright so I redocked, and undocked to no change, I also redocked then rebooted the game and for some reason when I undocked after that the hab time properly reset. So everything is good, an odd little issue though.
  6. Ran into another problem here Im hoping someone can offer some help on. My Duna ship for my current mission has around four years of hab time. All's well for the journey out to duna. However as soon as I move all kerbals into the lander and push away from the ship undocked in a command module rated for 9 days of hab time my non pilot kerbals IMMEDIATELY go homesick and the pilots go into 8 days fine. Im wondering what the heck might be causing this? Ive had no trouble in the past with this sort of thing they always get the full hab time from the lander and are able to operate. As of right now Ive had to close down the game because I cannot accomplish any landings.
  7. Not just you lmao. I just "finished" a mission in which I disassembled my parachute trying to repack it.
  8. Still seem to be running into this bug even on 1.9.1, the horizontal line that rotates with my screen across the center of the screen still remains despite numerous re installation, is there anything I might possibly be missing that could be causing this or is it just a part of Beyond Home?
  9. So is the solution here simply to add more greenhouses so the supply counter can catch up and drain fertilizer properly without sitting at 0?
  10. Hmmm having some trouble for some reason my life support might be bugged? Ive got a mission to duna with enough fertilizer for a few years running 4 nom-o-matics 5000 for a crew of 3 kerbals, my supplies drained down to zero and is now stuck at 00H:00M:00S but it wont run out? My agroponics are consuming mulch and fertilizer but they are not producing supplies, my supplies sit down at zero and do not move. Am I missing something? Screenshot provided.
  11. Thanks for letting me know, ive been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks trying to figure out what it is.
  12. It is hard to see when it's not moving with but when it is it's way to noticeable. https://m.imgur.com/7jPwH9S?r Here is another screenshot of the ksc with the line visible just above the space center about halfway up. The ksc is from a mod but the line is persisting through clean installs. Terrain setting changes have no effect.
  13. I am getting this SUPER annoying white horizontal line in the middle of my screen, this is something that has never occurred before on any of my 1.8 breakthroughs but started happening just this last week when i did a full reinstall to change around some mods. All of my visual mods are the same as before the issue occured: AVP 3.83 EVE Scatterer 0.055 I really have no idea what might be causing this its just this massive sorta flickering white line across the screen when on terrain. When I rotate the camera the line rotates to match it, when I scroll in or out the line rises and falls. Its something I just cannot stand playing with anymore and Ive tried mod threads, reddit and discords and this is pretty much my last shot in the dark before I uninstall KSP for a while. So please if anyone knows what this is I beg of you to let me know. Image of line is highlighted here in red, its faint on minmus' terrain but is very obvious on the others. https://imgur.com/a/jvzzgyQ Logs here https://www.dropbox.com/s/65z0kekc7bpfxka/Player.log?dl=0
  14. So I booted the mod up and I love the quality but for some reason im not getting clouds? Ive got both Scatterer and eve and both have their toolbars coming up but no clouds. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dh5ix1xf1nq0ur0/output_log.txt?dl=0 for the logs. Any help would be much appreciated hopefully I can get clouds. EDIT: Im stupid and forgot to remove the last bits of my Astronomers visual pack. All good now. Perhaps someone can help me with this though Ive got this weird line in the middle of my screen and it will follow my view when scrolling in or out, very annoying is there any way to fix this? Seems to be giving odd pixelated textures too.
  15. Another question I hope you wont mind answering Linx, it says on the front page their is an option to launch from the moon. Is this accessible at start or do you unlock it through the tech tree?
  16. Thank you for the information, from what Ive seen this mod adds just what KSP was lacking a sense of looking for things! I am very excited to try it out! I see, I see. So all of the "regular" resources will be randomly distributed normally like in a stock solar system with CRP, but things such as Karborundum or water would have to be manually added into the CRP? Thanks for the info and yea, never been a fan of the kerbnet tbh.
  17. I also have a question hopefully someone here can answer. The resources distributed for MKS are those randomly generated? Do they work for different planet packs and the like?
  18. This mod looks awesome and i found it by watching some of your youtube videos Linx, but I had a few questions regarding the mod I hope you wont mind answering. Is it supported for things such as Scansat? Does it have resources on the planets for mods like MKS or WBI? And the terrain textures of the planets I havent had a chance to get too close a look to them yet but how do they compare to the stock system? Are they more towards the newer high detail textures like the Mun and Duna? Or moreso like the older KSP planet textures?
  19. Aye been a while, had forgotten about wolf. I hope its still in the pipes with MKS 1.9 whenever that comes out.
  20. So ive run into some trouble on my recent play through trying to finish my Mun colony, for some reason MKS/Karbonite resources are not showing up in the scansat map. They show up fine in the kerbalnet but not on the scansat resource list. This had always worked in the past so im wondering if something has gone awry with just my save? Or if im missing some sort of file for the scansat mks resources. Any help would be much appreciated, player log included here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1owTwTcmLGknb86fIg_3nC8kYogruOslM/view?usp=sharing
  21. So ive been running into some trouble lately with my new 1.8.1 savegame. Before on every play through i was always able to see USI/MKS resources through the scansat map plugin, karbonite etc etc. Yet for whatever reason they do not show up in my current play through, im wondering if something has broken with it? Or something else. Ive included my Player log here through drive, hopefully some answers could come from it as this is my go to mod for resources finding. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1owTwTcmLGknb86fIg_3nC8kYogruOslM/view?usp=sharing
  22. Thank you so much for this, honestly people who pick up and revive good mods for the community, you da real MVPs!
  23. Version 1.3.1 Currently I have a small base on Duna. For some odd reason Ive encountered a bug ive never seen in my three years of playing KSP and while not game breaking is simply very annoying. Ive spent the past few hours google searching and this seems to be an incredibly isolated scenario and bug. Essentially it lights up the terrain of Duna despite being on the night side of the planet. Since a large portion of my play through is going to be based around colonizing Duna. To have it constantly lit up effectively means I will be retiring this 400 hour career save. So alas I extend my last attempt to figure this darn bug to you the community, Have any of you had this happen? Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you. Photo of directory. Photo of bug itself.
  24. I actually found it out, and its relatively stupid. Steam switched around the 32bit selection and 64, I kept launching the 32 bit KSP. Which has limited memory.
  25. I tried to start up KSP today and it just plain wouldn't work. Went through a clean reinstall and everything. Still getting the same issue. error log https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nx8noekerd45ah/error.7z?dl=0 Output log https://www.dropbox.com/s/dh5ix1xf1nq0ur0/output_log.txt?dl=0 Running KSP 1.3.1
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